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Season 1, Episode 20

AirdateApril 20, 2006
Written byCathryn Humphris
John Shiban
Directed byTony Wharmby

DateJuly 9, 2006 - July 12, 2006
LocationManning, Colorado (fictional location)

Provenance Salvation

Episode Transcript


WB Description After Daniel Elkins, a vampire hunter and John's mentor, is murdered, Dean and Sam are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case. John discovers the vampires have taken an antique gun, which has the power to kill all supernatural beings. The Winchester family sets out to retrieve the gun from the vampires so they can use it to kill the demon that took Sam and Dean's mother.


July 9, 2006 (night)Kate and the nest find and kill Daniel Elkins
July 11, 2006Dean and Sam look for a case; Sam finds an article about Elkins; Dean recognizes Elkins in Dad's journal; the boys drive to Manning, Colorado
July 11, 2006 (night)Dean and Sam investigate Elkins' cabin; they find a letter addressed to "J.W."; John shows up and reads the letter; John tells the boys that they are searching for a gun and hunting vampires; Jenny and Ted are attacked by the vampires
July 12, 2006John and the boys track the vampires; John and Sam clash; later Sam complains to Dean; Kate shows Luther her "presents"; the vampires kill Ted; Sam confronts John about withholding information but Dean breaks them up; the vampires turn Jenny; John and the boys find the nest; John tells the boys about the Colt; John and the boys attack the nest and fail; Dean goes for dead man's blood; John and Sam bond a little
July 12, 2006 (night)Dean is bait for John and Sam to trap Kate and kill another vampire; the boys want to go with John after the demon together but he commands them to escape after wiping out the nest; John uses Kate to trade for the Colt, but is knocked out; the boys come to the rescue; in the fight, John uses the Colt to kill Luther; Kate and Jenny escape the slaughter; John agrees to hunting the demon together


An old man, Daniel Elkins, sits scribbling in his journal, drinking Jack in a bar in Manning, Colorado. The barmaid, Beth, offers Elkins another drink. She talks with a trucker about Elkins, how he lives alone, nice old man, just nuts. One woman, Kate, and three men enter the bar, ordering a bottle of Jack. Elkins recognizes them. Beth asks the newcomers if they want food, but they say no, they have "dinner plans". When Beth turns back, Elkins has left through the back way. Elkins is hastily returning to his home in the canyon. He is scared. He keeps looking around, and as soon as he enters his house he realizes he is not alone. He turns to see Kate; they recognize each other. He throws a knife at her and it plunges into her chest, but she simply pulls it out. To defend himself, he dashes into the next room, placing a cupboard in front of the door and removing an old antique gun from his safe. Just as it is loaded and ready, two guys from the bar crash through his skylights and grab him, knocking the gun away from Elkins. Kate joins them, after knocking over the cupboard and breaking the doorjamb, and takes and examines the gun. She says, "Boys, we're eating in tonight." Elkins screams.

In a diner somewhere in Nebraska Dean is reading the paper and Sam is surfing the net looking for jobs. Dean suggests they could go back to New York and see Sarah; Sam reminds Dean they have got work and offers up a case of Daniel Elkins in Colorado mauled in his home. Dean recognizes the name and checks their dad's journal; they head west.

Sam picks the lock, and the boys find Elkins' cabin ransacked and in chaos. Using their flashlights in the dark, they investigate. Sam spots a protection ring of salt inside the door. Dean finds Elkin's hunter journal, just like their dad's. They look around more, and Dean sees the case a gun came out of, along with some strange scratches on the floor. He uses a paper and pencil to etch over the marks. Showing Sam, Dean figures out the message. It is a location and combination of a post office box - a mail drop, just the way their father does it. In the darkness outside, the boys are being watched.

