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Season 1, Episode 13

AirdateJanuary 31, 2006
Written byBrad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Directed byPaul Shapiro

DateApril 1963
April 3, 2006 - April 4, 2006
May 2006
LocationBismark, Kentucky (fictional location)
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Faith Nightmare

Episode Transcript


WB Description Dean is contacted by his first love, an African-American girl, who asks him to come to Mississippi to investigate a string of racially motivated murders. Each murder is linked to a mysterious truck that seems to have no driver and leave no tracks. Sam is stunned to see this new side of his brother as Dean struggles to come to grips with the residual feelings he has for Cassie.


April 1963Blacks murdered by Cyrus Dorian; Cyrus Dorian killed by Martin Robinson and friends
April 3, 2006Mayor knocks down Dorian place
April 4, 2006Clayton Soames killed by black truck
May 2006 (day 1, night)Martin Robinson is killed by the black truck
May 2006 (day 2)Dean gets call from Cassie; Sam prods for information, finding out Dean is close to her
May 2006 (day 3)The boys arrive in Cape Girardeau; Cassie explains about the car crashes; Dean and Cassie have friction between them; Jimmy Anderson killed by the black truck
May 2006 (day 4)Mayor and Cassie argue about the crashes; Sam ribs Dean over Cassie; Dean and Sam start asking questions at the docks about the black truck; Sam realizes Dean loved her but she dumped him
May 2006 (day 4, night)Dean and Cassie argue, then sleep together
May 2006 (day 5)Mayor is killed by black truck; research into killings in the 1960s and Cyrus Dorian
May 2006 (day 5, night)Cassie is attacked at home by the black truck; Mrs. Robinson tells Dean, Sam, and Cassie about what happened to Cyrus Dorian in 1963, including burning down the church; Dean and Sam find and bring up the truck from the swamp and salt and burn Cyrus' body; the ghost truck chases Dean in the Impala to the old burned out church and is destroyed
May 2006 (day 6)Dean and Sam say goodbye to Cassie; Sam wonders if putting life on hold is worth hunting


Martin Robinson is driving on a deserted stretch of road, listening to the radio. It starts to cut in and out so he turns it off. Headlights flash into car. The man looks behind, only to find a large truck behind him trying to run his car over. Picking up speed, Martin tries to get away from the truck. After hitting him twice, he then looks behind him again to find that it is not there anymore. The radio turns on again. Turning back around he finds the large truck in front of him. Martin turns around and the truck gives chase, ramming him off the road with a spectacular flip. The truck pulls up to the wreck for a moment, then vanishes.

At a gas station Sam is trying to explain a way to get to Pennsylvania to Dean, who is on the phone listening to a message. When Dean hangs up, he tells his brother that they are not going to Pennsylvania, but to help out and old friend whose father died the previous night. She would "never" call if it was not important. While Dean is driving, Sam tries to pry into Dean's affairs by defining what an "old friend" meant. Her name is Cassie, and Dean apparently went out with her for a couple of weeks. Dean also told her the "family secret" - we do what we do and we shut up about it - which gets Sam annoyed, because he had to lie to Jessica for a year and a half.

When they arrive at Cape Girardeau, Cassie and her father's friend Jimmy who both work for the paper are meeting with the mayor about the death of her father and Clayton, another black man, who seemingly were run off the road. The mayor is not helpful. Dean introduces Sam to Cassie. Cassie and Dean obviously have feelings for each other, with the way they are looking at each other. Back at Cassie's house, she explains to Dean and Sam that she is worried about her mother because she is very panicky. The murder before her father was his car dealership partner, Clayton Soames. In the days before his death, her father reported being followed by a black truck. Cassie reports that there were only one set of tracks at each site, with no signs of a collision for both Martin and Clayton, so the official versions on both are "lost control of his car". However, both cars looks like they had been slammed into by something big. Cassie ended things with Dean when he told her the truth about hunting, but she cannot explain this so she called him for help. Cassie's mother arrives but is clearly upset, not wanting to answer questions.

