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Season 1, Episode 7

AirdateOctober 25, 2005
Written byJohn Shiban
Directed byDavid Jackson

DateMarch 2006
LocationAnkeny, Iowa (fictional location, Eastern Iowa University)
HuntSpirit (Vengeful, Hook Man)

Skin Bugs

Episode Transcript


WB Description The infamous "Hook Man," a vengeful spirit who kills his victims with a shiny hook that serves as his hand, terrorizes a small college town in Iowa. Dean and Sam learn that all the victims are connected to the daughter of a local minister and race to find and destroy the Hook Man's bones before he comes for them.


March 2006 (day 1, night)Rich dies
March 2006 (day 4)Dean and Sam catch a case and drive to Ankeny, Iowa; ask around at frat house; attend church service; research at the library
March 2006 (day 4, night)Taylor killed in sorority house; Dean and Sam investigate Nine Mile Road and get arrested
March 2006 (day 5)Lori finds Taylor's body; Dean talks sheriff down to a fine; Dean and Sam investigate sorority and find clues
March 2006 (day 5, night)Sorority party; Dean finds and burns Jacob Karns' bones; Lori and Sam talk; Hook Man attacks Rev. Sorensen before Sam shoots spirit
March 2006 (day 6)Police question Sam at the hospital; more research at the library to find silver hook
March 2006 (day 6, night)Dean and Sam break into the house and church to burn all the silver; Hook Man attacks Lori and Sam; Sam realizes that Hook Man is attached to Lori's necklace; Dean burns the necklace and destroys Hook Man
March 2006 (day 7)Police question Dean and Sam; Dean and Sam leave town


Taylor and Lori are sorority roommates. Taylor helps Lori choose an outfit to wear on a date with her boyfriend Rich. Although Lori is not too sure about the outfit, Taylor convinces her to wear it. Rich and Lori leave for the party. When Rich parks the car in the woods on 9 Mile Road on the way to the party, he and Lori start making out. When she becomes uncomfortable with how far he is going, they hear a noise outside. Rich goes to investigate. Something invisible attacks the car, bursting the tire and causes an elongated scratch along the bodywork. When Rich disappears and Lori hears banging on the car roof, she locks herself in and screams. After a while, when there is no more noise, she gets out to run. Turning around to look back, Lori finds Rich dead, hanging from a tree above the car.

Sam is making inquiries, trying to locate their dad, when Dean comes across a case about an invisible attack. They decide to investigate, and arrive in Ankeny, Iowa.

At the fraternity house where Rich lived, they find out he was seeing Lori, who is the daughter of Reverend Sorenson. They attend a service at the Reverend's church. After church Taylor is trying to get Lori to come to a girls night, but she is not sure. Later Sam and Dean introduce themselves to Lori. After Dean pulls the Reverend away to talk, Sam talks with her about what she saw. Sam and Dean think the story sounds right out of the Hook Man Legend, with the possibility of it being a spirit. They head to the local library to research it, searching through several dusty boxes of arrest records. They find that in 1862 a preacher named Jacob Karns killed 13 prostitutes on 9 Mile Road, using the silver hook he wore in place of the hand he lost in an accident. He was later arrested and then executed.

That night the boys travel to 9 Mile Road, in search of the Hook Man, but the Sheriff discovers them, and then arrests them. Meanwhile, Reverend Sorensen drops off Lori back at the sorority house, upset about her choices in friends. After she storms off from her dad, she lets herself into her bedroom and sees Taylor asleep. Rather than waking Taylor up, she readies herself for bed in the bathroom, before climbing into bed to sleep. In the shadows, the Hook Man is looking into the bedroom from the closet.

The next morning, Lori wakes up in her dorm room to find her roommate Taylor dead and the words, "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" written in blood on the wall. Dean convinces the sheriff that he was hazing Sam for Hell Week, including using a shotgun with rock salt to shoot at ghosts. So after being released by the sheriff, Sam and Dean hear about Taylor's murder. They sneak in and search the dorm room, noting the strong ozone smell that accompanies ghosts, and that there is a cross symbol drawn in the blood that they found in their research.

