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Season 1, Episode 1

AirdateSeptember 13, 2005
Written byEric Kripke
Directed byDavid Nutter

DateNovember 2, 1983 (Prologue)
October 31, 2005 - November 2, 2005
LocationLawrence, Kansas (Prologue)
Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
Jericho, California (fictional location)
HuntSpirit (Vengeful, Woman in White)


Episode Transcript
Commentary Transcript


Official WB Description Two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, witness their mother's paranormal death as children and grow up trained to fight by a distraught father who wants nothing more than to hunt down the thing that killed his wife. Sam escapes to college to start a new, normal life, but Dean shows up on his doorstep to tell him their father is missing and needs his help. Sam promises to help for the weekend, and they take off to where Dad was hunting last. Sam escapes to college to start a new, normal life, but gets pulled back in after Dean shows up on his doorstep to tell him their father is missing. Following clues from their father's eerie phone message, the boys travel to a small town and encounter a violent and vengeful spirit called the "Woman in White."


November 2, 1983 (night)Night of the fire and Mary Winchester's death
October 31, 2005 (night)Stanford Halloween party; Dean shows up at Sam's apartment; Dean and Sam leave for Jericho
November 1, 2005Arrive in Jericho; investigate Troy Squire's disappearance; investigate Sylvannia Bridge
November 2, 2005Find John's motel room; Dean arrested and questioned; interview Joseph Welch; confront Constance Welch at old home place; drive back to Stanford; Sam's apartment catches fire and Jessica Moore dies as Dean saves Sam


In Lawrence, Kansas, 22 years ago on November 2nd, 1983, Dean Winchester, a 4-year-old boy, says goodnight to his 6 month old baby brother, Sam, along with his mom and dad. Mary is lying in bed when she hears Sam crying on the baby monitor. She goes to investigate and sees someone standing over Sam's crib. She assumes it is her husband, John. She sees the hall light flickering; heading downstairs, she realizes John is actually sleeping in his chair by the TV. Mary runs back to Sam's nursery. John is awoken by her scream and runs to Sam's bedroom, but the baby is alone. Blood splatters from above on John's hand as he reaches for Sam. He looks up to see his wife pinned to the ceiling, bleeding from her stomach, by some unknown entity. Her body bursts into flames and the horrified father grabs Sam, gives him to Dean, orders Dean to take Sam outside as fast as he can, and then rushes back to try to save his wife. He is too late, however, and the flames completely consume the room, forcing John to flee the house as Sam's room explodes moments later.

Present day shows a grown up Sam going to a Halloween party at Stanford University with his girlfriend Jessica Moore, and a friend, Luis. There they talk about how well Sam is doing in school, and an interview for law school he has on Monday morning. His family does not know, because they are not close.

Later that night Sam is in bed with Jess when he hears someone break in. He fights the shadowy intruder until he realizes it is his 26 year old brother, Dean. Dean has not asked Sam for anything in two years, but he explains that he needs Sam's help to find their dad because he is missing after going on a "hunt". Sam excuses himself from Jess, and the two brothers head outside to talk. They talk about how they were raised - melting bullets, fighting evil - as warriors.

Sam finally asks what their dad was hunting; Dean opens his car trunk and shows Sam the newspaper clippings. He explains ten men vanished from their cars on Centennial Highway over the past twenty years, before playing a voicemail from Dad that says that something big is about to happen and they all are in danger. After cleaning up the EVP, the garbled message Dean plays in the background says, "I can never go home." Sam agrees to help, but only if he is back in time on Monday for his law school interview, and goes inside to pack. Jess wonders what is up with Sam's family and reminds him about his interview, but he makes an excuse his dad being drunk and assures her he will just bring Dad back. Plus, he will be back in time for the interview.

That night in Jericho, California, a teenager is driving down the road when he sees a woman in white standing alone in the dark. He pulls over and she gets in. She acts seductively, teasing the guy and asking him to go home with her. He says, "Hell, yes" and heads where she directs him. When they arrive the house is derelict and she tells him, "I can never go home," before vanishing. He gets out and looks around, but gets spooked and jumps back in his car and drives away. When he looks in the rearview mirror, she is in the back and he freaks, crashing through a barrier onto a bridge. The car stops, Troy screams, and blood splatters in the windshield.

