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Season 1, Episode 9

AirdateNovember 15, 2005
Written byEric Kripke
Directed byKen Girotti

DateMarch 29, 2006 - April 1, 2006
LocationLawrence, Kansas
HuntSpirit (Lingering)

Bugs Asylum

Episode Transcript


Official WB Description Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in his childhood house and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go home. Upon arrival, they meet the woman in Sam's premonition and she reveals that the house is haunted. Looking into their personal history, the brothers discover their father had visited a psychic after their mother's death and they turn to the same woman for answers of their own. Together they discover a malevolent poltergeist has inhabited the house and set out to exorcise it, but are blindsided when another unseen spirit steps in.


March 29, 2006Jenny Cooper finds old Winchester family photos; Sam has nightmare about Jenny and family
March 30, 2006Same realizes that his nightmare is about their old home; Dean and Sam drive to Lawrence, Kansas; meet Jenny and kids; boys plan how to hunt; Dean calls Dad for help; plumber tries to fix garbage disposal and has hand mangled; boys speak to Mike Guenther about John and what happened right after the fire
March 31, 2006Boys find and meet Missouri Moseley; Ritchie mysteriously gets out of his playpen and locked in the fridge; Missouri and the boys arrive at the house and begin investigating; make purification bags; Jenny and family go to a movie while Missouri and the boys cleanse the house; Sam not sure job is done; Jenny is attacked; Dean and Sam enter the house to rescue them; Mary appears and saves the boys from the poltergeist
April 1, 2006Jenny gives the boys the old family photos; the boys say goodbye to the Coopers and Missouri; Missouri goes home and berates John for not speaking to the boys


Jenny Cooper moved her two children Sairie and Ritchie into the Winchester's old house in Lawrence, Kansas, having moved from Wichita after losing her husband in some way. After putting the kids to bed, Jenny unpacks some boxes and finds her wedding picture, which makes her start to tear up. Her daughter, Sairie, comes and claims that there is something in her closet. Jenny takes Sairie up to her room, and proves to Sairie that there was nothing in her closet, before tucking her into bed. Her young daughter is nervous in the new house, but Jenny assures Sairie that she and her brother will get used it, and will be very happy there. Jenny stands up to leave and turns off the light, but Sairie reminds Mom of putting a chair in front of the closet door to be safe.

Jenny continues her unpacking, until a noise draws her attention to the basement. She prays that it is not rats, before heading downstairs and trying to turn on the light. She looks around, attempts to turn on the next broken light, before finally finding a small chest with old photos. The first photo is of a man (John Winchester), the second one is of a woman with a man's arm around her (John and Mary Winchester). The third photo has a family, and when Jenny flips the photo around she finds, "The Winchesters. John, Mary, Dean, and Little Sammy".

Meanwhile, in Sairie's room the chair starts to move that was in front of the closet door. The door starts to open, revealing a figure made of flames, and Sairie screams.

Sam wakes up from a nightmare of Jenny, screaming from the bedroom window.

In the morning, Dean is researching new cases, but Sam is distracted as he sits, obsessively sketching the image of a tree from his dream. He recognizes the tree as the one that grew outside their childhood home in Lawrence, and he pulls out an old photo from his duffel to double check. Sam explains to Dean where they need to go next, back home. Dean does not budge, until Sam explains that he has these nightmares that sometimes come true. Sam reveals he dreamed of Jessica's death, just the way it happened, several days before the actual event. Now he is dreaming about their old house in Kansas, a woman screaming inside for help, and that tree out front. Dean is shaken, but they both know they have to check this out.

They drive back to Lawrence, parking across the road from their old house. Dean is disquieted about returning, but they climb out and head over to the house to knock anyway. Jenny answers the door. Dean starts that he is Federal Police, but Sam cuts him off and comes clean to Jenny about who they are, that they used to live there, and asks if they could see the house. Jenny tells them she found some old pictures of them the other night, which helps make up her mind and she lets them in.

Inside the kitchen Sairie is coloring at the table, as her younger brother, Richie, is jumping in his play-pen repetitively asking for juice. Jenny introduces her kids to Dean and Sam, and explains to the kids how they used to live here. They start talking, and Jenny reveals strange occurrences about the house. There are flickering lights and she hears rat scratches. Sairie calls her mother over and wants her to ask if the thing in her closet lived in their closet when they lived there. The mother tries to tell Sairie again that there is nothing in her closet, looking to Dean and Sam to back her up. They do. Sairie reiterates that the thing was on fire even though Jenny said it was just a dream.