Back at Cassie's house, she explains to Dean and Sam that she is worried about her mother because she is very panicky. The murder before her father was his car dealership partner, Clayton Soames. In the days before his death, her father reported being followed by a black truck. Cassie reports that there were only one set of tracks at each site, with no signs of a collision for both Martin and Clayton, so the official versions on both as "lost control of his car". However, both cars look like they had been slammed into by something big. Cassie ended things with Dean when he told her the truth about hunting, but she cannot explain this so she called him for help. Cassie's mother arrives but is clearly upset, not wanting to answer questions.

Out in the night, the black truck has run Jimmy off the road, killing him. The truck disappears. The next day, the area is all taped up. Harold Todd and Cassie are arguing about all the deaths. Cassie believes the roads should be shut down but he will not shut down the main road in and out of town. There were again only one set of tire tracks, so it is labeled as an accident. Cassie accuses the Mayor of being racist, but he gets offended and tells her to talk to her mother.

Sam talks with Dean about Cassie, while they are getting into their Fed suits. He's noting how... interesting... they are together, teasing Dean about it. Later, on the docks, they question Jimmy's friend Ron Stubbins about a big black truck. Ron's friend tells of a truck like that back in the 60s that was killing black men. After thanking the men, Dean and Sam head back to the Impala discussing how an object could become infused with an evil spirit. In this case, the evil spirit seems connected with Cassie and her family. Sam suggests Dean go talk with Cassie about it, and mentions that unfinished business Dean has with her. Sam figures out that Dean loves her, but is stunned when he learns that she dumped Dean.

Dean shows up at Cassie's door, and they first talk about the case. Then Sam is brought up, and Dean backs off emotionally. Cassie calls him on it, that he slams the door emotionally, but he comes back with pointing out how she slammed the door between them permanently back then. She brings up his job, hunting ghosts, and tells him she thought he wanted out, telling her insane stories. By this time they are yelling at each other, not wanting to hurt the other, and sorry for it. After a moment of staring, they begin to kiss before furiously making out.

Early the next morning, Mayor Harold Todd is standing on some ground, looking over some plans. After folding his plans up and closing the trunk of his car the sound of a revving engine is behind him. Turning, he sees the black truck. He tries to run away, but the truck hits him. The body tumbles down the embankment, rolling to a stop while the black truck drives away.

Dean and Cassie talk in bed about their emotional stuff. She admits to him that he scared her with his job. Dean admits he can deal with his job, but cannot seem to work things out with her. They talk about possible future, before kissing. Sam calls Dean to tell him there had been another murder.

Dean joins Sam at the crime scene, and they discuss the case. Looks like the truck ran him over, but it does not fit the pattern. They split up; Sam heads to the courthouse records while Dean goes to Cassie at the paper for research. Talking on the phone and exchanging information, the three determine it was Cyrus Dorian who went missing in 1963. The mayor bought the old Dorian home and tore down the house.

That night Cassie is at home when the lights flicker and the black truck pulls up outside. She closes the shutters and starts to panic. The truck keeps lunging at the house. She picks up the phone and calls Dean. Later that night Dean, Sam, Cassie, and her mom were all there. Dean asks about the driver, but she could not see one. Cassie said the truck just disappeared. Dean believes whoever is driving the truck wants them scared. Sam questions Mrs. Robinson about how her husband kept seeing the truck before he died. She said he was delusional, but Dean pressures her into telling the truth. She confirms her husband Martin knew who the truck belonged to - Cyrus Dorian. She mentions he "died" and Dean catches the slip, because officially he was missing. Cassie's mom and Cyrus dated forty years ago, but she was also secretly seeing Martin because of their interracial relationship. When Cassie's mom broke things off with Cyrus, he found out she was going to marry Martin. This was when the mysterious black murders occurred with the black truck. Martin and Audrey eloped, not wanting all the attention. However, on the night of the date of the wedding, someone set the church on fire, killing the children's choir. The last attack Cyrus had was on Martin, except this time Martin got loose and beat Cyrus to death. Martin and his two friends put Cyrus back into the truck and pushed it into the swamp, now they are all dead. Dean asks about Mayor Todd's comment that he is not racist. She reveals that Todd was a deputy back then and figured out that they had killed Cyrus, but did not do anything to Martin and his buddies because he also knew what Cyrus was doing too. That was why he also died. Cassie asks why Mom did not tell her before, but Mom replies she thought she was protecting them, but there is no one left to protect. Dean pointedly disagrees, meaning Cassie.