Sam, after researching more, find other killings have occurred in the area, both times also by clergymen. The boys postulate that the spirit of Karns is latching onto the reverend's repressed emotions and killing those he feels are immoral, trying to save his daughter. While Dean goes to find Karn's grave, Sam goes to watch over Lori. They talk, and she shares with him that she has found out that her father is having an affair with a married woman. Lori thinks she is cursed, that people around her keep dying. Sam knows how she feels.

Dean salts and burns Karns' corpse at the Old North Cemetery. Lori leans into Sam for comfort, but it becomes obvious that Sam lost someone close to him and he cannot move on. Reverend Sorensen comes to the door to call Lori in, after seeing them kiss, but Jacob Karns reappears and attacks Reverend Sorensen. Sam and Lori witness the Hook Man pulling him inside, and Sam grabs a gun to follow and protect the Reverend, finally dissipating the spirit and saving his life.

At the hospital the next day the sheriff questions Sam, before releasing him. Sam proposes to Dean that Jacob's spirit has latched onto Lori, rather than her father. First the boyfriend, who had been trying to go too far and then the roommate, who had been trying to turn Lori into a party girl, and finally her dad for having an affair. Sam and Dean were wondering why burning the corpse did not stop Jacob, until Sam remembers the silver hook. Dean confirmed that it was not buried with him in the coffin. After more research at the library, they find out his hook was melted down and made into objects for the church.

After Sam took the church and Dean took the house, they both gathered all the silver they could find to burn at the church's furnace. Lori comes to the church to cry for forgiveness, and is joined by Sam for a heartfelt talk. Hook Man attacks Lori and Sam, while Dean finishes burning the silver. Dean comes back to shoot the spirit, before they realize Lori's silver necklace is the silver hook. Dean races downstairs to burn it, leaving Sam with a gun and shells to defend them.

The sheriff questions Dean on what happens, before taking Dean's testimony that the man with the hook showed up and they all fought him off before he ran. The sheriff is getting antsy at seeing Sam and Dean in trouble so much the last few days, and Dean interrupts him to tell him that they were leaving town. Lori takes the time to thank Sam for saving her life, and her father's life, before Sam joins Dean in the car. Dean offers to stay, but Sam shakes his head and they drive on down the road.


Main Cast Recurring Cast
    Guest Cast


    • Split Habit - Higher Mathematics
      (plays at the beginning of the episode, when Lori's getting ready for her date)
    • Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head (Metal Health)
      (plays when they're arriving at the fraternity house)
    • Low Five - Noise
      (plays when they meet Murph ("purple man") and question him about the death of Rich)
    • Leslie Pearson - At Rest
      (plays at the sermon for Rich's funeral)
    • Leslie Pearson - Royal Bethlehem
      (plays while Dean and Sam research at the library)
    • Paul Richard - U Do 2 Me
      (plays at the college party)
    • Boston - Peace of Mind
      (plays at the end of the episode, when Sam and Dean hit the road)


    • Sam - Sergeant Francis Marquis
    • Dean and Sam - Fraternity brothers from Ohio
    • Dean and Sam - New students at Eastern Iowa University

    Supernatural Beings

    Interesting Things

    Shirts the Boys Have Worn
    PersonShirt Counts
    Dean1 Black
    1 Gray
    1 Red
    Sam1 Brown
    2 Gray
    Interesting Things That Have Happened
    Other cries1
    Sam/Other hug1
    Items That Have Shown Up
    Items Shown
    Grenade Launcher
    Quotes People Have Said
    Check this out (Dean)2
    Check this out (Sam)1
    Get this.../So get this... (Dean)1
    Get this.../So get this... (Other)1
    Get this.../So get this... (Sam)1
    Son of a bitch (Other)1
    Total Count of Species
    SpeciesNumber of Characters
    Vengeful Spirit1
    Who Died and How
    CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
    Jacob KarnsHanged
    RichStabbedJacob Karns
    TaylorStabbedJacob Karns
    Jacob KarnsDestroyed (ghost)Dean Winchester