The next morning sees Dean and Sam stopping for gas. Sam mentions the credit card scams to pay for their "hunting", which Dean shrugs off. Sam mentions Dean's choice in music - old, cassette tapes. They drive off, passing a sign for Jericho. Ahead, they see the bridge where the guy's car crashed the night before and lots of cop cars. Dean pulls up, takes out a fake ID, and they question the cops posing as US Marshals. The cop says he knew the latest victim, named Troy, and that his girlfriend is putting up missing posters downtown, but they have no leads. Dean and Sam find Amy, Troy's girlfriend and the cop's daughter, to tell her they are looking for Troy too. They find out Troy spoke to her on his cell right before he disappeared, and a local legend about a girl who died on Centennial Highway whose ghost hitchhikes and the drivers who pick her up who disappear.

Dean and Sam search the net for more information, finally finding an article about Constance Welch who committed suicide by jumping from a local bridge back in 1981, after her 2 kids drown mysteriously. They go back to check out the bridge that night, since Troy's car was found there. They talk about where Dad might be, chasing the same hunt, Sam wanting to be normal - away from this life, and he would not even know his Mom. She is dead, not coming back. Dean gets mad at Sam, shoving him against a bridge tower. Constance appears, and then jumps from the bridge ahead of them. The next moment Dean's car, a black '67 Impala, starts on its own to try to knock them down. They jump off the side. Sam catches himself but Dean dives off the bridge. Sam worries and calls out. Dean calls back that he is super, as he is crawling up out of the river into the mud.

Checking into a motel to clean up, they find their dad's room and check it out. There is a salt line in front of the door, with pictures stuck to the walls and an uneaten burger left behind. After confirming the ghost Dad was hunting was Constance Welch, a "woman in white", they debate what their dad did and what to do next. After Dean cleans up, he heads out for food but cops show up. He warns Sam by calling him first, but they arrest Dean for impersonating a US Marshal.

Sam escaped the police before visiting Constance's husband Joseph Welch and asking him questions. John was there three or four days ago; Constance's grave is at their old house. Sam fathoms out Joseph was unfaithful and suggests she had temporary insanity, that Constance killed her kids and herself when she found out. Thus she became a "woman in white", who kills unfaithful men on the highway. Joseph grows upset and asks Sam to leave.

As Dean is interrogated, he is told he is a suspect in the men's disappearances. The sheriff throws John's journal down in front of Dean, demanding to know what some numbers mean. Dean seems surprised to see it. The interrogation is interrupted by an emergency call, so Dean is left cuffed to the desk. He picks the lock easily with a paperclip and escapes, calling Sam, knowing that Sam called in the fake emergency call.

They exchange information - Sam confirming the woman in white, while Dean tells Sam about Dad's journal leaving coordinates for them to follow. Before they can discuss more, the ghost appears in front of Sam's car and he drives right through her. He yells, and Dean knows something is wrong. The next minute, the woman in white is in the car with Sam, asking to be taken home. When he refuses, she takes control of the car and it drives on its own back to her house. The car stops; Constance says she can never go home. She jumps on Sam, but he refuses her seduction so she begins to hurt him. Dean comes to the rescue, shooting her. Sam figured she is too scared to enter, so while she is distracted Sam drives the car into the house taking her with him. Dean pulls Sam out, but they are pinned to the car with a desk by the ghost. The dead kids show up, and they take her spirit back with them to the netherworld as all 3 apparitions vanish into a pool of water on the floor. Dean and Sam push free, and leave.

Sam figures out Dad is in a place called Blackwater Ridge, but insists on being taken back to Stanford for his interview. Dean is not happy about it, but drops Sam off. Sam comes in late at night, finds cookies Jess left for him, before laying back on his bed to the sound of a shower running. Blood splatters on him. Sam looks up, horrified to see Jessica pinned to the ceiling in the same way as his mother. She bursts into flames as Dean appears at the right moment to rescue Sam. As the fire is doused down by the fire engines, Dean and Sam pack their stuff into the car. Sam ends by saying, "We got work to do."