Dean and Sam use the combination for the post office box, and discover a letter with the initials "JW". Back in the Impala, the boys ponder if the letter is for their dad and whether they should open it, when John knocks at the car window, startling them. John gets in the back of the car and says he is came because he read the news about Daniel. Daniel was kind of his mentor until they had a falling out. He reads the letter from the mailbox and is shocked to find Daniel had an important Colt revolver the whole time. He questions the boys if they saw it, but Dean only saw an old case so now the bad guys have it. John tells the boys they need to pick up the trail of what killed Daniel. Sam is surprised. Dad wants to get the gun back. Sam does not know what they are dealing with. John informs them Elkins was a vampire hunter; he thought vampires were extinct, which is why he never mentioned them. Most vampire lore is crap: cross will not repel, sunlight will not kill, neither will stakes to the heart. The bloodlust is true - they need fresh human blood to survive. They were once people, so it is hard to know vampire until it is too late.

The vampires are drinking alcohol and waiting for their next victims by the side of the road. Headlights appear on the highway. Kate tells Beau it is all his. In the car is Ted and Jenny, talking. She suddenly screams, there is a body in the road! They stop, and investigate. Jenny calls 911. Beau is turned over, and he grows his vampire teeth, taking down Ted!

As Sam and Dean sleep, John listens to a police scanner. He hears of an abandoned car left by a young couple after making a 911 call. Rousing the boys, they take off to investigate. Sam questions John, but John just asks Sam to follow him. When they reach the location of the abandoned car, John says they are on the right trail, but Sam is skeptical. He questions Dad. John knows what he is talking about by showing them a vampire's tooth he has found, explaining that the second set of teeth descends when they attack. They set off on the trail, John in his pick-up, and the boys in the Impala. Dean reads aloud about vampires while Sam drives. Sam is bridling that Dad is not explaining much, treating them like children. Dean tries to calm things down, saying it is just the way Dad does things. Sam does not think it should work that way anymore, not after everything. Dean says weakly he would just fall into line, if that is what it takes.

Meanwhile back at the vampire nest, the vampires are partying, and have Ted and Jenny tied up. Beau taunts the couple with beer. Ted outright refuses, but Jenny ends up spitting it back into Beau's face. Kate stops Beau from hitting Jenny, telling him to wait for Luther. Luther arrives. and Kate presents her gifts to her mate. He likes the look of Jenny but lets the other vampires feed on Ted. Kate shows him more gifts taken from Elkins. Horrified that she killed the old man, even if it was to avenge his family, Luther is angry because killing Elkins will bring more hunters after them. She apologizes. He then recognizes the Colt.

John rings Dean with instructions to pull off at the next exit, but Sam is mad because he does not give them any reasoning behind his actions. Sam floors the gas and pulls the Impala in front of their dad's truck, stopping the truck to have a confrontation. Sam wants information - why is the Colt so important? Before it was too dangerous to be together, so something big is going down, and they want to know what! Dean has to pull Sam and John apart and get them back on the trail. Dad just tries to order Sam around again, saying they do not have time and get back in the car. Dean gets between them, saying they are all tired, talk about it later, and almost has Sam back into the car when another confrontation between Sam and John exposes the still seething anger existing between them. Sam walked away from his family, when Dad and Dean still needed him. Sam yells that Dad closed that door, saying do not come back - he is just pissed that he could not control Sam anymore! Dean forces them apart again, and they all separate back into their respective vehicles.

Meanwhile back at the lair, Luther and Kate are making out. Luther notices Jenny, who is tied up, watching and tells her he likes to watch too. Luther cuts Kate's wrist and she takes a mouth full of blood before sitting on the girl's knee and putting some of the vampire blood in Jenny's mouth with an open-mouthed kiss - effectively "turning her".

Dean, Sam and John are watching the vampire nest the next morning. Beau comes rolling in after sunup, with Luther watching the area before closing the barn door. John explains vampires can go out in the sun. Direct sunlight is like a nasty sunburn. The only thing that will kill them is beheading. They sleep during the day, but they can wake up as well. Dean says just walking in is not an option then, but John says, "Actually, that's the plan". The boys get machetes from the Impala's trunk. Dean offers Dad one, but John gets one from his truck's weapons stash.