    • Frat House (Other) in Ankeny, Iowa
      Dorm room

    Pop Culture

    The title of the episode, "Hook Man", refers to the urban legend known as "The Hook" or "Hookman". The "Hook Man" legend in this episode is actually a combination of 3 urban legends: "The Hook Man", "The Dead Boyfriend", and "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Lights."
    The way that Lori's roommate Taylor was killed is a reference to another urban legend, "Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Light?"
    Sam: Or it could be nothing at all. One freaked out witness who didn't see anything? Doesn't mean it's the Invisible Man.
    The Invisible Man is a science fiction novella by H.G. Wells, first published in 1897. The story tells the tale of a scientist named Griffin who learns the secret to invisibility. However, he fails to learn how to reverse the process.
    Dean: Nice job, Dr. Venkman.
    Dr. Peter Venkman is the character Bill Murray played in Ghostbusters flim series.
    Dean: Saved your ass! Talked the sheriff down to a fine. Dude, I am Matlock.
    Ben Matlock is an attorney played by Andy Griffith in the TV show Matlock.
    Dean: Dude, sorority girls! Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?
    Reference to National Lampoon's Animal House where in a scene the character Bluto, played by John Belushi, gets to see some sorority girls in a naked pillow fight.


    Writing the Episode

    • This episode was originally set to air after Wendigo. Eric Kripke originally thought it might have been beneficial to air an episode about such a "classic" urban legend early in the show's run. Phantom Traveler was aired instead.
    • "Eastern Iowa University" is a fictional location created by sci-fi author Stephen Bury.
    • "We kind of borrowed from three or four Hook Man-ish urban legends to make it our own. There are two twists: he's the ghost of a guy with a hook - not a guy with a hook from an insane asylum that just escaped - and he's attached himself to the conflicting emotions of this girl, almost like a poltergeist would." - John ShibanSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 54
    • This is the first episode in which rock salt was considered a threat to supernatural demons/spirits. It was "invented" for Supernatural by writers Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes Burton. Eric Kripke agreed it "...was the perfect combination of occult element - salt is a folkloric repellent of evil - and the blue-collar aspect of shotguns... You can't just make up a way to kill a monster, you have to find a basis. That was important to me to maintain the credibility of the world."Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 47-48
    • "One of the things I'd do in 'Hook Man' was that I would play big, big music and there's be chasing and then he'd run around the corner and disappear and I'd actually take the music out and go all silent so all you heard was scrrreeeeeeech as the thing came and the plaster was coming off their wall - there'd be no music. The music doesn't come in until after he appears. So it actually made it scarier to not have music." - Composer Christopher LennertzSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 49

    Casting Characters

    • Christie Laing who plays Taylor, also played Robert Johnson's Crossroads Demon in Crossroad Blues.
    • Mike Waterman is credited in this episode, but he does not have any lines. He plays the frat boy with the banana, working on the car when the Winchesters first roll up.


    • Filming Location: British Columbia Institute of Technology Library.
    • "It went into production, but there were issues with the director. Directing to scare, especially on television, is not as easy as it sounds, and I think that's why so many shows that have tried to be scary have failed... Unfortunately, we had a director who, I think, got some very good performances, but I don't think he had as much experience in that area as we needed. We ended up moving it back in the schedule, which was frustrating, and re-shooting some pieces of it to try to make it scarier, to try to fulfill the script... Ultimately, 'Hook Man', by the time the re-shoots were done and some re-editing was done, I'm pretty proud of... although I still feel like there was potential in the script that we never got to." - Co-executive producer John ShibanSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 46-47
    • "The Hook Man was interesting because we tried to take an Australian outback coat and make it look not as shiny, but it's not easy to do. We ended up having a paddling pool outside with the coat in the paddling pool in TSP and anything we could find that would remove all the oilskin. For the girls that were working on this, it was really hard to make it look as bad as it did. But in the end it was fantastic." - Diane Widas, costume designerSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 146
    • WARNING: SPOILERS Highlight to read In the faux trailer for Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning in Hollywood Babylon, writer Martin Flagg is also credited as the writer of Cornfield Massacre and Monster Truck, which are illustrated with images from Scarecrow and Route 666. There' also a shot of the hook from Hook Man, of Gordon and his bloody knife from Bloodlust, of the inside of Angela's coffin from Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, and of Claire's desiccated hands from The Usual Suspects.


