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  1. Then
  2. Now
  3. Supernatural
    1. Another Premonition
    2. Andy
  4. Act Two
    1. Mind Control
    2. Yet Another Premonition
  5. Act Three
    1. Not Andy
    2. Evil Twin
  6. Act Four
    1. On The Dam
  7. Act Five
    1. We'll Be Back
    2. Break Out The Whiskey
  8. End Credits


All scenes from 1.02 Wendigo, unless otherwise specified.
Dean is talking with Sam at the campsite.

Dean: Dad wants us to pick up where he left off.
From 1.03 Dead in the Water, Dean pulls Lucas up, breaking the surface of the lake.
Dean (voiceover): Saving People.
From 1.12 Faith, Dean and Sam with flashlights and tasers carefully moving down the steps.
Dean (voiceover): Hunting
From 1.19 Providence, Sam swings a fire poker through Melanie's ghost.
Dean (voiceover): things.
Dean is talking with Sam at the campsite.
Dean: The family business.


All scenes from 1.14 Nightmare, unless otherwise specified.
A flash of white light.
From 1.05 Bloody Mary - Sam wakes up in Impala.

Sam (voiceover from 1.09 Home): I have these nightmares.
From 1.01 Pilot, Constance Welch is being destroyed by her children.
From 1.09 Home, Sam talking with Dean in their motel.

Sam: And sometimes... they come true.
Dean: Come again?
A flash of white light.
From 1.01 pilot, Jessica is burning on the ceiling. Another shot of Jessica burning.
From 1.09 Home, Sam waking up from a vision, and he sits up in bed at the motel.

Sam: I dreamt about Jessica's death... before it happened.
John (voiceover from 1.21 Salvation): (flatly) A vision?
From 1.21 Salvation, in Sam's vision Monica opens the door to Rosie's nursery and sees a man there. The nursery catches fire and burns.
Dean (voiceover from 1.21 Salvation): It started out as nightmares,
Dean is leading Sam away from neighbor, as a vision starts coming.
Dean (voiceover from 1.21 Salvation): and then it started happenin' while he was awake.
A picture of trees above a house, as Sam's vision hits him. Sam is getting a vision.
Sam (voiceover from 1.21 Salvation): The closer I get to anything involving the demon,
From 1.21 Salvation, in the motel John is listening to Sam and Dean explain about Sam's visions.
Sam: the stronger the visions get.
From 2.01 In My Time of Dying, Sam talking with Dad in his hospital room.
Sam: You know, the demon. He said he had plans for me, and children like me. Do you have any idea what he meant by that?
John: No, I don't.
A knife goes flying through the air towards Max's stepmom, hovering in air right in front of her.
Sam (voiceover): Max. Your abilities, they started six, seven months ago, right?
Max is sitting in the living room, talking with Sam.
Max: How'd you know that?
Sam: Because that's when my abilities started Max.
From 1.01 Pilot, Mary burning on the ceiling.
Sam (voiceover): The same thing killed our mothers.
Max is sitting in the living room, talking with Sam.
Sam: And you and I... were chosen.
Max: For what?
Sam: I don't know.
Dean driving Impala, Sam talking with him.
Sam: The thing I don't get is why man. I guess... 'cause we're so alike?
Dean: Max is nothing like you. Sam, Max is a monster, he's already killed two people, now he's gunning for a third.
From 2.01 In My Time of Dying, John whispers something in Dean's ear.
From 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown, Dean and Sam are burning John's body in a hunter's funeral. Dean is stoic, while Sam fidgets and cries.

Sam: Did he say anything to you?
Dean: No. Nothin'.
A single tear tracks down Dean's face.