That night Dean and Sam are outside the Robinson home, talking. Sam misses when his life was simple, just school, exams and papers... and boring. Dean brings the conversation around to Cyrus, and the level of evil that infected even his truck. That Cyrus lay in the swamp until Todd's renovation plan awoke him, and they must dredge the swamp for the body, which is not a pleasant thought. Cassie comes out, after putting her mom to bed. Dean tells her to look after her mother and they will be back. Cassie tells him not to get all authoritative on her, because she hates it. He asks her nicely not to leave the house before kissing. Sam clears his throat, but Dean holds up a finger for Sam to wait a minute, then finishes kissing and heads for the driver's seat.

Later they pull up the truck from the swamp and yank out the corpse, then prepare to salt and burn it. Everything goes smoothly, but then the black truck appears across the field. Dean figures the burning did not destroy Cyrus' spirit bound within the truck, so Dean drives off to lure the truck away and tells Sam to figure out a way to burn the original truck. The ghost truck is closely following Dean, so Dean calls Sam but Sam has to make another call - to Cassie. Sam calls Dean back, trying to coordinate his location. After Dean yells the road and direction back to Sam, Sam gives Dean directions - first to turn right and then make a left. With the killer truck already hitting Baby once and is now on his left side, Dean makes a spectacular slam on his brakes and whips Baby into the turn just in time. Sam tells him to go to a very specific spot, then stop. Dean brakes precisely and turns the car 180 degrees as the truck stops for a few seconds, then ramps up. The truck races right for him... and shatters apart as smoke as it reaches Dean. Dean is at the church that Cyrus burned down - Sam figured if the ghost crossed hallowed ground it would be destroyed. Dean asked how Sam knew it would work, but Sam did not know, he merely guessed.

The next day Cassie and Dean make their farewells, and while Cassie is not sure they will meet again Dean is confident they will. They kiss, before Dean climbs in the Impala. As Sam drives, he says he likes Cassie. He asks Dean if girls like Cassie make him wonder if it is worth it - putting their lives on hold to hunt. Dean does not answer, merely smiles and slouches down to fall asleep.


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    • James Gang - Walk Away
      (plays at the service station, when Cassie first calls Dean)
    • Bad Company - She Brings Me Love
      (plays during the love scene between Dean and Cassie)
    • Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home
      (plays at the end of the episode, when Dean and Cassie say goodbye)


    • Dean and Sam - Mr. Anderson's insurance company, All National Mutual

    Supernatural Beings

    Interesting Things

    Shirts the Boys Have Worn
    PersonShirt Counts
    Dean2 Black
    1 Blue
    2 Gray
    1 Red
    1 Suit
    Sam1 Brown
    1 Brown Plaid
    1 Gray
    1 Green
    1 Suit
    1 White
    Interesting Things That Have Happened
    Baby damaged1
    Baby driven by Sam1
    Dean naked from the waist up1
    Dean sex1
    Other cries1
    Items That Have Shown Up
    Items Shown
    John Winchester's Journal
    Starburst Clock
    Quotes People Have Said
    Son of a bitch (Dean)1
    Total Count of Species
    SpeciesNumber of Characters
    Vengeful Spirit1
    Who Died and How
    CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
    Cyrus DorianBeatenMartin Robinson
    Martin RobinsonCar crashCyrus Dorian
    Jimmy AndersonCar crashCyrus Dorian
    Mayor Harold ToddCar crashCyrus Dorian
    Cyrus DorianDestroyed (ghost)Dean Winchester

