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Season 1, Episode 14

AirdateFebruary 7, 2006
Written bySera Gamble
Raelle Tucker
Directed byPhil Sgriccia

DateMay 2006
LocationSaginaw, Michigan
HuntAzazel's Special Children

Route 666 The Benders

Episode Transcript


WB Description Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide. Sam convinces Dean that they must investigate the case, but the two are puzzled when they fail to find anything that indicates that the death was supernatural in nature. That is, until they find out that Max, the reclusive son of the first victim, has been using his recently acquired power of telekinesis to kill the family members that once abused him. Sam also discovers Max's mother was killed by the same fiery demon that took his own mom.


May 2006 (day 1, night)Jim Miller dies; Sam had nightmare; Dean and Sam arrive in Saginaw
May 2006 (day 2)Wake for Jim Miller; Dean and Sam speak with Alice and Max Miller; Dean investigates the house; Sam researches the house; Sam gets vision of Roger Miller's death; the boys try to stop Roger's death, but he dies anyway
May 2006 (day 3)Dean and Sam speak with Max again; the boys interview the Miller's old neighbor; Sam had vision of Max killing Alice; the boys try to save Alice; Max threatens Dean and Alice with Dean's gun; Sam tries to talk to Max; Max puts Sam in the closet and telekinetically blacks the door with a dresser; Sam has vision of Max killing Dean and telekinetically moves the dresser; Sam tries to talk Max out of killing again; Max kills himself; police investigate Max's death; Sam confesses his ability to Dean; the boys pack up and leave


In Saginaw, Michigan, Jim Miller pulls into a garage and turns off the car. The garage door mysteriously shuts. Then his doors started to lock and the car starts up again. The car starts pumping out exhaust fumes and Jim cannot turn it off. Exhaust fumes start coming into the car. Unable to unlock the doors, he dies of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sam wakes up from the dream he has been having of the man's death. He wakes Dean and on the road they go to find the man, because Sam has a feeling that what he had dreamed will come true and insists they must try to prevent it. Dean is still not convinced that his dream will come true, but Sam decides to call information about the license plate he saw in the dream. Turns out that it was a real license plate. They track the owner to Saginaw, Michigan. Sam tells Dean to drive faster. They arrive just as the paramedics are removing the body of Jim Miller from the garage. The police assume he killed himself, but the way he died was the exact same way Sam dreamed. Sam looks over at the crying family, the Millers, and needs to walk away from the crowd. Dean follows Sam and tries to comfort him in saying that it was not their fault. Dean tries to tell Sam that maybe it could have been a suicide, nothing supernatural. Sam is convinced something, some spirit, murdered Jim Miller. He does not understand why he is having these dreams, or what the hell is happening. Dean is worried about Sam, but comments to pick this up in the morning. Sam points out the family is devastated, and they will not talk. Dean comes up with a plan.

The next day, Dean and Sam go to the house and introduce themselves as priests. Jim's brother, Roger, answers the door. He is very edgy and does not want to be bothered by the priests. Jim's wife, Alice, then introduces herself. They start to question her and she reveals their son Max found him. Sam decides to talk to him while Dean remains with Alice. Dean asks questions about the house they live in. There were no leaks, light shortages, odd settling noises at night, or anything like that. Dean excuses himself to "go to the bathroom." Sam finds Max and introduces himself. Max Miller is a young man about Sam's age, who is living at home to save up money for school. He claims he woke up and heard the engine running, but does not know why his father did it. Sam sympathizes with him about not knowing answers. Upstairs Dean takes out an infrared thermal scanner and searches the area for any spirits, but finds no evidence of the supernatural. He hears footsteps coming, and it ends up being Sam. They leave.

Back at the motel, Sam researches into the house and the land, and finds a whole lot of nothing. Dean still stands by that there is nothing wrong with the house, but Sam wonders about his dream. Sam starts to get an intense headache; it is his first painful vision. Roger Miller is at his apartment. A window opens, Roger closes it, and then it reopens by itself. Roger tries to close it without success; when he sticks his head underneath, the window comes down, decapitating him.

As Dean and Sam drive to Roger's apartment, Sam finds out information by using his police badge. Sam then opens up - he is scared, and the visions are getting more intense and painful. He wonders why is he watching the Millers die and what is happening to him? Dean assures him they will figure it out. Sam pushes him, saying it is never been in the family like this, and he asks Dean if they do not freak him out. Dean answers, "This doesn't freak me out."