Main Cast Recurring Cast
Guest Cast


  • Ginger - Gasoline
    (plays while Sam and Jess are getting ready for the Halloween party)
  • Classic - What Cha Gonna Do
    (plays while Jessica, Sam, and Luis are at the Halloween party)
  • Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking in Tongues
    (plays when Troy stops for the hitch-hiking Woman in White)
  • The Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
    (plays when Dean and Sam are at the gas station)
  • AC/DC - Back in Black
    (plays after Sam finds Dean's "mullet rock" collection)
  • Kid Gloves Music - My Cheatin's Ways
    (plays when Dean and Sam investigate the bridge, posing as US Marshalls)
  • AC/DC - Highway to Hell
    (plays when Dean says "Saved your ass")


  • Dean - Hector Aframian, fake credit card
  • Dean and Sam - US Marshalls
  • Dean and Sam - Troy Squire's uncles
  • Dean - Ted Nugent - guitar, bass guitar, vocals; 1958-present

Supernatural Beings

Interesting Things

Shirts the Boys Have Worn
PersonShirt Counts
Dean1 Blue
2 Gray
1 Red
Sam3 Blue
1 Gray
Interesting Things That Have Happened
Baby damaged2
Baby driven by other1
Baby driven by Sam1
Dean and Sam fight1
Dean lies to Sam1
Dean/Other hug1
Sam cries1
Sam lies to Dean1
Items That Have Shown Up
Items Shown
Grenade Launcher
John Winchester's Journal
Quotes People Have Said
Bitch (Dean)2
Check this out (Dean)1
Jerk (Sam)1
Sammy (Dean)9
Sammy (Other)4
Total Count of Species
SpeciesNumber of Characters
Vengeful Spirit1
Who Died and How
CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
Constance WelchDrownedConstance Welch
Mary WinchesterBurnedAzazel
Troy SquireOther ghost reasonConstance Welch
Constance WelchDestroyed (ghost)
Jessica MooreBurned


  • Unnamed motel (Other) in Jericho, California
    Dad's notes covering the walls, with salt lines and cat's eyes shells for protection greeted the boys as they lock-picked their way in.

Pop Culture

Mary dies on November 2, 1983. November 2 is All Souls Day, also called the Day of the Dead in Mexico.
Sam: We're not exactly the Bradys.
Luis: And I'm not exactly the Huxtables.
Sam is referring to the family in the TV show The Brady Bunch, a large patchwork family that stands for the ultimate American middle-class family. His friend mentions the Brady's 80s African-American equivalent from The Cosby Show, the Huxtables.
Dean: [referring to Jessica's t-shirt] I love the Smurfs.
The Smurfs was a cartoon series about little blue creatures living in mushroom houses in the woods. Some fans believe that Dean is referring not the smurfs on Jessica's shirt, but to the pair underneath.
Sam: So he's working overtime on a Miller Time shift. He'll stumble back in sooner or later. [...] Yeah, he's just deer hunting up at the cabin and he's probably got Jim, Jack, and José along with him. I'm just gonna go bring him back.
All references to alcohol: Miller (beer), Jim Bean (bourbon), Jack Daniels (whiskey), and José Cuervo (tequila). Miller Time refers to a well-deserved break, relaxation, possibly with friends, after a hard day's work.
Dean: (to two FBI agents) Agent Mulder, Agent Scully.
FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigated X-Files, marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena, on the 1990s TV show The X-Files.
Dean: Okay, thank you, Unsolved Mysteries.
Unsolved Mysteries was a TV show that featured re-enactments of unsolved crimes, with actors portraying the victims, perpetrators and witnesses. Many of the stories hinted at paranormal phenomenon.
Dean: Dude, five-oh, take off.
Derived from the name of the television series Hawaii Five-O, this term is commonly used in East Coast America and the UK as a warning when a police officer is spotted. Popularized by the series The Wire.
Policeman: So you want to give us your real name?
Dean: I told you, it's Nugent. Ted Nugent.
Ted Nugent is the first of Dean's rock star aliases. Also possibly a reference to the movie Fletch starring Chevy Chase.
Policeman: I'm not sure you realize just how much trouble you're in here.
Dean: We talkin', like, misdemeanor kind of trouble or, uh, squeal like a pig trouble?
"Squeal like a pig" is a reference to a scene in the 1972 horror film Deliverance, in which a suburban man is told to "squeal like a pig" then is brutally raped by crazed mountain men while on a fishing trip. The scene has been listed as one of the 100 Scariest Movie Moments (#63).
Deliverance is also referenced in The Benders and Family Remains.
Sam: What were you thinking, shooting Casper in the face, you freak?
Reference to the famous cartoon series Casper, the Friendly Ghost.


