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Season 1, Episode 16

AirdateFebruary 28, 2006
Written byEric Kripke
Directed byKim Manners

DateApril 2006 - May 2006
LocationChicago, Illinois

The Benders Hell House

Episode Transcript


WB Description While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Dean and Sam run into Meg who is thrilled to see Sam again. The brothers soon discover Meg is behind the murders and attempt to catch her. Unfortunately, Meg is one step ahead of them and unleashes shadow spirits on the brothers to ambush them. Sam and Dean realize the trap isn't for them, but for their father.


April 2006Ben Swardstrom killed by daevas
May 2006 (day 1)Meredith McDonnell killed by daevas
May 2006 (day 8)Dean and Sam investigate Meredith's apartment and discover the "Z" shaped symbol
May 2006 (day 8, night into early morning)Boys are coming up with nothing useful; Sam meets Meg again in the bar; Sam declares something is strange so they split up; Dean researches Meg and the symbol, which translates into animalistic "demon of darkness"; Sam follows Meg to a warehouse, overhearing her scrying conversation; Sam return to the motel and exchanges information with Dean; Dean leaves message for John; Dean and Sam get ready for the fight, while talking about what they each wish; they go back to the warehouse; Meg sics the daevas on the boys and takes them captive, and then gets frisky with Sam; Sam escapes and sends Meg through the 7th story window; Sam helps Dean cut his bonds; the boys return to the motel and have a tearful reunion with John; Meg follows and sics the daevas on the Winchesters; Sam lights up the motel room to banish the daevas; the boys and John escape, then go separate ways


In Chicago, Illinois, a young woman, Meredith, is walking home late at night listening to her iPod. Meredith turns into an alley when her iPod starts to cut in and out before dying completely. A faint, breathy whisper calls her name, right when it starts to get windy. It calls to her again. She calls out "Hello?" looking around only to find no one is there, but it calls her name again, stronger. Becoming more scared she continues to walk back to her apartment. The voice calls her again, and she glances back over her shoulder to see a shadowy figure appearing behind her. Meredith begins to fast walk, and again the creepy voice calls out Meredith. She looks back over her shoulder again, as shadow behind is getting larger and following her. She freaks out and starts to run to her apartment, only a few seconds away. She frantically scrambles to look for her key and open the door. Finally she is able to to open it and slide inside to slam the door shut. Meredith opens her own apartment door, setting the alarm and locking the doors. Only then does she allow herself to calm down. After settling in and grabbing a beer, she listens to her voice messages on her answering machine. First one is from Kristen, wanting details of Meredith's date. The second one is from Derek, wanting to set her up as a blind date with someone. The shadow enters her house through her vent, and materializes behind her. Meredith starts to hear the third message when the shadow's long claws rips through the back of her chest. Her blood splatters on the wall, her shadow spasms in death throes, before falling to the ground.

One week later the boys arrive in Chicago, dressed in Alarm Technicians with PF Alarm Systems uniforms. Dean parks across the street from Meredith's apartment. Sam rereads the newspaper clipping of Meredith's death, as Dean grabs their equipment, including the EMF meters, in the toolbox from the trunk. Sam confirms this is the place, and they head over. Dean complains about their stupid costumes, and he feels like a drama dork before recalling Sam's acting in Our Town. Sam warns they need to pull this off, and Dean mentions that the outfits costs "hard-earned money" because credit card fraud is not easy.

Impersonating alarm company workers, the boys are let in by the landlady, Mrs. Dunwiddy. They question her about the condition of the apartment, which was perfect, and about the condition of the body which was in pieces. The landlady claimed if she did not know any better, she would have said a wild animal did it. Sam asks for some time to check everything over, and Mrs. Dunwiddy tells him to go ahead and leaves. Sam knew this is their kind of gig, and Dean turns on the EMF meter and as it lights up, he agrees. Dean takes one side of the room and Sam the other, both scanning with EMF, as they discuss the case. Dean had talked with Amy, an officer of the law, and he recounts dreamily that she is a Sagittarius, loves tequila, has a little tattoo - Sam interrupts, and finally learns that Meredith's heart was missing. They discount werewolves due to it being the wrong time of the lunar cycle, and there is no trace. Sam believes it was a spirit. Dean notices that the blood spatter on the carpet forms a symbol, and manages to lay out a symbol with masking tape on the carpet. A symbol they do not recognize.