Dean and Sam get there in time to find Roger still outside and they attempt to warn him. Roger does not want their help, instead he just wants to be left alone so he ignores them and goes into his security apartment and closes the door on them. Dean, with Sam following, head around the corner and break into the locked fire escape area around back. Sam, with Dean following, run up the fire escape, but when they are one floor down they hear the window decapitating Roger. Dean races up and checks over the scene, Sam arriving with a sick look, knowing his vision had come true. Dean pulls out a handkerchief for Sam to rub all fingerprints off, and he ducks inside to check out the scene inside. Again, there is no signs or traces of ghostly activity and Dean suspects the family itself is cursed. Sam saw a shadowed figure in his vision, so their thoughts are now running more into a curse or vengeful spirit. Sam mentions both their families are cursed, but Dean disagrees, saying they only have their "dark spots". Next step - talking with Max.

Dean and Sam are back in their priest's garb, talking with Max. Sam asks if Jim and Roger used to be close. Max says yes, Roger even used to live next door when he was younger. Dean asks if the family ever went through something unusual? Max becomes upset when he speaks of the old house he and his family used to live in, where his uncle lived next door, but claims that they were totally normal and happy. The boys take off. Outside, Dean and Sam agree Max sounded scared talking about the old neighborhood, and their next stop is to find out what life was like for the Millers.

Dean and Sam speak with an old neighbor, Kenneth Phillips. He tells them Max used to get regularly beaten by both Joe and Roger when he lived there, even breaking Max's arm twice. Alice, his stepmom, never did anything to protect him. He called the cops seven or eight times about it. Dean asks about the stepmother, and Kenneth reveals Max's mother died in a car accident. Out of nowhere, Sam gets a blinding headache. Dean, realizing it is another vision, takes him back to the Impala. Sam is overwhelmed by a vision of Max confronting his stepmother about how she did not stop them. Max levitates a knife and kills her with it, by stabbing her through the eye.

While Dean is driving back to the Millers' to stop Max, Sam finally pieces everything together about Max having telekinetic abilities. He still wants to know why he has these visions about Max and wondered if it is their shared psychic abilities. Dean and Sam clash over how to handle Max - Sam partially sympathizes with Max because of the beatings he went through, while Dean is ready to stop Max, by ending his life. He asks Dean to let him handle it since he is not comfortable with killing Max, a person. Dean agrees to let Sam talk to him, but he grabs his gun, thinking he is not going to let Max hurt anyone else.

They arrive at the house as Sam's vision starts to come true, and they burst into the kitchen, interrupting Max. Sam asks if he could speak to Max outside. On their way out, Max spots Dean's gun in the hall mirror, and decides to stop them. Max slams the door Dean is holding, and closes all the blinds. Dean draws his gun, but Max yanks it from Dean's hand and holds it himself. When Alice asks what is happening, Max tosses her telekinetically into the kitchen island, where she hits her head on the countertop and it knocks her out. Sam calms Max down, and he convinces Max to let Dean take Alice upstairs while they talk for five minutes. Dean is NOT happy about leaving Sam alone with Max, but goes along with it. Dean takes an injured Alice upstairs. Sam and Max talk; Sam trying to convince Max not to kill his stepmother. Max is angry about the beatings and how she never protected him. His dad blamed him for his job, his life, for his mom burning to death over his crib. Sam realizes they are connected, but does not know why. He tells Max that Dean and he are searching for answers, but the stepmother must be let go. Max is tired of being scared. With his abilities he could finally protect himself. Deaf to Sam's pleas to stop killing, Max telekinetically throws Sam in a closet, barricading him in there, and heads upstairs.

Max shows up in the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Dean starts for him, but Max throws him against the wall using his power. Max pulls out Dean's gun. Dean gets up and starts towards him once more, freezing when Max floats the gun. Cocking the gun, it swings towards Alice. Dean steps in front of Max's stepmother, and says he needs to go through him first. Max shoots Dean in the head, with blood splattering across the walls. Dean falls over, dead with a hole in his forehead. A white flash; it was another one of Sam's visions. In response to this horrifying image, Sam discovers a new psychic power as he inadvertently moves the hutch that was blocking the closet door, telekinetically. Sam is shocked, but runs upstairs.

Upstairs, Max threatens Alice and Dean with the gun. Dean claims if Max is going to kill Alice, he will have to go through him. Just as Max is about to shoot Dean, Sam arrives and tells Max it is not going to fix anything. Max then agrees, before he turns the gun on himself.