After a moment, seemingly reluctant, he shares with them the details of what makes the Colt so special and why he needs it. He thought it was just a legend until Daniel's letter, but the Colt was made in 1835 by Samuel Colt for a hunter on a special night. He made the weapon and 13 unique bullets. They say the gun can kill anything. He wants it because if this is true, it could be the key to killing the Demon and avenging Mary Winchester.

All three go in the lair cautiously, before John splits off to look for the gun. Sam finds the girl, and tries to free her. Dean finds others who are being kept in a cage. John spots the Colt, but as Sam tries to free the girl, not realizing she has been turned, she screams out, alerting the other vampires. Luther and John fight. John calls for the boys to escape, which they do, only just getting out with their lives. John meets with them at the top of the hill, with no Colt. Worse still, the vampires have the Winchesters' scent, and it is for life. John says they have to find a funeral home.

While Dean is gone to the funeral home, John and Sam have quite a father-son chat. John starts by opening up, explaining he started a college fund for each of them. Sam wonders why he got so mad when Sam left. John explains he wanted to protect the boys, keeping them alive, getting them prepared and ready. So instead he became their drill sergeant rather than their dad. When Sam wanted to go away to school, all John could think about was Sam would be alone and vulnerable. He could not accept that they were different. Sam points out they are not different. With what happened with Mom and Jess, they have got more in common than anyone. He asks about the college fund, but John tells him he spent it on ammo. They bond over that, laughing, and Sam now understands his dad's reasoning. Dean returns with a jar of dead man's blood.

Dean has the Impala's hood up pretending he has broken down. Kate shows up with a vampire, Hank, and grabs him. She forces him to kiss her, as Dean is sassing her all the way, but there is a swish-swish as both vampires have been shot with a crossbow! Sam and John appear from their hiding place, Sam standing over Hank and John facing off against Kate. The arrows have been dipped in "dead man's blood" which is a poison to vampires. Kate falls over, caught by Dean, who takes her back to John's truck. John motions for Sam to follow Dean, before he cuts off Hank's head.

John and the boys finalize their plans as they burn some herbs in a campfire to block scents. John's plan is to trade Kate for the Colt, since vampires mate for life. He wants them out of the area as fast as they can, once they clean out the nest, and Sam realizes he is going to leave and go after the demon alone. John cannot watch his children die, worrying about them. Dean points out they are not kids anymore, and they are stronger together, and both boys are upset. Dad gives them an order to do their jobs, and they split up.

Beau reports to Luther that Hank has been decapitated, and Luther's mate, Kate, has been kidnapped. They hear a truck nearby and Luther knows Kate is in it. John has Kate in his pickup, hoping the vampires will pick her up scent. They do, and gives chase for a bit, as lights in his rear-view.

Dean and Sam go back to the lair to clean out the remaining vampires, and free the prisoners the vampires have been keeping for food.

John leads the vampires on a merry chase until they roadblock him and he is forced to stop. John climbs out of the truck, pulling Kate with a rope in tow, telling Luther he will trade Kate for the Colt. Luther agrees, but as John is retrieving it from the ground, Kate manages to escape. John is hit several times, finally knocking him unconscious. However, before Luther can kill him, Dean and Sam attack, ignoring their dad's orders. They take two down before Luther grabs Sam, threatening to break his neck unless Dean drops his weapon. It takes Luther tightening his grip before Dean complies. Luther complains they have just as much right to live, but John answers him, "I don't think so". Luther spins around. John shoots Luther in the head with the Colt, who dies a nasty death from the infamous gun and its bullet. Jenny grabs Kate and they both flee. John smiles at his boys. The gun works.

John comes in as the boys are packing. They had ignored a direct order, but Dean points out they saved him. John agrees that they did, and it scares him. They are all he has, but the three of them are stronger as a family. They are going after the demon together, now that they have the Colt.