Later at the bar where Meredith worked, Dean is flirting with the bartender until Sam shows up, and he joins him. Dean and Sam compare notes. Dean did not gain any useful information other than the bartender's phone number, because even though Meredith worked at that bar, nothing strange was going on with her. Sam has been looking through their father's journal, and could not find anything on the symbol. There was another victim before Meredith, Ben Swardstrom, who died under the same circumstances, but nothing else connected the two of them that Sam could tell. Suddenly Sam spots a familiar face. Leaving Dean at the table, Sam walks across the bar to greet Meg, the girl he met when he was going to travel to California to find John (Scarecrow).

Sam and Meg start conversing, and Sam mentions he is there visiting friends, who were not at the bar at that moment. Meg went to California - she came, she saw, she conquered. It got old, so she is living in Chicago. Dean clears his throat, but is ignored. Sam manages to get information out of her - she is from Andover, Massachusetts, originally. Sam did not think he would see her again, but she is glad he was wrong. Again Dean clears his throat loudly, so Sam introduces him to Meg. She is not impressed with Dean, berating him for dragging Sam around the country, but Sam covers. Because of the awkwardness Dean leaves to get a drink. Meg apologizes to Sam about how she acted. Meg confirms that Sam has her number and tells him her last name is "Masters". Sam promises to call her and gives his "Scout's Honor."

Leaving the bar, Sam thinks something weird is going on. However, Dean is upset, wondering if Sam is being kept against his will. Sam explains it was during their fight, and it is not important, and would Dean just listen? Sam explains he had met her on the side of the road, and now he has run into her again in a random bar. He thinks it is weird. Dean thinks it is just a random coincidence, but Sam believes that it does not happen to them. Sam insists there is something up with her and he will watch her while Dean checks up on her and researches the symbol. Dean teases Sam about how he has a thing for Meg, before he heads back to the motel.

While Sam sits outside her apartment, observing her from the Impala, Dean calls to say her story checks out. He teases Sam a bit to go ask Meg out. Sam ignores him, and asks about the symbol. Dean found out the meaning behind the symbol - it is a sigil for a Daeva, or "demon of darkness." It is a type of Zoroastrian demon, that is savage, animalistic, nasty attitudes, and demonic pit bull. Sam is impressed, and wants to know how Dean figured it out. Dean tries to bluff, but Sam knows Dean does not read books, so Dean concedes that Dad's friend Caleb told him. They need to be summoned or conjured so someone is controlling it. It is risky, so someone is a major player who knows their stuff. But no one has seen them for a couple of millennia. Dean suggests a strip o gram; Sam retorts with "Bite me". Dean suggests to bite her, but not leave teeth marks... Sam hangs up. He is watching as she walks in front of her window wearing a black bra. A passing woman calls Sam a pervert. Meg leaves her apartment, and Sam follows. Sam tracks Meg to an abandoned warehouse. Not able to follow her because he does not have the passcode, he climbs the bars in the elevator shaft. From there he can hide and observe. Meg walks over to a black altar, where she said a spell over a goblet of blood. She speaks to someone through the blood warning that the brothers are in town, and is told to wait for the entity at the other end. After she leaves, Sam comes in and finds the Zoroastrian symbol on the altar, along with a lot of other black magic stuff.

Sam returns to tell Dean what he has seen. Dean teases slightly about Sam having a thing for the bad girl. They discuss how Meg was able to communicate - like scrying, and who she might be communicating with. Could not be Daevas, those things are savages. Dean has his own information - both victims so far were actually born in Lawrence, Kansas. Sam wonders if this is tied up with the demon that killed Mom. Dean wants to trash the altar, grab and interrogate Meg. Sam disagrees, stating to stake out the warehouse and see what is showing up to meet her. Dean does not want to do it alone, and leaves a message for their father, asking him to come to Chicago and leaving the address of the warehouse. Meanwhile Sam has raided the trunk for everything he could think of, because he is not sure what to expect. They prepare for the fight that night, both claiming not to be nervous. Sam fantasizes about what life may be like after they kill the demon responsible - to sleep, to go back to school, to be a person again. Dean is surprised Sam wants to go back to school, and with Dean's behavior acting strange, Sam questions what Dean will do. Dean first says there will be others to hunt, but Sam pushes and Dean opens up about his desire for the three of them to be together as a family again. Sam, however, does not want to live this life forever, and warns that when it is over, Dean will have to let him go his own way.