Writing the Episode

  • The scene of Mom on fire on the ceiling was the original scene in Eric Kripke's head when he started writing the "Pilot".
  • The streets used are the names of streets from Eric Kripke's hometown of Toledo, Ohio.
  • Sam's life and story share many similarities with Tim Jensen, the lead character of "Boogeyman", also written by Eric Kripke. Both characters are haunted by a supernatural past and creature that took both a parent and, by the time the credits roll, their blond, live-in girlfriends named Jessica.
  • First scene at Stanford University between Jessica and Sam was rewritten.
  • The scene between Dean and Sam talking while walking down to the car has been the most rewritten scene in the history of the series, numbering in the twenties or thirties. It was all about the backstory between the brothers.
  • Supernatural was originally going to be called Unnatural, and would follow a reporter going to investigate the urban legends and writing about them in his column. There was not a Winchester brother in sight!
  • Eric Kripke wanted this series to be about urban legends in American folklore. "People talk", "they say", and "I heard this from a friend of a friend" were what he was thinking about to base the series on.
  • Eric Kripke wanted blue collar, greasy, worn down weaponry. The characters were to be Motorheads, love classic rock, and know how to work a chainsaw. They weren't supposed to do magic or spells.
  • Eric Kripke's first version of the Supernatural pilot script ended with the Winchester brothers finding their Dad. He was dead on the ceiling!
  • The Woman in White legend was a crossover between the "Vanishing Hitchhiker" and "La Llorona". The "Vanishing Hitchhiker" legend states that you pick up someone at the edge of the road, but you don't realize she's a ghost until you get her home and she's no longer there.
  • Eric Kripke was afraid of the choice of music would be changed before it went to production. He wrote in for classic rock - "Cue music here and you can take your anemic alternative pop and shove it up your ass." Kripke said, "I swear, if you change the music on this show I'm walking off it." The test audience loved the old classic rock, and that music has become a standard on the show.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 11
  • Eric Kripke says the characters of Dean and Sam were - "very subversive. They're con men. They make their money through stealing... pool hustles, and credit card scams... they take on aliases and lying." But the show is also about the relationship between the brothers - hitting each other, stepping on the foot, arguing - so it's not just two cop detectives. And the emotional overtone of the show.
  • Eric Kripke says, "If Buffy was at it's core, a show about high school, and that high school is hell. Our show is a show about family, and family is hell."
  • Eric Kripke and David Nutter had to work out an idea of how the boys could connect to their dad without actually being with their dad, and David came up with the idea of the motel room. No set under went more scrutiny than the walls of that motel room, and it became a signature of the show.
  • Eric Kripke states that Supernatural is fresh real estate - no one has tried to do a scary show week in and week out. X-Files had some very scary episodes, but it had a science fiction sort of vibe. The Twilight Zone, while brilliant, was sort of all different sorts of all different shows.
  • Kripke got to work on the first script... and it was a figurative car wreck. "We don't like it. We don't want to show it to the network." ... [T]he script - which had Dean trying to convince Sam that monsters are real, after the boys had grown up with an aunt and uncle away from their demon-hunting father - had "a really complicated back-story for people to relate to. It got confusing and had so much exposition." ... [Peter] Johnson and Kripke brainstormed well together... [H]ave them raised with their father, ... "on the road? ... That opened up this whole realm of possibilities. Now they can be amazing fighters and really great at conning people, and there'd be no building they couldn't get into. ... So we went back the WB and pitched it, and they loved it." - quotes from KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 8, 10
  • "In discussing the setting of 'The Pilot'", Kripke explains, "I chose Lawrence [Kansas] because of its proximity to Stull Cemetery, which is sort of a famous haunted cemetery where there's some really cool urban legends."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 11
  • The studio wanted Jessica to be in the story more, to be an ongoing character in the series, "but there just wasn't a place for 'Sam, I love you. When are you coming home?'" reveals Eric Kripke. "So I said, 'Let's kill Jessica!' And they said, 'Okay that's cool. You won't see that coming.' Then they made her evil. 'We went on a detour for a while where Sam came home and realized that Jessica was a demon implanted in his life and then she vanished or smoke came out of her and he realized the demons were much closer to him than he ever thought, and that sends him out on the road. I think in the last five pages in the pilot, that's a tough aspect to sell. What felt like the right bookends were mom's death and then Jessica's death, and they died in the same way. It always ends up being what it needs to be."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 13
  • In one of the many versions of the pilot script, Sam suspected Dean of being a serial killer, and of murdering their father!Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 13
  • Christopher Lennertz wrote four or five version of the music cue in the scene right before the trunk is first opens. "... and eventually it got much more towards scary and had a little bit of the emotions and tried to be hybrid." - Composer Christopher LennertzSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 21
  • The other important musical moment in 'The Pilot', Lennertz asserts, comes in just before the demon shows up to take first Mary and later Jess. "We set the tone for this motif that was a very dissonant solo piano with a lot of reverb on it, a lot of echo that sounded really nasty. In the midst of this cacophony, suddenly everything would drop away and it would be this clanky, nasty, twentieth-century kind of piano thing that sounded wrong to the ear. 'The Pilot' set the tone for the entire show."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 21
  • There were drafts of the script where Constance Welch had murdered her parents instead of her kids.
  • Sam's line, "What were you thinking, shooting Casper in the face, you freak?" was to cover up Eric Kripke's poor plotting and complete lack of logic, but the boldness of the line makes it work. Fans have also latched onto that line.