Main Cast Recurring Cast
Guest Cast


  • Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - The House Is Rockin'
    (plays when Elkins is in the bar studying his journal)
  • Brian Keith Nutter - Searching for the Truth
    (plays when Dean and Sam are at the diner looking for a job)
  • 88 Crash - Trailer Trash
    (plays when John tells Dean and Sam about vampires)
  • Tito & Tarantula - Strange Face of Love
    (plays while the vampires are partying at their place)


  • none

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Shirts the Boys Have Worn
PersonShirt Counts
Dean1 Black
1 Blue
1 Gray
1 Green
Sam1 Black
1 Blue
1 Brown Plaid
1 Red
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Baby driven by Sam1
Other in back seat of Baby1
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Deer's Head
John Winchester's Journal
The Colt
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CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
Daniel ElkinsEatenKate
JennySired as vampireKate
BeauDecapitatedDean Winchester
LutherShotJohn Winchester


  • Unnamed motel (Rent) in Manning, Colorado
    Interior log cabin, linoleum floors, braided rug, deer's head; side utilitarian white counter kitchen; wooden table and chairs; off white sheer curtains; moss green bed spreads

Pop Culture

Trucker: Thought they caught the Unabomber.
"Unabomber" was the name given to Ted Kaczynski, who during the years between 1978 and 1995 planted or mailed numerous home-made bombs, killing three people and injuring twenty three others before his arrest on April 3, 1996.
Dean: Sounds more like 'That's Incredible' than, uh, 'Twilight Zone'.
That's Incredible was a 1980s TV show featuring freaks, stunts and shonky re-enactments of paranormal events. Twilight Zone was a 1960s TV series (brought back in several incarnations) crossing horror, thriller and science fiction genres that told short stand alone stories usualy with a killer twist. The original series in particular, was notable for using these genres to subtly examine current social and political issues.


Writing the Episode

  • Writer Cathryn Humphris "wanted to do vampires from the start. It's such a classic. But Eric didn't want to do it too soon."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 104
  • "At the beginning of the year I said we'll never do vampires. I was very reluctant to do vampires because Buffy [the Vampire Slayer] had that market so cornered. So I really wanted to keep away from it and to really stay with ghosts and demons because that was a way we could create our own identity. Later in the season, once we had our own identity and once we were comfortable that our show was different enough - that people knew what we always knew, that it wasn't a carbon copy - we got a little more relaxed with that. One of the things that fans kept asking was, 'When are you going to do vampires?' We figured since this was our last monster of the season, let's close on a really classic creature, let's do a vampire!" - Eric KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 104-105
  • "John [Shiban] and I both felt that if we were going to do vampires, we'd have to do our own version, based more on real folklore than what people know to be vampires, which is mostly based on the original film Dracula [1931]. But there's every permutation of vampire throughout every culture since the beginning of time and we got to pick and choose elements that aren't as well known." - Eric KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 109
  • "For instance, not every vampire is scared of sunlight, nor does it make them turn to dust. Certain vampires lived among people, and we figured they could only have done that if they had retractable fangs. We based the fangs on the idea of shark teeth in rows." - John ShibanSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 109
  • "Kate wears a cross around her neck, which differentiates us from classic vampire lore. You can't just hold up a cross and expect a vampire to cower away - that's not real. Everything that people know classically about vampires is wrong, so that just gave us an opportunity to plant our own flag and create our own creature." - Eric KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 109
  • "Dead man's blood was Eric's idea," said writer Cathryn Humphris of perhaps Supernatural's most unusual addition to vampire lore. "I think it's a cool way to subdue vampires."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 109
  • This is Cathryn Humphris' first script, and she was lucky enough to write with John Shiban. She had to scale back a few of the fight scenes because of budget reasons, which was a disappointment. This was supposed to be a standalone episode, until "Eric came up with the idea for the gun, but didn't know it was a gun at first. He came up with the idea for a supernatural weapon, and the myth about Samuel Colt seemed like a perfect fit."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 105

Casting Characters

  • IMDb has the vampire's name as Beau. However, Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1 has it spelled Bo.