At the abandoned warehouse, the brothers climb up the elevator again as Meg chants her ceremony. The brothers execute military maneuvers, sliding into place at the end of the warehouse and hiding. Meg cheerfully calls out to them and invites them in. They are careful when they come out of hiding, asking who she is waiting for. She says she was waiting for Sam, and then the Daeva strikes, knocking them both unconscious. The two brothers awake to find themselves tied up to pillars. Sam concludes the whole thing was a trap to lure them in, but Meg reveals it is not a trap for them, and Sam realizes it is to bring in their father. Dean tells Meg that Dad would not walk into this, but Meg claims John's one weakness is his boys, so she will use them as bait for John to bring him into the room full of Daevas. Meg starts to flirt with Sam, reminding him of watching her getting dressed, and gets a little physical. Dean has a knife, and in the process of cutting himself free, accidentally drops his knife and it clatters. Meg notices and goes over to take away his knife. Meg, feeling smug, goes back to Sam to taunt him. However, Sam has his own knife to cut himself free, headbutting Meg to scramble up, and to throw the altar over. Freed from her control the Daevas turn on Meg, and throw her from the window, where she falls seven floors to the street below. Sam cuts Dean free, and they head over to the window to see her dead on the pavement beneath. Sam guesses the Daevas did not like being bossed around. Dean teases Sam not to pick a girl whose buckets-o'-crazy next time he wants to get laid.

Back at the hotel room Dean and Sam, carrying the weapons bag, are greeted by an unexpected visitor - their father. Dean and John share an emotional hug, while John and Sam acknowledge each other. Dean informs Dad that it was a trap for him. John thought it might be; he got there in time to see the girl take a swan dive. John is not surprised. The demon has tried to stop him before, because it knows John is close to killing it, not just exorcise it like hunters do to send it back to hell. Dean wonders how, and John just smiles and says he is working on it. Sam wants to join Dad, to help. John does not want to bring them along with him to research the demon, because he does not want them caught in the crossfire. John does not want his boys to be hurt, because he is their father. John brings up the fight when Sam left for college, and only tells him that it is good to see Sam again, it has been a long time. Sam agrees, "Too long" before they embrace, crying. Father and son pull apart, and suddenly John is thrown against the cabinets in the kitchen area. The Daeva slices Sam, and another one throws Dean. Meg, outside, is controlling the Daevas with a pendant. Two Daevas hold John and slash at him multiple times, while a third Daeva keeps throwing Dean around. Sam has a brilliant thought, to light a phosphorus flare to get rid of the shadow demons. It works! Scrambling around in the bright white light, Sam grabs the weapons bag while Dean grabs John and all three manage to stumble out the front door and make their escape.

Escaping to the Impala, Dean announces that Meg was right, John is vulnerable when he is around them. Sam makes an attempt to stay and help Dad fight the demon. John tells him the fight is just starting, and they all have a part to play but Sam needs to trust him and let him go now. It is hard for Sam, but he finally pats his dad's shoulder to say goodbye. John and Dean share a nod, and John walks to his truck. Turning around, he is proud and worried for his boys, telling them to be careful. Dean and Sam climb in the Impala, watching Dad drive off in one direction, and they drive off in another. As they leave, Meg, from the shadows, watches them go.