Later on, a police officer is asking Alice questions, to get the statement straight. She provides a cover story to explain what happened before breaking down and starts to cry about how she lost everyone. The questions stop and Dean and Sam are free to leave. Outside, Sam wishes he could have gotten through to Max somehow, but says that they were lucky to have their dad because they could have had Max's childhood. Dean is surprised to hear Sam say they were lucky they had Dad.

At the motel, while they were packing, Sam wonders why the thing killed their mother, Jessica, and Max's mother. He wonders if the demon is after Max and him both. Dean assures Sam it is not after him, because it would have just taken him. Dean tells Sam this is not his fault, it is not about Sam. It is about the thing that did this to their family, that they will find and that they will kill. Sam reveals he used his own telekinesis to get out of the closet. Dean picks up a spoon and asks him to bend it. Sam cannot control it though, so Dean is sure it will not happen again. Sam asks Dean if he was worried about him, if he could be like Max. Dean assures him that as long as he is around, nothing bad will happen. Dean then cracks they need to take Sam's premonitions to the craps tables in Vegas; they would clean up. Sam throws him a bitchface before walking out. Things seem back to normal, although Dean is clearly worried.


Main Cast Recurring Cast
Guest Cast


  • Bob Seger - 2+2=?
    (plays at the beginning, when Jim drives home)
  • Bob Seger - Lucifer
    (plays on the radio as Dean and Sam drive to Michigan)


  • Sam - Detective McCreedy - Fictional character in the horror movies Hobgoblins (1988) and Hobgoblins 2 (2009)
  • Dean - Father Simmons - Gene Simmons: vocals and bass guitar for KISS, 1973-present
  • Sam - Father Frehley - Paul "Ace" Frehley: vocals and guitar for KISS, 1973-present

Supernatural Beings

Interesting Things

Shirts the Boys Have Worn
PersonShirt Counts
Dean2 Black
1 Gray
1 Green
1 Red
2 Suit
Sam1 Black
1 Brown Plaid
1 Red
2 Suit
2 White
Interesting Things That Have Happened
Dean lies to Sam1
Other cries5
Sam cries1
Items That Have Shown Up
Items Shown
Deer's Head
Grenade Launcher
Starburst Clock
Quotes People Have Said
Check this out (Dean)1
Sammy (Dean)1
Supernatural (Dean)2
Total Count of Species
SpeciesNumber of Characters
Azazel's Special Children1
Who Died and How
CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
Jim MillerSuffocatedMax Miller
Roger MillerDecapitatedMax Miller
Max MillerShotMax Miller


  • Motel #1 (Rent) in unknown location
    Pale blue walls, starburst clock, yellow/gold spread, white soft headboard, blue desk with darker blue chair, white kitchen to the side
  • Escanaba Motel (Rent) in Saginaw, Michigan
    Hunting lodge: dead animals, stuffed animals, including the deer head and a mounted fish; log cabin type with birch trees as poles

Pop Culture

Sam: McCreedy. Detective McCreedy. Badge number 158.
The 1988 horror movie Hobgoblins features a character called Mr. McCreedy. There was a 2009 sequel that also included Mr. McCreedy.
Dean: Good afternoon. I'm Father Simmons, this is Father Frehley.
References to Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley of KISS.
Dean: What, so he's psychic, he's a-a spoon-bender?
Spoon-bending was the signature feat of the famous "psychic" Uri Geller. Geller claimed one of his first telekinetic acts was accidentally breaking a spoon during a meal when he was 4, and several televised recordings of his performances showed him bending spoons, among other tricks.


Casting Characters

  • "I guess I'm personally obsessed with these characters, with a morality you can't entirely understand, you can't judge one way or another. The idea that Max was doing these horrible things, but it's somehow very defensible... Which is why we struggled a lot with how to end that episode, and he ends up killing himself. On a certain level these guys' job should be to off Max, but can we watch the boys do that and still be okay with them? Because, it we've done this right, then we're gonna somehow care about this kid. And we also couldn't just let him live because we knew he would continue to do horrible things." - Co-writer Raelle TuckerSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 80-81
  • Director Phil Sgriccia worked with Brendan Fletcher, who played Max Miller, before, on Night Visions.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 78