  • While filming the episode, tourists spotted a "sniper" in Stanley Park, and the police locked down the park. The crew, who had waited for over an hour, later learned that the "sniper" was a Supernatural crew member with an aluminum briefcase that resembled a rifle case.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 104
  • "We had to make these cocoon type hammocks out of burlap which were much easier to travel around with than coffins." - Set decorator George NeumanSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 109
  • The challenging part of filming for (Kate) Anne Openshaw was the 12 hours of shooting in an unheated barn wearing nothing on her top but her lace bra while the cameras were rolling during the Canadian Winter. ~Sequential Tart - Super Women: Ann Openshaw - An Interview with Supernatural's Kate
  • When a half naked Luther takes off Kate's shirt, you can see Luther's cold breath plume when he says "You like to watch, huh?"
  • The blood used for the vampire blood was made of corn syrup. ~Sequential Tart - Super Women: Ann Openshaw - An Interview with Supernatural's Kate
  • "The big prop in season one was the hero gun, the Colt. That was one of the more interesting things I got to do. Eric had a specific era in mind, and basically we ended up with the very first revolver that Samuel Colt designed - the very first revolver ever to go into production, which is the 1836 Texas Paterson, I think it was called. We have the best armorer in North America here in Vancouver - Falcon Enterprises. They have virtually every gun that exists, and they're all functioning, and they're all modified to fire blanks safely for the film industry. They went to a gun show in Las Vegas and this Italian manufacturer was there... and they had this 1836 Colt replica in their display! That first revolver was a powder and cap gun. We ended up making a new revolver piece that could take cartridges just for ease of firing for us, and that got incorporated into the story too. There was this montage of the guy making it and there were thirteen silver bullets that go with the gun. We made the silver bullets and engraved numbers into 'em. And we put a pentagram on the handle and a Latin saying on the barrel, and it ended up being a really cool gun. That was definitely the highlight in terms of props for this show." - Property master Chris CooperSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 105-106
  • The last scene in which Kate runs back to the car to escape, Anne Openshaw was wearing cowboy boots and slipped on the recently slicked pavement. It wrecked her arm for a few weeks. ~Sequential Tart - Super Women: Ann Openshaw - An Interview with Supernatural's Kate


  • The Meaning of the Episode Title: "Dead Man's Blood" names the elements key to the plot. Dead man's blood is like poison to vampires.
  • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
    1. Dinner plans.
    2. Vampire nest.
    3. Legend of the Colt.
    4. Stronger as a family.
    5. Father and sons.
    6. End Credits.
  • When Kate orders "Jack all 'round and leave the bottle," the bartender grabs a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red.
  • Elkins ran from Kate. The next we see him, he's barricading the room door against her. Yet when the boys enter the same room, we see their flashlights on the second floor from John's POV. So Elkins has to run up to the second floor between scenes.
  • In this episode, the vampires' eye flash silver, similar to the shapeshifter's eyes in Skin. No other episode has the vampire's eyes flashing silver.
  • Daniel's phone number, according to John's journal, is 970-555-0156. Two other names are listed on the same page: K Johnson and T Bradford.
  • The Season 1 Official Companion has a "copy" of the letter Daniel Elkins left for John:
    If you are reading this, I'm already dead. I don't know who's more stubborn between us, but, well, you know. It's a damn shame to have to say goodbye this way. But if you knew the truth of it, you'd probably have killed me yourself. You see, old friend, I've got the colt. Least I HAD it - can't remember - 3-8-2-11. If it ain't there, just follow the trail of my blood. I really do pray you get the gun. And put a silver bullet right between that bastard's yellow eyes.Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 107
  • The number to the safe, of course, is a take on Mary's date of death - 11-2-83.
  • The couple who call 911 - Jenny and Ted - their license plate is Colorado 875-W3U.
  • Luther had been gone for several days. Kate had to deal with Elkins, plus two days, and then the 911 couple, and he came home the next night.
  • Luther is about 170 years old.
  • Daniel apparently had something to do with the death of the vampire Luther's family.
  • The hunter used 6 bullets before disappearing, leaving 7 bullets left.
  • The Colt makes its first appearance in the series. It is of interest to the Winchesters as it provides a means to kill The Demon. The Latin passage etched on the barrel, "Non timebo mala," translates into English as "I will fear no evil."
  • It seems some herbs can confuse a vampire's sense of smell. John tells Dean to toss saffron, skunk's cabbage and trillium onto the fire to block their scent and also the scent of the vampire they captured from the other vampires in her nest. He also tells him to dust their clothes with the ashes to stand a chance of not being detected. This has not been referred to in any other vampire episodes.
  • Even though John tells Luther his "friends" were cleaning out Luther's nest, only Dean is shown. Sam is nowhere to be seen.
  • There is another female vampire, Jenny, to the side during the standoff between Luther and Dean, but she doesn't attack, possibly because she is a new vampire and doesn't know her strength or she obeyed a signal from Luther to let him handle it. By the time Dean capitulates to Luther's demand and drops the machete, John has the Colt and shoots Luther. There's no way Jenny can fight at that point - she just grabs Kate to run.
  • Kate and Jenny escape, something that is highly unusual with the Winchesters.
  • The Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1 has "Searching for the Truth" and "Trailer Trash" credited as MasterSource. However, in listening to the episode, it is Brian Keith Nutter that performed the former piece and 88 Crash that performed the latter piece. MasterSource is a music production company that solicits material for use in TV, film, games, etc.
  • Inside the Legend: Dead Man's Blood