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  • Little Charlie and The Nightcats - You Got Your Hooks In Me
    (the song Meredith is listening to on her iPod)
  • The Vue - Pictures of Me
    (plays at the Firehead Bar, when Dean hits on the bartender and Sam spots Meg again)
  • X - The New World
    (plays at the bar while Meg and Sam are talking)


  • Dean and Sam - Alarm Technicians with PF Alarm Systems, Chicago, USA

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Shirts the Boys Have Worn
PersonShirt Counts
Dean1 Black
1 Red Plaid
Sam1 Brown
1 White
Interesting Things That Have Happened
Baby driven by Sam1
Dean knocked unconscious1
Dean lies to Sam1
Dean/Other hug1
Other cries1
Sam cries1
Sam knocked unconscious1
Sam lies to Dean1
Sam/Other hug2
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John Winchester's Journal
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Bitch (Dean)1
Sammy (Dean)1
Sammy (Other)3
Son of a bitch (Other)1
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Who Died and How
CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
Meredith McDonellTorn apartDaeva


  • Danny's End (Rent) in Chicago, Illinois
    70s room - green walls with pale yellow trim around pale yellow doors, ceiling, and baseboards, wooden floor, dark brown curtains with sheers; bedroom area - an older patterned orange spread of 2 double beds with old-fashioned metal bars on headboards and footboards; kitchen area - 3 white double cabinets, sink, 2 doors under the sink, hot pad, 7 drawers of different sizes; living area - orange couch, older TV, pretty wooden dresser, 70s lamps

Pop Culture

Dean: You know, I've gotta say Dad and me did just fine without these stupid costumes. I feel like a... high school drama dork. (Dean looks pointedly at Sam and smiles.) What was that play that you did? That- what was it? Uh, Our Town. Yeah, you were good, it was cute.
Our Town is a three act play about a town's citizens in the early twentieth century spanning the years between 1901 and 1913.
Meg: So, you better call.
Sam: Scout's honor.
A reference to Scout Law, with the first law being "A Scout's Honour Is to Be Trusted." It has taken to meaning an honorable promise.
Meg: Oh, I did. I came, I saw, I conquered. Oh, and I met... what's-his-name... something Michael Murray, at a bar.
Sam: Who?
Meg quotes Julius Caesar's famous words "Veni, vidi, vici." Meg is also referring to Chad Michael Murray (also known as Mayhem) who starred in the TV series Gilmore Girls and the movie House of Wax alongside Jared Padalecki.
Dean: You trapped us. Good for you. It's Miller time.
Miller beer is known for their slogan, "It's Miller time". It's come to mean it's time to quit or get off work.


Writing the Episode

  • Eric Kripke's Shadowy VisionSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 89
    ANGLES ON WALL. some large, random piles of JUNK cast a large shadow against the back wall. And from this inky splotch -
    TWO FIGURES EMERGE. Wraith-like black SHADOWS, in tattered cloaks. TWO DAEVAS.
    Like birds of prey, the swarm across the wall. Over both Sam and Dean's SHADOW (which are projected against the back wall.). The boys never have a chance to react -
    Sam and Dean each drop to their knees, in feverish pain.
    CLOSE ON: Sam's face is scratched, as if by an invisible claw. He SHOUTS out in pain -


  • Filming Locations: Century House, Vancouver.
  • The warehouse loft used in 'Shadow' was actually a reused set from the TV series Tru Calling.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 86
  • Filming the daevas shadows was tricky, especially to show something that was not really there. The lighting setup for the shadows to play across, plus a lot of blue screen with "two great stunt performers provided by Lou on wires in some really good costumes" with some prosthetic makeup gags.Visual effects supervisor Ivan Hayden, Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 87 There were also several costumes to "flow" with the arms in different shots, having camera tests to see what worked.Costume designer Diane Widas, Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 87
  • "[Cinematographer] Serge [Ladouceur] did a great job of coming up with that film noir look: giving us pools of light we could put these creatures into. There were times I'm sure that Kim wanted to kill me, where I was on set going, 'No, no, wait, I've got to put up my little tracking marks.' I was running around doing my stuff like a chick with its head cut off, but I think in the end it was a really good product. And put together with the acting that was involved, it really came out well." - Visual effects supervisor Ivan HaydenSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 87
  • "'Shadow' was one of the hardest things we'd ever done because we wanted to light it in a film noir style with shadows playing a big part in the episode. As the director, I had to design the sequence backwards so that I knew exactly where I needed to have the shadows and what their actions were going to be, and how they were going to drag Meg and throw her out of the window. And it was very, very difficult for myself, and for Serge, our cinematographer." - Director Kim MannersSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 87-88
  • "My hardest scene was the scene we shot with the two guys where I had them tied up to the pole. I had to go back and forth and slide across the floor, and get on top of Jared and then turn around and back over to Jensen, and then having my focus back and forth with those guys. And they couldn't move, so I had to do everything. For me, I think that was the most difficult scene to shoot." - Nicki AycoxSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 86
  • Shooting the scene where Meg is dragged out the window, they could not feasibly pull put the airbag. Instead she is shown kicking and screaming, breaking glass going through a window, a double going out the window, and then the boys look down at the broken body.