As they leave, the brothers start talking about the "figure on fire". The scratching and flickering lights are signs of a spirit, yet Dean is just freaked out that Sam's visions were coming true. Sam wonders if the thing in the house had killed Mom and Jessica, and insists that they need to get the people out of the house. Dean counters it by saying they did not have a story to get them out of there with.

Dean is filling up the car with gas as they decide they need to approach this like any other case and research the past of the house. Sam questions him what he actually remembers, and Dean relates the fire, the heat, carrying Sam out the front door. Sam is surprised; he never knew Dean carried him from the house. Other than that, all they had to go on was what their father had said. Their next step will be interviewing friends, neighbors, and people who were there at the time. Sam questions how Dean can feel like just another job, when Dean excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Once away from Sam, Dean calls his father. Dean leaves a message, not sure if John receives them. He is with Sam in Lawrence, and something is in their old house. He does not know what to do, if it is the thing that killed Mom, and begs Dad to come.

Back at the house, Jenny has called in a plumber, Joe, after the garbage disposal has stopped working. As he is working to fix it, a toy monkey mysteriously starts to bang its cymbals, on and off, by itself. After working on the disposal for a bit, and making sure there was no electricity to the unit, Joe sticks his hand down. He thought he found something, and tries again, only this time the unit mysteriously starts up and tears apart his hand. The toy monkey starts playing again.

The boys go to the garage and speak to Mike Guenther, who co-owned with John, claiming to be detectives reopening the case. Mike reminisces about John: how he was stubborn and hated to lose any type of game, how he loved his wife, Mary, and how he doted on his two kids. Sam questions Mike about the night of the fire, and what John said. Mike thought John was not thinking straight, and was in shock. John said something caused the fire, so Mike begged him to get help but John only got worse, reading strange books and seeing a palm reader in town. They asked for the psychic's name but he did not know.

As Sam searches through the telephone book for psychics, calling out the different names, one of the names rings a bell with Dean - Missouri Moseley. Dean grabs their father's journal. The first sentence in John's journal reads: "I went to Missouri and I learned the truth." Dean always thought it was the state, but perhaps not.

Dean and Sam wait for their appointment with Missouri; Dean a bit impatiently. Finally she escorts a man out, assuring him that his wife was loyal to him, but after he left she tells the boys that the man's wife was banging the gardener. Dean wonders why she did not tell him the truth, but Missouri informs him people do not want truth - only good news. She tells Sam and Dean she does not have all day, and they follow her into her office. She surprises them by knowing who they are, about Jessica, and that their father is missing. Dean wants answers - where is Dad? - but Missouri is not a magician to pull facts out of thin air, she can only read thoughts and sense energies in a room. As they all sit, she read Dean's mind and threatens him with a spoon if he puts his foot on her coffee table! The boys ask about their dad, and what happened after the fire. She tells them she could sense the echoes of the evil in the house, that she revealed to him there were things in the dark.

Jenny is on the phone with the plumber company, arguing over the fact of they were going to hold her liable for Joe's hand. While discussing the need for a lawyer, she hears noises from upstairs. She has to call the company back, and hangs up. She then tells Ritchie, in his playpen, that she will be right back, before she leaves to check out the noises.

Missouri questions Sam, and he believes something is back in the house. She does not understand, for she has been keeping an eye on the place - no sudden deaths, no freak accidents. Sam just feels that something is starting - Dad missing, Jessica dying, and everything with the house.

One of the screws mysteriously comes out of Ritchie's playpen, and the side falls to the floor. The safety catch comes off the refrigerator door, and the door opens. Curious, Ritchie goes over to the refrigerator, and sees his juicy cup. He climbs in and sits on the shelf, and the door slams shut. Later Jenny comes back to the kitchen, thinking they have rats or she is going crazy, when she finds Ritchie is not in his playpen. She frantically searches the house, not finding him. Only when she sees milk dripping from the refrigerator and opens it up does she find her baby.

The Winchesters, with Missouri, knock at the front door. Jenny answers it. The boys introduce Missouri, and Dean was hoping to show her the old house. Jenny responds that it is not the best time, and Missouri realizes something happened with the house. She asks Jenny to trust them, just a bit.