  • Dean and Sam stay at the Escanade Motel in Saginaw, Michigan. This is the first motel room in the series with a distinctive theme, it's furnished like a hunting cabin. The deer's head makes its first appearance in this episode.
  • The starbust clock shows up again in this episode in Dean and Sam's first motel room.
  • In the gag reel, there is a scene from the filming of the episode where Jared and Jensen are in sleeveless versions of their priest outfits. Jensen introduces them as Chippendales dancers. Chippendales is known for its erotic male dancing.
  • "They were very cute little priests. They're very handsome boys, so they were supposed to look like their clothes didn't quite fit them perfectly. Jensen, his pants were always a little short, too tight. He's supposed to be a little bit more blue-collar than Sam. We've always tried to maintain that in his style." - Costume designer Diane WidasSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 79
  • "I actually got my sister who lives in the Upper Peninsula to send me some coffee mugs and baseball caps, all sorts of Michigan stuff. In fact, in one scene when the boys interview a guy, he's wearing a cap that says Elk Rapids - that's where I went to high school." That scene is when they are interviewing the Miller's old neighbor, Kenneth Phillips. - Phil SgricciaSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 79
  • "We show enough to get you squeamish. Our visual effects guys came up with the teardrop idea. If was just freaky when we saw their first pass at it because they didn't tell us. It really made it real, because up until that point nothing had touched her, and audiences are savvy enough now that they kinda know it's some form of visual effect, but by puncturing the tear, it made it very, very real and very creepy and eerie." - Phil SgricciaSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 79-80
  • This is the only episode in season 1 where a scene was filmed too graphic for network TV and was pulled. However, it was added to the deleted scenes - the knife going through the eye.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 59
  • Editor David Ekstrom agrees with Sgriccia. "I think slowly putting that knife through the eyeball probably would have been a bit much for most audiences - they probably didn't want to see that."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 80


  • The Meaning of the Episode Title: "Nightmare" name the elements key to the plot. It could refer to Sam's nightmares, or to the fact his visions are making his life a nightmare. It could also refer to Max's life as a nightmare.
  • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
    1. Two-door sedan.
    2. Apartment 1120.
    3. Telekinesis.
    4. Connected.
    5. "I've lost everyone.".
    6. End Credits.
  • "The show was supposed to take place in Saginaw, Michigan. I'm from Michigan. And we used two early Bob Seger songs because he's from Detroit, Michigan. We tend to try to tailor some of the soundtrack to where we're at in the country." - Phil SgricciaSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 78-79
  • The clanky, nasty music mofit introduced in 'The Pilot' was brought back and placed exactly when realized about their mothers. It was a big moment for composer Christopher Lennertz to bring that piece back up.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 78
  • Inside the Legend: Nightmare


(Dean takes a cocktail sausage from the coffee table. Chewing contentedly, he looks at Sam shaking his head.)
Dean: What?
Sam: Just... tone it down a little bit, Father.
Roger: What are you guys, missionaries? Leave me alone.
Sam: Dean, I'm scared man. These nightmares weren't bad enough, now I'm seeing things when I'm awake? And these, visions, or whatever, they're getting... more intense. And painful.
Dean: Come on man, you'll be all right. It'll be fine.
Sam: What is it about the Millers? Why am I connected to them? Why am I watching them die? Why the hell is this happening to me?
Dean: I don't know Sam, but we'll figure it out. Okay? We've faced the unexplainable every single day. This is just another thing.
Sam: No. It's never been us. It's never been in the family like this. Tell the truth, you can't tell me this doesn't freak you out.
(Dean stares straight ahead for a long moment.)
Dean: (deadpan) This doesn't freak me out.
Dean: Our family's not cursed. We just... had our dark spots.
Sam: Our dark spots are... pretty dark.
Dean: You're... dark.
Dean: You wanna kill her, you gotta go through me first.
Max: Okay.
Sam: Yeah, maybe. Aren't you worried, man? Aren't you worried I could turn into Max or something?
Dean: Nope. No way. You know why?
Sam: No. Why?
Dean: Cause you got one advantage that Max didn't have.
Sam: Dad? Because Dad's not here, Dean.
Dean: No. Me. (smirking) As long as I'm around, nothin' bad is gonna happen to you.
Dean: Now then. I know what we need to do about your premonitions. I know where we have to go.
Sam: Where?
Dean: (deadpan) Vegas.
(Dean grins at Sam. Sam tilts his head, looks away, looks back, does bitchface and walks out the door to the car.)
Dean: What? Come on man. Craps tables. We'd clean up.