  • The Meaning of the Episode Title: "Shadow" describes the monster of the week, demons who are visible only in silhouette.
  • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
    1. Stealth killer.
    2. Meg.
    3. Kansas connection.
    4. Bait.
    5. Three minus one.
    6. End Credits.
  • The inside joke when Meg mentions Michael Murray and Sam answers "Who?" The two actors - Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray - are known to be good friends.
  • Just before the death of Meredith, on her voicemail a friend of hers says, "I know that guy ripped your heart out last time, but this one -" right before the shadow ripped Meredith's heart out.
  • The uniforms the boys wear - the one shoulder patch reads "PF Alarm Systems Chicago USA." Each of them has their name on their uniform: "Dean" and "Sam".
  • The bartender's number is 312-555-44?6. One of the area codes for Chicago is 312.
  • Meg Masters address off the computer is: Masters, Meg 13 Oakwood Drive Andover, Massachusetts (978) 555-0103. By contrast, Meg's number she gives Sam is 312-555-0143.
  • The entire computer page reads:
    Masters, Edward
    2289 Fifth Avenue
    Andover, Massachusetts

    Masters, Meg
    13 Oakwood Drive
    Andover, Massachusetts

    Masters, Peter
    15 Broadway West Apt #12
    Andover, Massachusetts

    Masters, Sandra
    3434 Pidgeon Lake Drive
    Andover, Massachusetts
  • When Sam wants to watch Meg to see what's what, Dean calls him a little pervert. When the woman catches Sam watching Meg's apartment as she's changing, she also calls him Pervert.
  • The door that Meg goes into (camouflaged by the graffiti wall) has signs that read - "Do Not Enter - Condemned".
  • Sam finds a black altar with two hearts on it, an altar that controls the Daevas. The Daevas took out their victim's hearts, and there were two victims. It's possible the two hearts on the altar belonged to Ben Swardstrom and Meredith McDonell.
  • Meredith's birth certificate reads: Full Name at Birth: Meredith Jane Allen Father: James William Allen White Birth Year: 1951 Birthplace: Lawrence Kansas. Yes, mother was married to father at the time of this birth.
  • "The scene that I really liked, that kind of stands out in my head, was when they first meet - where the boys and their father finally are reunited after years [sic]. That was my favorite scene that we ever shot, that I ever was a part of in the show." - Jeffrey Dean MorganSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 137
  • The boys literally go in the opposite direction of John when they leave him. He pulls his truck forward, and turns left; they back up, and go in the right direction. (It looks left from the camera angle, because the camera turned around.)
  • Inside the Legend: Shadow


  • Sam meets Meg again.
  • Dean and Sam reunite with John briefly.
  • John reveals he's looking into killing the demon, not just exorcise it.


  • When Dean talks with Sam on the phone, he tells him that the Zoroastrian symbol they found was from around 2000 years before Christ; in reality, Zoroastrianism was founded just sometime before 6th century BCE.
  • The shot of Meredith's birth certificate to show Meredith was from Lawrence, Kansas was actually showing the birthplace of the father. Her birth place was listed at the top of the shot, only showing Lawrence, which then gets cut off when the camera zooms into the father's birthplace.
  • When Meg leaves her apartment, it is raining, yet when Sam leaves the Impala the driver's side window is completely rolled down.
  • The entire lighting scene between John, Dean, and Sam at the end was done beautifully. However, it was supposed to be at night, and the light come in from outside. During the fight scene with the Daevas, one look at the windows, and it's day.
  • The Daeva claws John to the point of spurting blood, yet nothing is done for that serious injury. It's possible it would have killed him, if not immediately, then shortly thereafter.