    Pop Culture

    Dean: You know, I was thinking. You heard of the Flying Dutchman?
    Sam: Yeah, a ghost ship, infused with the Captain's evil spirit. It was basically part of him.
    Dean: So what if we're dealing with the same thing? You know, a phantom truck, an extension of some bastard's ghost, re-enacting past crimes.
    The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. Sightings in the 19th and 20th centuries reported the ship to be glowing with ghostly light. If hailed by another ship, the crew of the Flying Dutchman will try to send messages to land, or to people long dead. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship is a portent of doom.Wikipedia
    The church being set on fire mirrors the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in 1963. Four African-American girls who were part of the children's choir were killed in the bombing.


    Writing the Episode

    • "There really was a Route 666 in the American West. And there was talk of a phantom truck that would terrorize drivers." - Eric KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 2, p. 68
    • "One of the original conceptions was Dean in a drag race with a phantom vehicle. The Impala vs the monster - they have to race to the death! That's my favorite part of the episode, that climax when Dean is driving and the truck is on his tail and screeching around corners." - Eric KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 2, p. 74

    Casting Characters

    • Michael Busswood is listed as Mike Busswood for Ron Stubbins, the man the boys question on the pier looking for a black truck.


    • In the "Previously" intro, there is a line from Dean talking with Sam at the campfire that was filmed, but never made it into the final cut of Wendigo. Dean: "This is Dad's book." There is some controversy as to what the exact line is. Some people hear "This was Dad's book."; others hear "This is Dad's book." In the Closed Captioning on the DVD, it is "is"; the admin hears "is".
    • The demand of the network to have more romance on the show produced a strange kind of moral to be adhered to. Anthony Pinker, one of the editors, explains: "The violence we don't get a lot of notes on." For the episode "Route 666" though, "... The note I got from the network was 'The girl can't be on top.' But I had a guy run off the road, and another guy got completely crushed inside 'cause a pickup truck ran him over... But, y'know, can't have a girl on top. I couldn't figure that one out."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 77
    • The original script calls for the Winchesters to go to Mississippi; however, all the dailies came back with it snowing! To cover for that, the script was changed to "unseasonably cold weather in Missouri".
    • There were a lot of stunts, and it was fun for the special effects supervisor Randy Shymkiw. It was high speed kind of scares that worked great. There was one where "the car had to go off the pipe-ramp and flipped. The car was on a cable that went through a pulley that was bull-pricked to the road and then attached to a truck that pulled it, with sparks on the bottom that we had to visually time. We knew we had to get the car going forty miles an hour and have it hit the ramp just right, so it was a fairly intense gag."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 2, p. 75
    • "Because it was snowing and the water tables were so high, it all turned to mud and snow slush and the truck got stuck. But because they're from Texas and they're used to mud and stuff, [Jensen and Jared] got out and they were digging out the truck. It was pretty funny. They'd rather do that than sit in a hot tent. They're all into getting muddy and doing it bad-ass style." - Key makeup artist Shannon CoppinSupernatural The Official Companion Season 2, p. 76
    • "'Route 666' was a riot to work on. At one point in the episode, you see the truck being pulled out of the pond... Well, what nobody saw was the tractor that was pulling it out... and there were two other tractors pulling that tractor because the mud was so deep nobody could get in there. That was a really fun one. At the end of the night, after eighteen hours - it was like four o'clock in the morning - there were about fifteen of us having a mud fight. And we're all grown adults, we should be so much past that..." - Location manager Russ HamiltonSupernatural The Official Companion Season 2, p. 76