Missouri takes the boys in Sairie's bedroom, informing Sam that it used to be his nursery and therefore should be the center of the dark energy. Dean pulls out an EMF meter, but Missouri scoffs and calls him an amateur. She reads an energy, but it is not the same thing that took their mom. In fact, she can sense two energies, one being a poltergeist that will not rest until Jenny and her children are dead. Dean is determined to stop it - no one else is dying in this house.

Missouri takes the boys back to her house to make up bags with purification herbs and such. They will be putting each bag in a corner of the house to purify it - north, south, east, and west corners. Missouri warns them that once the spirits realize what they are doing, things are going to get bad.

Missouri convinces Jenny to take her kids to a movie, and everything will be over by the time they get back. Inside the house, they each take a corner. Missouri is in the basement. She finds a hole in the wall, sliding the bag in before she hears a noise and turns around to face a dresser coming towards her. She screams as it pins her against the wall. In the kitchen, after Dean checks for studs in the wall, he chops a small hole with an axe. He also hears a noise and turns to see a knife flying at him. It hurls itself into a cabinet. Dean grabs the table, yanking it on its side in front of himself as five more knifes impale themselves into the table. Upstairs, Sam is chopping a hole in the wall when the lamp cord starts coming for him. It pulls the lamp off the table, causing it to crash, so Sam turns around to see what caused the noise. The cord is successful in wrapping itself around Sam's neck, pulling him to the ground violently. Sam is desperately trying to get the cord off, and put the bag in the wall, but he is losing his battle. Dean runs into the room, calling for Sam. He first tries to pry the cord off Sam's neck, but knowing he would not win, Dean instead grabs the bag and kicks a hole in the wall to shove the bag inside. A blinding white light and a deafening noise, then the spirit is gone. Dean helps Sam untangle the cord from around his neck, and pulls him in for a fierce hug.

Later Sam questions whether it was all over, but Missouri is sure it is so Sam drops it. Jenny comes home and sees the extremely messy kitchen. Missouri assures Jenny that Dean will clean it up. Afterwards the three of them leave the house.

That night Jenny reads a bit in bed before turning off the light to go to sleep. However, the bed begins to shake, and a pounding noise starts. She screams, as the bed starts to thrash with her in it.

Sam is not sure everything is finished; he has a bad feeling. The boys wait in a stakeout in the Impala across the street. Sam keeps watching the house, but Dean gives up and slides down in his seat to go to sleep. Just then, as in his dream, Jenny is at the window, calling for help. Sam gets Dean up, and they race to the house to rescue the family - Dean to rescue Jenny, and Sam to rescue the kids.

Jenny is trapped in her bedroom, for the spirit will not let her leave. Dean shows up, and ends up kicking the door down before he can reach her. At first she will not leave, afraid for her kids, but Dean assures her that Sam will rescue the kids and they leave the house.

Sam has Ritchie in his arms when he reaches Sairie's bedroom. In the room is the figure on fire, and the girl is crying on the bed. Sam slides around the edge of the room, picking up Sairie in his other arm, and leaves the same way, keeping an eye on the fire figure. When they reach downstairs, Sam gives Ritchie to Sairie, telling her to take her brother outside as fast as she could. Something grabs Sam, dragging him through the house into a table in the kitchen. Sairie rushes outside with Ritchie, in their mom's arms. Dean grabs Sairie, asking where Sam was, and she tells him that something inside has him. The front door slams shut.

Dean grabs a shotgun with more salt rounds and heads back for the door. Dean first tries to kick the door in, as he did upstairs in the bedroom, but the door remains firmly shut. He chops the front door several times, finally creating a hole big enough for him to crawl into.

Meanwhile Sam has been thrown around the kitchen a few times, before being pinned to the wall, not being able to move. The fire figure walks through the living room, before coming towards Sam. Dean crawls inside his hole, and calls for Sam through the house, before finally finding Sam in the kitchen. Placing himself between the fire figure and Sam, Dean prepares to shoot it with rock salt, but Sam calls for Dean to stop. Sam knows who it is - and the fire dissipates and there stands Mary Winchester. Mary stops at Dean first, calling his name, before turning to Sam. She calls his name, then tells him "I'm sorry", but does not explain herself. She turns and confronts the poltergeist, bursting into flame and sacrificing herself to save her son, demanding that it leave her house and let go of her son. Afterwards, Sam is released from his invisible bonds, and he realizes that, "Now it's over".