Casting Characters

  • Jensen was originally cast as Sam, but after hearing Jared, Eric had the brilliant idea to ask Jensen to play Dean. Sam was considered Luke Skywalker, and Dean was considered Han Solo.
  • When Ackles and Jared Padalecki network tested together, "The whole network stoof up and clapped, and said congratulations." ... Ackles reminisces. "Everything felt good. It clicked."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 130
  • "Never have I done a show where two actors clicked so well together. These guys had never met each other before and it was like they were brothers." - David NutterSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 11
  • When Samantha Smith read her part, Peter Johnson winked at her because she had the part. She winked back, thinking he was forward.
  • Adrianne Palicki is from Toledo, Ohio.
  • Allan Graf, one of the top set unit directors in Hollywood, traded in for a guest spot - he was one of the divers looking for Troy's body.
  • Alex A. J. Rassamni was Constance's son and Kaitlin Claire Machina was Constance's daughter. Neither of them are listed on IMDb.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 47


  • Filmed at:
    • The pilot was filmed in March/April of 2005 in Los Angeles. The show was moved to Vancouver after it was picked up.
    • UC Campuses for outside Sam's apartment, when Dean opens the trunk.
    • Hollywood House, at Disney Ranch for the old Welch home.
    • Lake Piru for the Bridge Out scene
  • At Jus In Bello Italy 2012, Jensen said that the scene where Dean and Sam were in the library together was one of his favorite scenes, because it was the first scene ever filmed.
  • Both Jensen and Jared have the drive to do a lot of their own stunts, which Eric Kripke calls, "Pretty impressive".
  • The downstairs of the Winchester home was a real house, but the upstairs was on stage, because of all the effects they needed.
  • Mary climbs out of the bed on John's side of the bed, after being awoken by Sammy from the baby monitor. Right before the picture on the night stand is shown, she is rolling to the other side of the bed, probably to not get in the way of the cameraman.
  • The babies used for little Sammy in the nursery were actually triplets, although they looked nothing alike. In the commentary of the episode, a mention is made that there were six babies.
  • The baby would NOT cry, no matter what scare tactic was used, during the scene where John came to check up on Sammy, after Mary's scream.
  • About the fire for Mary Winchester - "It was a little freaky. There were two long fires - from propane pipes - on either side of me. They were probably five feet away from me on either side, and I was lying on the ground. I wasn't in any hurry to stand up and move until they'd turned them off! And then we had a fake person on a fake ceiling and they lit it up, and the room actually caught on fire really fast and they had to evacuate." - Samantha SmithSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 20
  • "To see Samantha Smith's character, Mary, ablaze in 'The Pilot', the crew made a full body replica of her out of wire and covered it in paper maché and stuck it to the ceiling. That's what they lit on fire. They called her 'Christina'."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 138
  • Because the opening scene at Sam's apartment was rewritten, it had to be filmed on the set of the OC a month or two after the principal photography.
  • When Dean breaks into Sam's apartment and they fight, the scene is from 90 seconds to 2 minutes. For the fighting, the actors had to undergo rigorous training. It paid off. One evening when Jensen and Jared had taken off for a night while filming Dead in the Water, they ended up walking into a bar. Some patrons mistook them for the boys who had just been in there fighting, and the two actors got pulled into the bar fight. They ended up putting four patrons into the hospital, with only a Jared's hand being broke. Read more about it here.
  • Jessica's shirt was to be Scooby Doo, but ended up being Smurfs.