    • The Meaning of the Episode Title: "Hook Man" names the monster of the week - the preacher with the hook hand punishing evildoers.
    • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
      1. Hooked.
      2. Scene of the crime.
      3. St. Barnabas Church.
      4. Silver chain.
      5. Peace of mind.
      6. End Credits.
    • The reason Dean calls Sam "Francis" is explained in the deleted scene. Sam's stolen police badge he uses to try to track down information about his dad is issued to a "Sergeant Francis Marquis" - a female officer, which is a source of amusement for Dean, but not Sam.
    • Back in 1977 rock salt and a rock salt shotgun were used in the Doctor Who episode "Image of the Fendahl" written by Chris Boucher. The rock salt was used to kill the psychokinetic fendahleen.
      Doctor: Sodium chloride. Obviously affects the conductivity, ruins the overall electrical balance, and prevents control of the localized disruption of the osmotic pressures.
      Leela: Salt kills it.
      Doctor: I just said that. Probably the origin of throwing it over your shoulder.
    • When Sam enters the church, looking for the object to which the murdering spirit is tied, he passes a bulletin board with the phrase "Reaping with Joy" on it.
    • Dean Winchester was listed as "Deceased" in St. Louis, Missouri on March 7, 2006 from the Skin episode, but the issue did not arise when he was arrested. Although Hook Man was filmed after Wendigo, it was shown after Skin because of tweaking and reshooting Hook Man to make it scarier. Because the episodes were shuffled, there was not any mention of Dean already being "Deceased".
    • The Hook Man's cross is a Jerusalem cross.
    • The Supernatural The Official Companion Season 1 has "At Rest" and "Royal Bethlehem" credited as APM. However, in listening to the episode, it is Leslie Pearson that performed the piece. APM is a music publishing company that solicits material for use in TV, film, games, etc.
    • Inside the Legend: Hookman


    • Sam checked FBI's Missing Persons Data Bank, and ran John's plates for traffic violations trying to find his dad. Dean is convinced Dad doesn't want to be found.
    • The possibility of Dad checking out the case convinces Sam to get on board; however, John is not found there.
    • This is the second episode in which the brothers (in this case, specifically Sam) are mixed up with the law. The first one being Skin.
    • Sam doesn't feel right in kissing Lori, because he's still mourning Jess. He connects to Lori on an emotional level, losing someone they love.


    • Dean Winchester was listed as "Deceased" in St. Louis, Missouri, in March 7, 2006. When he was arrested on Nine Mile Road in Hook Man he should have been red-flagged as being already dead.


    Dean: Your, uh, half-caf, double vanilla latte is gettin' cold over here, Francis.
    Sam: Bite me.
    Dean: I told him you were a dumbass pledge and that we were hazing you.
    Sam: What about the shotgun?
    Dean: I said that you were hunting ghosts and the spirits were repelled by rock salt. You know, typical Hell Week prank.
    Sam: And he believed you?
    Dean: Well, you look like a dumbass pledge.
    Dean: Dude, sorority girls! Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?
    They climb up to the roof, then climb into the window. Dean seems to fall on top of Sam, as they talk offscreen.
    Dean: Oh, sorry!
    Sam: Be quiet.
    Dean: You be quiet!
    Sam: You be quiet!
    Dean has been digging at the unmarked grave for a while. He brings up another shovelful. He is almost finished.
    Dean: That's it. Next time, I get to watch the cute girl's house.
    After another shovelful, he's done. He breaks through the wooden top of the coffin and sees Jacob Karns' remains.
    Dean: Hello, preacher.
    He pours salt and lighter fluid on the preacher's bones then lights a match.
    Dean: Goodbye, preacher.
    He throws the match into the grave and watches the bones burn in flames.
    Sam: You must have missed something.
    Dean: No. I burned everything in that coffin.
    Sam: Did you get the hook?
    Dean: The hook?
    Sam: Well, it was the murder weapon, and in a way, it was part of him.
    Dean: So, like the bones, the hook is a source of his power.
    Sam: So if we find the hook...
    Sam and Dean: We stop the Hook Man.