The next day Jenny gives the old chest of Winchester photos to Dean. Missouri comes out of the house and sits next to Sam. She confirms there are no longer spirits in the house, including Mary's. Mary and the poltergeist cancelled each other out. Missouri apologized to Sam, realizing that he could sense something was there. Sam wonders what is happening to him, but Missouri does not know. Dean calls for Sam, and he leaves Missouri to head over to the Impala. Jenny thanks them, and the boys say goodbye to Missouri, and drive away.

Back at her home, Missouri muses on Sam's powerful abilities, but could not understand why he did not sense his own father. John is sitting on her couch. He wonders about Mary, if she really saved the boys. Missouri confirms it, and gets after him for not talking to his children. John wants to, but he cannot, not until he knows the truth.


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  • Dean and Sam - Police detectives, reopening the Winchester disappearance

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Dean1 Black
1 Blue
2 Gray
1 Green
1 Red Plaid
Sam1 Black
1 Brown
2 Gray
1 Green
1 White
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Dean and Sam hug1
Dean lies to Sam1
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Grenade Launcher
John Winchester's Journal
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Lingering Spirit1
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CharacterCause of DeathKilled By
Mary WinchesterDestroyed (ghost)Poltergeist
PoltergeistDestroyed (ghost)Mary Winchester

Pop Culture

Dean: All right, just slow down, would ya? I mean, first you tell me that you've got the Shining? And then you tell me that I've gotta go back home? Especially when...
The Shining (1980) is a feature film by Stanley Kubrick based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. The film stars Jack Nicholson as tormented writer Jack Torrance. Jack's son, Danny, has creepy visions of impending evil. Another character referred to this "gift" as The Shining, hence the title.
Jenny: That's Ritchie. He's kind of a juice junkie. But, hey, at least he won't get scurvy.
Scurvy is a disease derived from vitamin C deficiency. It was a common affliction for sailors and pirates who were out at sea longer than fruits and vegetables could be stored.
The cymbal-banging toy monkey is arguably an homage: There is a short story by Stephen King titled The Monkey, synopsis as follows:

"The story centers on a toy monkey that is apparently possessed by evil. The monkey is found by children, and their parents are, for some reason, freaked out. Periodically, the sinister monkey comes into motion, predicting the death of someone. In the end, the monkey is dumped in a lake in a bag full of heavy stones, thus stopping the deaths."

Dean: Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubenstein thing. The house should be clean; this should be over.
Zelda Rubenstein played psychic Tangina Barrons in the 1982 film Poltergeist and its sequels. There is a scene in the first film where she proclaims, "This house is clean!"
Dean hacking away at the front door with an axe and then peering inside the hole is reminiscent of the scene from The Shining, albeit without Jack Nicholson's famous catchphrase.


Writing the Episode

  • There were electric cello and woodwinds for a big emotional scene. "The last cue became a very cinematic musical moment. And for me, it was nice to get that." - Composer Christopher LennertzSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 59

Casting Characters

  • Don Thompson, who plays Mike Guenther, also played Sheriff Jake Miller in LARP and the Real Girl.
  • Scarlett Bruns is listed as playing "Joe's Daughter" on the Home episode of Supernatural, although there was no such part in the final episode.


  • The child safety latch on the refrigerator is disconnected in the shots from the hallway, and is disconnected already when Jenny rushes to rescue Ritchie from inside of it.
  • "My favorite scene all year long is the guy grinding up his hand in the garbage disposal. We had the shot of underneath the pipe where you saw the goo going into the bucket, and I laughed because I'm a sick puppy. Everyone around here knows they've come up with something really scary if I start laughing gleefully." No one really expected the network to keep that particular scene in; everyone waited for it to be pulled. It wasn't. "I just love that we get away with what we do." - Eric KripkeSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 58-59
  • "In that particular scene [where the fire figure walks] we just needed a shape that could be used for Mary or whoever it was coming out of there. So we used a stunt guy who was smaller and a little bit slimmer that most normal stunt guys, and set him on fire. He had to go on a very specific route. And, of course, you're essentially blind when that's going on. We just rigged up wires that he could feel. And we always have a signal system set up so that whenever the stunt person is starting to feel hot or is burning they drop to the ground and we run and put them out, so that's our safety mechanism." - Stunt coordination Lou BolloSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 57
  • "The hardest part when they're wearing nighties and things like that is under-dressing them and making them look like they don't have anything else on. In that case, we had a nude Nomax fire-suit. In this instance, Mary's nightie... was synthetic, which typically you don't use in a burn - it would always be one-hundred percent natural fibers and then you could fireproof it (they still burn, but they burn slower)." - Costumer designer Diane WidasSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 58
  • "I kept feeling like I was going to start crying... and I couldn't, so I had to sort of battle that because it actually touched me a lot, that scene, even though I had like three words or something. The situation of it was very moving to me - to see my sons after twenty-two years, having never met Sam, and then giving my life again for them. I enjoyed that as a moment." - Samantha SmithSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 139