    • The Meaning of the Episode Title: "Route 666" is the sixth spur of the famous "motherline" Route 66, that runs through New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. The last remaining stretch of road was renamed Route 491 in 2003, ending decades of devilish innuendo and road sign thievery. Route 666 has also been called "The Devil's Highway" Wikipedia. It would not be the Devil's Highway without a number of strange incidents.
    • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
      1. Road rage.
      2. Pillow talk.
      3. Forty years ago.
      4. Man vs. machine.
      5. "I'll see you, Cassie.".
      6. End Credits.
    • Eric Kripke has cited this episode as another one of his least favorites and his least favorite ghost episode. Among other reasons he claims the phantom truck wasn't scary enough and looked too much like a "monster truck".
    • "For 'Route 666', we were supposed to be on the Bayou, and we had a freak snow storm. Of course, it doesn't really snow in Louisiana! That was a fun day, though, for Jared and Jensen, because they're both from Texas and they don't get to see a lot of snow. We went tobogganing and had a snowball fight!" - Key makeup artist Shannon CoppinSupernatural The Official Companion Season 2, p. 75
    • This is the most watched episode in the series with 5.82 million viewers on original airing.
    • When the truck attacks Cassie, it is always going towards the house, never backing away or turning around.
    • WARNING: SPOILERS Highlight to read In the faux trailer for Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning in Hollywood Babylon, writer Martin Flagg is also credited as the writer of Cornfield Massacre and Monster Truck, which are illustrated with images from Scarecrow and Route 666. There' also a shot of the hook from Hook Man, of Gordon and his bloody knife from Bloodlust, of the inside of Angela's coffin from Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, and of Claire's desiccated hands from The Usual Suspects.
    • WARNING: SPOILERS Highlight to read In The Monster at the End of This Book, "Route 666" is the title of one of Chuck's Supernatural books. On reading it Dean says: "Everything is in here. I mean everything. From the racist truck to - to me having sex. I'm full-frontal in here, dude."
    • WARNING: SPOILERS Highlight to read In the alternative 2014 Apocalyptic future portrayed in The End, the movie of Route 666 - presumably based on Carver Edlund's book - is on the board of an abandoned cinema.
    • Inside the Legend: Route 666
    • The Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1 has "Can't Find My Way Home" credited as Steve Winwood (re-recorded). However, in listening to the episode, it is the version by Blind Faith that was used.


    • The official WB description has the episode happening in Mississippi. The episode happens in Missouri.
    • The mayor's car has a Mississippi license plate.
    • Dean Winchester is supposed to be dead, but Cassie introduces them to the police as Dean and Sam Winchester.
    • During the line Mrs. Robinson: "Mmm? Oh, uh, Martin was under a lot of stress. You can't be sure about what he was seeing.", when the camera switches from her to Dean's reaction, she is pretending to sip her tea during the time she's supposed to be talking.
    • There is no way Dean and Sam could have attached the chain to the submerged truck without getting wet themselves. However, both are completely dry.
    • When Sam is telling Dean how to lure the truck to a precise spot, one instruction is to drive exactly 0.7 miles. When Dean first looks at the odometer, it reads 70098.2. When he stops, it reads 70100.9, which is 2.7 miles.


    Sam: You mean you dated somebody? For more than one night.
    Sam: You told her, the secret! Our big family rule number one. We do what we do and we shut up about it. For a year and a half I do nothing but lie to Jessica, and you go out with this chick in Ohio a coupla times and you tell her everything?
    Sam: I miss conversations that didn't start with 'this killer truck'.
    Sam: Think that'll do it?
    (The ghost truck appears, headlights on and engine revving. Both brothers look up in surprise.)
    Dean: I guess not.
    Sam: So burning the body had no effect on that thing?
    Dean: Sure it did. Now it's really pissed.
    Sam: Where you goin'?
    Dean: Goin' for a little ride.
    Sam: What!
    Dean: Gonna lead that thing away. That busted piece of crap, you gotta burn it.
    Sam: How the hell am I supposed to burn a truck, Dean?
    Sam: Evil spirits cross over hallowed ground, sometimes they're destroyed. So I figured, maybe, that would get rid of it.
    Dean: Maybe? Maybe!! What if you were wrong?
    Sam: Huh. Honestly that thought hadn't occurred to me.
    (Dean stares at his phone, then hangs up. Mimics Sam.)
    Dean: Well, it honestly didn't occur to me.
    (Dean drops his head, before he slaps the steering wheel. He huffs, and shakes his head slightly.)
    Dean: I'm gonna kill him.