  • The video, SPN Pilot - Staircase sequence, pre-aired version, was leaked the summer of 2005. It is almost the exact same as the official version aired in the Pilot, except that the score and soundtrack are different. The pre-aired version has just preliminary tracks that were expanded upon in greater detail on the aired version. Compare to the Staircase sequence, aired version.
  • Pictures for the missing men were prop guys.
  • The bird flying out at the Welch home was not scripted, but added later for an effective jump scare.
  • Troy's death in the car originally didn't call for blood. Network wanted more blood and gore so Eric Kripke was happy to give it to them. The blood pack used misfired, but it showed enough blood so the shot was left in.
  • At the gas station, Sam tosses Dean the Metallica cassette, but it's AC/DC's "Back in Black" that plays. This is because in the original pilot "Enter Sandman" was used; however, the show could not get the rights to use it in the broadcast version.
  • Dean's comment of, "Agent Mulder, Agent Scully." had to be fought to be kept in, so many people wanted it pulled out.
  • No one else is eating lunch in the diner when Dean and Sam are interviewing the girls, to make it more creepy.
  • Sarah Shahi, the actress who played Constance Welch, was really afraid on the bridge. They wired her and tied her up, but she was quite fearful.
  • The original plan in shooting the bridge where the boys jump off, both Jensen and Jared were planned to go in the river. However, there was a costuming error and they only had enough for one of them to fall in, accidentally adding more humor to the episode.
  • Jensen was a sport - filming at 3 am in the morning, he was dumping freezing cold water on himself to get a good consistency of the mud.
  • Jared was told to really yank Jensen back into the hotel, after picking the lock. It caught Jensen off-guard being yanked back like that.
  • Walnut dust was used as atmosphere in the scene between Sam and Joseph Welch.
  • Dad's coordinates pointed to Two Guns Arizona, because the show was going to be shot in Los Angeles, and they were going to go to some dusty Western town in the next episode. However, Vancouver happened, and suddenly they were going up to Blackwater Ridge Colorado where there are lots of evergreens. But by the time Vancouver was decided on, that scene with the coordinates had already been shot.
  • When Dean drops off Sam and drives away, there are extras that push the car out of the frame.
  • The following scenes were deleted from the aired version but were subsequently included as DVD extras on the season 1 DVDs.
    • The first deleted scene is the very first scene in the present day. The on-screen caption says "Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. Present Day". We open to see one of Sam's friends (who is dressed as a zombie) meet up with Sam and Jess on their way to a Halloween party. He has a go at Sam for not dressing up, but Sam insists that he just doesn't like Halloween - something his friend cannot understand.
    • The second deleted scene is towards the end of the episode, after Dean has dropped Sam back off at his apartment. We see a clip of Dean in his car, interspersed with the footage of Sam in the apartment. Dean looks at his watch and turns the car around.
    • The final deleted scene extends the final scene of the episode. After Dean walks away from the crowd outside the burning apartment building, he asks Sam if he's okay. After Sam answers, we see the familiar trunk slamming moment. In this version, we watch the boys drive off past the fire trucks.


  • The Meaning of the Episode Title: "Pilot" is the pilot episode of the series.
  • The episode first premiered on Yahoo!TV on 09/06/2005. The "Pilot" could also be seen on the internet weeks before the airing. The premiere of the pilot episode ran an extra 7 minutes (9:00 to 10:07 EST), bringing the total run time to 57 minutes.
  • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
    1. 22 years ago.
    2. Jericho.
    3. Hector Aframian.
    4. The journal.
    5. Kiss of death; reprise.
    6. End Credits.
  • Jensen Ackles cited this episode as his favorite in the premier issue of the Official Supernatural Magazine saying:

    "I mean, obviously the pilot stands out among all the rest."