  • The Meaning of Episode Titles: "Home" names the setting.
  • It is listed as "The Journey Home" on the official CW site.
  • The subtitles on the DVD sections are:
    1. Dreaming of Home.
    2. Missouri.
    3. "Not it. Them.".
    4. Trapped.
    5. Mary and John.
    6. End Credits.
  • Cooper is the last name listed for Jenny, Ritchie, and Sairie from the TV Guide; however, it is not listed on IMDb.
  • Sairie's name is listed as both Sairie and as Sari, depending on the website.
  • When Sairie tells Jenny that she is afraid of the thing in the closet, Jenny reassures her that there is nothing to be afraid of. In contrast, in the Pilot that when Sam was nine and said he was scared of the thing in the closet, John gave him a .45.
  • The picture of the Winchester family that Sam pulls out to compare the tree to is the same one that Jenny flips over to see what is written on the back.
  • The motel pad that Sam is drawing the tree on has the name of the motel as "SLEEP EASY MOTEL" The address and phone number on the pad is: 146 Baker Avenue - Pineville, Kansas - 555 0197.
  • It is questionable if John sold his half of the garage to Mike, or gave it to him. In the deleted scene Mike tells Dean and Sam that John sold Mike his half of the garage, and he started building his arsenal. But the entry in John's Journal mentions Mike ragging on John to come to work, and John not caring. John then explodes and writes if Mike cares about the garage so much, then he (John) will just give it to him.
  • "There were some scenes in 'Home' that fed right into fears that you have every day. There was a guy who fixed the plumbing and stuck his hand down into the sinkerator. Everybody knows what's coming and yells, "Fast, get it out of there!" - Executive producer Robert SingerSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 58
  • Jared and Jensen talk about the Cymbal Monkey of Doom.
  • The scene where Sam hands Ritchie to his sister Sairie and says "Take your brother outside as fast as you can, and don't look back" is a replay of the teaser for the Pilot when John hands baby Sam to Dean and says the same words.
  • Even though both John and Mary appear in this episode, the actors did not work together, nor did they meet on set as it was filming. The actors, in fact, do not see each other for 10 years, meeting again at the Supernatural Convention in Las Vegas in 2015.
  • Sam demonstrates the ability to sense paranormal presences to a degree greater than Missouri. He will never display this ability again. Also, through the rest of series, Sam's abilities are usually linked only to demons and those "infected" with demon blood, making his premonition of Jenny and his detection of the poltergeist and/or Mary's spirit an even more singular event.
  • Some fans think Mary apologized to Sam because she had an affair with the yellow-eyed demon. Samantha Smith says NO, but thinks the apology "has to do with the fact that his girlfriend was killed. And because I think it's foreshadowing of the trials and tribulations that he's going to have because of his special powers ... and as a supernatural entity I'm aware of that and I'm sorry that it's happened to him." - Samantha SmithSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 138-139
  • "I kept feeling like I was going to start crying... it actually touched me a lot, that scene, even though I had like three words or something. The situation of it was very moving to me - to see my sons after twenty-two years, having never met Sam, and then giving my life again for them. I enjoyed that as a moment." - Samantha SmithSupernatural The Official Companion Season 1, p. 139
  • Inside the Legend: Home


  • Sam's dream leads them back home. His power is growing, and he recognizes that something is happening to him. He asks Missouri what it could be, but she doesn't know.
  • Though not referred to by name, hex bags make their first appearance in the series. They are what Dean, Sam and Missouri put in the walls to purify the house.
  • Mary apologizes to Sam, but he doesn't understand why. WARNING: SPOILERS Highlight to read Later it is revealed that she may have been apologizing to allow Azazel to drip demon blood into Sam's mouth as an infant.
  • John feels that he can't reveal himself to the boys until he knows the truth. This is the first time in this timeline that John is shown.