  • Sarah is mentioned; Sam's love interest from Provenance.
  • John joins the boys in tracking down the Colt, to use it to kill the demon.
  • Sam and John's falling out comes out again, and Dean is once more in the middle, playing the voice of reason.


  • The car is going too fast to stop in time. Jenny and her boyfriend would have run over Beau.
  • Kate and Hank do not catch John and Sam's scents during the trap set using Dean. John has the boys using the herbs to cover their scents only after Kate is captured.


Dean: You mean protection against demon salt, or, uh, 'Oops, I spilled the popcorn' salt?
John (voiceover): Most vampire lore is crap. A cross won't repel them. Sunlight won't kill them, and neither will a stake to the heart. But the bloodlust, that part's true. They need fresh human blood to survive. They were once people, so you won't know it's a vampire, until it's too late.
Sam: (grumpily) That's probably what Dad's thinking. 'Course it would be nice if he just told us what he thinks.
(Dean looks over at sulking Sam.)
Dean: So it is starting.
Sam: What?
Dean: Sam, we've been looking for Dad all year. Now we're not with him for more than a couple of hours and there's static already?
Sam: Hmph. No. Look. I'm happy he's okay, all right? I'm happy that we're all working together again.
Dean: Well good.
(Sam is unable to stop from speaking.)
Sam: It's just the way he treats us, like we're children.
Dean: Oh God.
Sam: He-he barks orders at us, Dean. He expects us to follow 'em without question.
Dean: Sam.
Sam: He keeps us on some crap need-to-know deal.
Dean: He does what he does for a reason.
Sam: What reason?
Dean: Our job!
(Sam makes a huff of disagreement.)
Dean: There's no time to argue. There's no margin for error, all right? That's just the way the old man runs things.
Sam: Yeah, well, maybe that worked when we were kids but not anymore, all right? Not after everything you and I have been through, Dean. I mean, are you telling me you're cool with just falling into line, and letting him run the whole show?
(Sam looks at Dean challengingly. Dean gives Sam a long look. He responds weakly, as if he is convincing himself.)
Dean: If that's what it takes.
(Once in front Sam slams on the brakes, causing the Impala to swerve sideways in front of John's truck. They both stop.)
Dean: Oh crap. Here we go.
(Sam gets out of the car.)
Dean: Sam!
(Dean follows out of the car.
Sam and John, who is also out of his truck, are both looking angry.)