  • The nursery clock stops at 8:12.
  • Sam scored 174 on his LSAT (out of 180).
  • This episode introduced the much debated question, "How long was Sam at Stanford?"
  • John is snoring slightly when he is asleep in front of the TV.
  • Sam knows how to pick locks; he has his own tools when he picks the motel room's lock.
  • Dean knows how to pick locks, picking his handcuffs using just a paperclip.
  • Both Mary and Jessica die in exactly the same way; in both cases, they die above Sam's bed with their stomach sliced open, dripping blood, before catching fire.
  • John's motel room is papered with articles. One is about a cambion, suggesting John was speculating on Sam's heritage. Another is about Constance Welch. The article says a neighbor described Constance as a quiet but very lovely woman. This neighbor is named Deanna Kripke - the name of Eric Kripke's wife.
  • Fans have latched onto the idea of "No chick-flick moments".
  • There is a scene where Constance shoved Sam back so hard that the driver's seat reclined, but it really wouldn't have been possible. 1967 Impalas with bucket seats would recline, but Baby has a bench seat. Baby is a 4th generation Impala, since she was made between 1965 and 1970. It was redesigned from 3rd generation Impala, so the assumption is nothing from the earlier generation Impalas would have fit into the 4th generation. On that same assumption, nothing from the 5th generation (or later!) Impalas would be able to fit comfortably into the 4th generation Impala. Yet it is the 5th generation (1974) Impalas that had the 50/50 bench seats that reclined on the passenger side, but not the driver's side.There is no mention of a driver seat that reclines before 1980. By then the car had gotten into 6th generation, and was completely different than the 4th generation, and so none of the later seats could have fit.
  • The second deleted scene listed above shows the reason Dean returned to save Sam from his burning bedroom: his watch stopped, and the car radio sent static. That's why he turned the car around, sensing something was wrong. Later on, we learn that in the days before the fires, signs crop up in an area: cattle deaths, temperature fluctuations, electrical storms.
  • The episode contains a number of scenes that are mirrored in subsequent episodes. WARNING: SPOILERS Highlight to read
    1. In the teaser John hands Sam to Dean and says, "Take your brother outside as fast as you can, and don't look back." This is repeated in Home when Sam hands Ritchie to his sister Sairie and repeats the same words.
    2. The sequence of Dean breaking into the apartment and wrestling with Sam is repeated in What Is and What Should Never Be when, in the wishverse, Sam tackles Dean as he breaks into the family home.
    3. The exchange when Dean tells Sam he doesn't want to do it alone is recalled in Defending Your Life.
    4. Dean slams Sam against the bridge when he questions the family mission. This is mirrored when Sam does that to Dean in Salvation.
    5. At the end of the pilot, there is a shot of Dean and Sam standing over the trunk of the Impala. As Sam tosses a weapon into the trunk he says, "We've got work to do," and closes the trunk. At the end of All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 2), the scene is replayed with the brothers' positions reversed. Dean tosses the Colt into the trunk and says, "We've got work to do." In Lazarus Rising, when Dean asks Castiel why he was brought back, Castiel responds, "Because we have work for you." In Of Grave Importance, the line is used by Bobby to explain his presence as a ghost. It is also re-created at the start of Fan Fiction after Dean announces he has found a case, he threw a weapon into the trunk saying, "We have work to do."
  • The Yellow-Eyed Demon returned into Sam's life exactly 22 years after the day it disappeared. The number 22 is closely related to the idea that, sometimes, goals that go beyond an individual trump personal motivation. That could be said of the Yellow-Eyed Demon, but also of Sam in his personal motivation of becoming a lawyer. This is also reflected when Sam faces his destiny as a Special Child.
  • It was assumed by Sam, Dean, and fans that Azazel was the one who killed Jessica. However, it was revealed in The Devil You Know that Sam's demon-possessed friend Brady did the actual killing, albeit on Azazel's instructions.
  • Winchester, the brothers' last name, is also the name of a well-known rifle manufacturer called Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The heiress to the rifle fortune, Sarah Winchester, built a house in San Jose. She was convinced spirits would kill her if she completed construction of her California home. Sarah used her fortune to continue uninterrupted, round-the-clock construction on it for 38 consecutive years. Since her death, the sprawling Winchester Mystery House has become a popular tourist attraction, known for its many staircases and corridors leading nowhere, a sprawling maze. It is considered to be haunted by the ghosts of all the people killed with Winchester rifles.
  • Their last name being used in reference to the rifle is only brought up once in the entire series, in The Benders.
  • Christopher Lennertz's score for "The Pilot" received an Emmy nomination. "It felt amazing. It was a big shock to me. I was getting married about a month after the announcement came out, so when I got a call from an old friend of mine who said 'Congratulations!' I said, 'I'm not married yet,' and they said, 'No, no, no - the Emmy!" - Composer Christopher LennertzSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 146
  • The Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1 has "Gasoline" credited as The Living Daylights. However, in listening to both The Living Daylights and the Ginger versions, the one by Ginger is the one that plays when Sam and Jessica are getting ready for the party.
  • This episode made the 10 Most Memorable Supernatural Episodes So Far (May 26, 2016)
  • Inside the Legend: Pilot