Landlady: Well, no offense, but your alarm's about as useful as boobs on a man.
Dean: I talked to the bartender.
Sam: Did you get anything?
(Sam glances up at Dean and back down.)
Sam: Besides her number?
Dean: Dude. I'm a professional. I'm offended that you would think that...
(Sam gives him a knowing look.)
Dean: All right, yeah.
(He chuckles and holds up a napkin with the bartender's phone number on it.)
Sam: You mind doin' a little bit of thinking with your upstairs brain, Dean?
Dean: So, to recap, the only successful intel we've scored so far is the bartender's phone number.
Sam: I think there's somethin' strange going on here, Dean.
Dean: Yeah, tell me about it. She wasn't even that into me.
Dean: Now, why don't you go give that girl a private strip-o-gram?
Sam: Bite me.
Dean: No, bite her.
Dean (voiceover): Don't leave teeth marks, though, just enough to where-
(Sam hangs up.)
(Meg is dressing. A woman notices Sam watching Meg's window.)
Sam: I'm - oh, no, no, no, I'm just-
Woman: Pervert.
Dean: So, hot little Meg is summoning the Daeva?
Sam: Looks like she was using that black altar to control the thing.
Dean: So, Sammy's got a thing for the bad girl.
Sam: God, could you imagine if we actually found that damn thing? That demon?
Dean: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, all right?
Sam: I know. I'm just sayin'... what if we did? What if this whole thing was over tonight? Man, I'd sleep for a month. Go back to school. Just... be a person again.
Dean: You wanna go back to school?
Sam: Yeah, once we're done huntin' the thing.
Dean: Huh.
Sam: Why, is there somethin' wrong with that?
Dean: No. No, it's, uh, great. Good for you.
Sam: I mean... what are you gonna do when it's all over?
Dean: It's never gonna be over. There's gonna be others. There's always gonna be somethin' to hunt.
Sam: But there's got to be somethin'... that you want for yourself-
Dean: Yeah, I don't want you to leave the second this thing's over, Sam.
Dean: You and me and Dad. I mean, I want us to... I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family again.
Sam: Dean, we are a family.
Dean: (softly) Well...
Sam: I'd do anything for you. But things will never be the way they were before.
Dean: (sadly) Could be.
Sam: I don't want them to be. I'm not gonna live this life forever. Dean, when this is all over... you're gonna have to let me go my own way.
Meg: Sam. I have to say, this puts a real crimp in our relationship.
Dean: Hey, Sam? Don't take this the wrong way, but your girlfriend... is a bitch.
Sam: Go to hell.
Meg: Baby, I'm already there.
Meg: Come on, Sam. There's no need to be nasty.
(She leans in to whisper in his ear.)
Meg: I think we both know... how you really feel about me.
(Meg moves to sit on Sam's legs.)
Meg: You know, I saw you... watching me. Changing in my apartment. It turned you on, didn't it?
(Dean rolls his eyes.)
Dean: Get a room, you two.
Meg: I didn't mind. I liked that you were watching me. Come on, Sammy. You and I can still have a little dirty fun.
(She begins kissing his neck.)
Sam: You wanna have fun? Go ahead then. I'm a little tied up right now.
Meg: Now, were you just trying to distract me while your brother cuts free?
Sam: No. No.
(Sam shakes his head no. Meg sits back down on his legs, satisfied.)
Sam: It's because I have a knife of my own.
Dean: Dad, it was a trap. I didn't know, I'm sorry.
John: It's all right.
John: I thought it might've been.
Dean: Were you there?
John: Yeah, I got there just in time to see the girl take the swan dive. She was the bad guy, right?
Dean and Sam: Yes, sir.
Sam: Dad, you don't have to worry about us.
John: Of course I do. I'm your father.
(John's voice breaks.)
Dean: Sam! Listen to me! We almost got Dad killed in there. Don't you understand? They're not gonna stop. They're gonna try again. They're gonna use us to get to him. I mean, Meg was right. Dad's vulnerable when he's with us. He... he's stronger without us around.
Sam: Dad.
(He puts a hand on his father's shoulder.)
Sam: No. After everything-
(John reaches up to grasp Sam's wrist, giving a small amount of comfort.)
Sam: after all the time we spent lookin' for you-please. I gotta be a part of this fight.
John: Sammy, this fight is just starting. And we are all gonna have a part to play. For now, you've got to trust me, son. Okay, you gotta let me go.