  • When Sam and Dean are at the gas station Sam sits down facing Dean. As they talk it's all head shots and it now shows Sam is facing the same direction as Dean. When Sam comments he never knew Dean had carried him out of the house he looks beside him at Dean and Dean does the same when he responds, when really they should not be facing the same direction. As again when the shot pulls back to full body Sam is once again facing Dean just as he was when the scene started.
  • Garbage disposal units work by repeatedly slinging the contents against a stationary ring with grooves in it to grind food instead of blades. The plumber's hand would likely not have been damaged to the extent portrayed.
  • Dean is not shown to have grabbed the ax out of the back of the Impala's trunk before he slams the trunk lid down. He has only grabbed the double barrel shotgun and some extra salt round shells. However, he has it in his hand when he sprints across the road and front yard, headed towards the front door.


Dean: I've been cruisin' some websites. I think I found a few candidates for our next gig. A fishing trawler found off the coast of Cali - its crew vanished. And, uh, we got some cattle mutilations in West Texas. Hey. Am I boring you with this hunting evil stuff?
Sam: No. I'm listening. Keep going.
Dean: And, here, a Sacramento man shot himself in the head. Three times. Any of these things blowin' up your skirt, pal?
Sam: Dean, I know where we have to go next.
Dean: Where?
Sam: Back home. Back to Kansas.
Sam: I have these nightmares.
Dean: I've noticed.
Sam: And sometimes... they come true.
Sam: Yeah, but how much do we know? I mean, how much do you actually remember?
Dean: About that night, you mean?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Not much. I remember the fire... the heat. And then I carried you out the front door.
Sam: You did?
Dean: Yeah, what, you never knew that?
Sam: No.
Voicemail: This is John Winchester. If this is an emergency, call my son, Dean 866-907-3235.
Dean: Dad? I know I've left you messages before. I don't even know if you get 'em. But... I'm with Sam. And we're in Lawrence. And there's somethin' in our old house. I don't know if it's the thing that killed Mom or not... but... I don't know what to do. So, whatever you're doin', if you could get here. Please. I need your help, Dad.
Missouri: Well? Sam and Dean, come on already, I ain't got all day. Well, lemme look at ya. Oh, you boys grew up handsome.
(She points a finger at Dean.)
Missouri: And you were one goofy-lookin' kid, too.
Missouri: Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I'm 'a gonna whack you with a spoon.
Missouri: That an EMF?
Dean: Yeah.
Missouri: Amateur.
Missouri: Don't you worry, Dean's gonna clean up this mess. Well, what're you waiting for, boy? Get the mop! And don't cuss at me!
Dean: Sam!
(Dean walks into the kitchen and finds Sam, and the fire figure. As he looks at the fire figure, he steps in front of Sam to protect him, and he raises his gun.)
Sam: No, don't! Don't!
Dean: What, why?!
Sam: Because I know who it is. I can see her now.
(Suddenly, the fire is blown out. Standing in front of them is Mary Winchester, her hair softly blowing around her face, exactly as she was the night she died. Her eyes open, and she gives a soft smile at her boys.)
Dean: (softly) Mom?
(Mary smiles and steps over to him.)
Mary: Dean.
(Mary walks away from him and goes to Sam. She looks up at her youngest, smiling sadly.)
Mary: Sam. I'm sorry.
Sam: For what?
(She looks at him sadly, but says nothing. She walks away from them and looks up at the ceiling. Her voice takes on a creepy echo, filled with power.)
Mary: You, get out of my house. And let go of my son.
Sam: What happened?
Missouri: Your mom's spirit and the poltergeist's energy, they cancelled each other out. Your mom destroyed herself goin' after the thing.
Sam: Why would she do something like that?
Missouri: Well, to protect her boys, of course.
Sam: What's happening to me?
John: Mary's spirit ... do you really think she saved the boys?
Missouri: I do. John Winchester, I could just slap you. Why won't you go talk to your children?
John: (tearfully) I want to. You have no idea how much I wanna see 'em. But I can't. Not yet. Not until I know the truth.