John: What the hell was that?
Sam: We need to talk.
(John comes to a halt face to face with Sam.)
John: About what?
Sam: About everything. Where we going Dad? What's the big deal about this gun?
Dean: Sammy, come on, we can Q and A after we kill all the vampires.
John: Your brother's right. We don't have time for this.
Sam: Last time we saw you, you said it was too dangerous for us to be together. (yelling) Now out of the blue, you need our help. Now obviously somethin' big is going down, and we wanna know what!
John: Get back in the car.
Sam: No.
John: I said get back in the damn car.
Sam: Yeah. And I said no.
Sam: (mumbles) This is why I left in the first place.
John: What'd you say?
(Sam swings back.)
Sam: You heard me.
John: Yeah. You left. Your brother and me, we needed you. You walked away, Sam. (yelling) You walked away!!
Dean: Stop it, both of you.
Sam: (yelling) You're the one who said don't come back, Dad! You closed that door, not me. You were just pissed off that you couldn't control me anymore!
(Dean forces them apart.)
Dean: Listen, stop it, stop it. (yelling) Stop it!! That's enough!!
(Sam and John stare at each other, furious, over Dean's head. Dean gets in front of John, crowding him.)
Dean: That means you too.
(Sam gets into the Impala. John turns back to his truck. Dean stands in the middle, alone. He looks from one to the other. He throws out his arms in frustration, talking to the night air.)
Dean: Terrific.
John (voiceover): Back in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, the same night those men died at the Alamo, they say Samuel Colt made a gun. A special gun. He made it for a hunter. A man like us, only on horseback. Story goes, he made thirteen bullets. This hunter used the gun a half dozen times before he disappeared, the gun along with him. 'Til somehow Daniel got his hands on it. They say... They say this gun can kill anything.
Dean: Kill anything, like supernatural, anything?
Sam: Like the demon.
John: I don't think I ever told you this but... the day you were born, you know what I did?
(John smiles slightly. Sam is confused.)
Sam: No.
John: I put a hundred bucks into a savings account for you. I did the same thing for your brother. It was a college fund. And every month I'd put in another hundred dollars, until... Anyway my point is, Sam, that... this is never the life that I wanted for you.
Sam: Then why'd you get so mad when I left?
John: You gotta understand somethin'. After your mother passed, all I saw was evil. Everywhere. And all I cared about was... was keeping you boys alive. I wanted you... prepared. Ready. 'Cept somewhere along the line I, uh... I stopped being your father and I... I became your, your drill sergeant.
(Sam slowly starts walking over.)
John: So when you said that you wanted to go away to school, all I could think about - my only thought was-
(Sam sits down across from John.)
John: that you were gonna be alone. Vulnerable. Sammy, it just... it never occurred to me what you wanted. I just couldn't accept the fact that you and me... We're just different.
(Sam laughs, ducking his head.)
John: What?
(Sam is fighting tears.)
Sam: We're not different. Not anymore. With what happened to Mom and Jess...
(Sam shakes his head, then laughs again.)
Sam: Hell, we probably have a lot more in common than just about anyone.
(John gives a sad smile.)
John: I guess you're right, son.
Sam: Hey Dad? Whatever happened to that college fund?
John: Spent it on ammo.
Dean: (grinning) Nah, I'll pass. I usually draw the line at necrophilia.
Dean: Oh. Whuf. Sorry. I don't always stay with a chick that long. Definitely not eternity.
Sam: You know, I don't get you. You can't treat us like this.
John: Like what?
Sam: Like children.
John: You are my children. I'm trying to keep you safe.
Dean: Then what is it? Why do you want us out of the big fight?
John: This demon? It's a bad son of a bitch. I can't make the same moves. I'm worried about keepin' you alive.
Dean: You mean you can't be as reckless.
John: Look... I don't expect to make it out of this fight in one piece. Your mother's death... it almost killed me. I can't watch my children die, too. I won't.
Dean: We're stronger as a family, Dad. We just are. You know it.
John: So boys.
(They turn, slowly lining up to face John.)
Sam: (whispers) Yes sir.
John: You ignored a direct order back there.
Sam: Yes sir.
Dean: Yeah, but we saved your ass.
(Sam's eyes slide sideways at Dean, nervously. John looks steadily at Dean. Dean swallows.)
John: You're right.
(Dean is surprised.)
Dean: I am?
John: It scares the hell out of me. You two are all I've got. But I guess we are stronger as a family.
(John nods. Theme music starts. Dean's thrilled.)
John: So... we go after this damn thing. Together.
Dean and Sam (together): Yes sir.