  • At 19:02, in the background of the window, a flat terrain can be seen but just as they park, a hill with trees beside the road can be seen.
  • When Mary is pinned to the ceiling, her blood drips on Sam. Yet when John sees her body and falls down screaming, he looks in another direction that would make it impossible for Mary's blood to drip on Sam.
  • When Sam criticizes Dean's choice in music, Dean takes a Metallica tape off of Sam and puts the cassette in the stereo. Instead of Metallica playing, either "Back in Black" by AC/DC or "A Gift to the World" by Loveless starts playing depending on the version.
  • When Sam is frantically trying to unlock the doors, he starts on the driver's side before diving across the seat to try to unlock the passenger's side. Constance presses the gas pedal down, throwing Sam back against the driver's seat, where he is facing the driver's side doors, not the passenger's side doors.
  • Dean shoots Constance and she dissipates, but he seems to shoot her with regular bullets.
  • The right headlight is out at the end, presumably from Sam ramming Baby into the old Welch house. However, when Sam rams the house you can see both headlights working, and when Dean is leaning over threatening Sam if anything happened to the car, you can see the headlight reflection.
  • At the end when Sam tosses the shotgun into the trunk, he's tossing it into the weapons locker with the rest of the weapons. Yet when he slams the trunk, it's just the trunk lid, and not the bottom of the trunk/weapons locker lid.
  • In the second deleted scene, when Dean turns around to head back towards Sam, there is a passenger in the Impala with Dean.


John: Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back! Now, Dean, go!
Dean: Whoa, easy, tiger.
Sam: Dean? ... You scared the crap out of me!
Dean: That's 'cause you're out of practice.
Sam grabs Dean's hand and yanks, slamming his heel into Dean's back and Dean to the floor.
Dean: Or not.
Dean: Dad's on a hunting trip. And he hasn't been home in a few days.
Sam: I swore I was done hunting. For good.
Dean: Come on. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't that bad.
Sam: Yeah? When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.
Dean: Well, what was he supposed to do?
Sam: I was nine years old! He was supposed to say, don't be afraid of the dark.
Dean: Don't be afraid of the dark? What are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark. You know what's out there.
Sam: You think Mom would have wanted this for us?
Dean: So what are you gonna do? You're just gonna live some normal, apple pie life? Is that it?
Sam: No. Not normal. Safe.
Dean: And that's why you ran away.
Sam: I was just going to college. It was Dad who said if I was gonna go I should stay gone. And that's what I'm doing.
Dean: I can't do this alone.
Sam: Yes you can.
Dean: Yeah, well, I don't want to.
Sam: You and Dad still running credit card scams?
Dean: Yeah, well, hunting ain't exactly a pro ball career. Besides, all we do is apply. It's not our fault they send us the cards.
Sam: I swear, man, you've gotta update your cassette tape collection.
Dean: Why?
Sam: Well, for one, they're cassette tapes.
Dean: Well, house rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.
Sam: You know, Sammy is a chubby twelve-year-old. It's Sam, okay?
Dean: Agent Mulder, Agent Scully.
Dean and Sam: What do they talk about?
Dean: You can pretend all you want, Sammy. But sooner or later you're going to have to face up to who you really are.
Sam: And who's that?
Dean: You're one of us.
Sam: If it weren't for pictures I wouldn't even know what Mom looks like. And what difference would it make? Even if we do find the thing that killed her, Mom's gone. And she isn't coming back.
Dean: That Constance chick, what a bitch!
Sam: You smell like a toilet.
Dean: No chick-flick moments.
Sam: Alright... jerk.
Dean: Bitch.
Police: So. Fake US Marshal, fake credit cards. You got anything that's real?
Dean: My boobs.
Dean: You found her weak spot. Nice work, Sammy.
Sam: Yeah, I wish I could say the same for you. What were you thinking, shooting Casper in the face, you freak?
Dean: Hey, saved your ass. I'll tell you another thing. If you screwed up my car? I'll kill you.
Sam: We got work to do.