Fade into shot of a clock tower, reading 12:21. Pan down through some people walking along to a smiling, late-middle aged man Dr. Jennings, walking down the sidewalk amidst others walking around.
Man: Hey Doc.
Dr. Jennings' cell phone rings; he picks it up.
Dr. Jennings: Hello. Yeah.
White-flash image of a gun barrel raising.
Dr. Jennings: All right.
Cut to another white flash image of Dr. Jennings cocking a shotgun. A city bus with a triangular Blue Ridge logo on the front passes. Back to Dr. Jennings' face; he lowers the phone slowly. He smiles, turns, and continues walking before crossing the street.

Dr. Jennings enters a sporting goods store and approaches a man leaning against a counter reading GUNS magazine. "Women's Wear" by Daniel May plays softly in the background.
Dr. Jennings: Afternoon, Dennis.
Dennis: Hey, Doc.
Dr. Jennings: I'd like to look at a gun.
Dennis laughs.
Dennis: Yeah, right, Doc.
Dr. Jennings just looks at him.
Dennis: Uh, seriously?
He crosses behind the counter in front of a display of guns. Dr. Jennings looks around, then points.
Dr. Jennings: Eh... that one.
Dennis: Okay.
Dennis unlocks the display and pulls out the indicated gun.
Dennis: That's a turkey hunter, twelve gauge, pump action.
Dennis pumps the gun.
Dennis: Don't leave enough turkey behind, if you ask me.
Dennis hands the gun over to Dr. Jennings, who examines it.
Dr. Jennings: What, uh... what sort of shells does it use?
Dennis pulls a box from under the counter.
Dennis: Right here.
Dennis opens the box, letting Dr. Jennings look at them. He picks a shell up.
Dennis: I'm taking the boys up to the cabin this weekend if you're uh... (chuckling) I mean if you think you might like to take up the sport.
Dr. Jennings takes a shell to fit it into the gun.
Dr. Jennings: Thanks, but no. You know guns make me nervous, always have. This one goes in here, right?
Dr. Jennings drops the shell in and pumps the gun, chambering the shell.
Dennis: Whoa, Doc! No, no. You can't load a weapon on the premises, it's illegal!
Dr. Jennings: It's okay, Dennis.
Dennis: No, no.
Dr. Jennings: It's okay, Dennis.
Dr. Jennings loads another shell.
Dr. Jennings: It's all gonna be... okay.
He turns the gun on Dennis.
Dennis: Doc!
Dr. Jennings fires. Dennis is hurled against the wall as the blast hits him. The other customers starts to panic and scream.
Dr. Jennings: No, no, it's, it's okay. It's okay. It's all gonna be... okay.
Dr. Jennings pumps the shotgun, chambering the next shell. He presses the shotgun against his chin; pan up to a sample sink hanging on the wall above his head; the shotgun goes off again and the sink is splattered with blood.

Sam gasps. He is leaning over the sink in a dingy bathroom, the water running. White flashes from the previous scene - the gun barrel, firing at Dennis, Dennis hurled against the wall, Blue Ridge Bus driving down the road - cut across his vision.
He runs a hand under the water and washes his face, scrubbing the hand through his hair. As he shuts the water off and looks up into the mirror, Dean opens the door.

Dean: Sam, come on, zip it up. Let's hit the...
Dean pauses, seeing Sam's condition.
Dean: ... road. What?
Close on Sam, breathing heavily and blinking.
Screen goes to black.



The Impala drives down a dark two-lane road. The radio is playing.
Radio Announcer: Rockin' Nebraska. Your source for the classics, all night long.

Dean is driving the Impala, Sam in the passenger's seat.
Dean: I don't know, man, why don't we just chill out, think about this.
Sam shuts off the radio.
Sam: What's there to think about?
Dean: Just don't know if going to the Roadhouse is the smartest idea.
Sam: Dean, it's another premonition. I know it. This is gonna happen, and Ash can tell us where.
Dean: Yeah, man, but...
Sam: Plus it could have some connection with the demon. My visions always do.
Dean: That's my point. There's gonna be hunters there. I don't know if, if, if going in and announcing that you're some supernatural freak with a-a demonic connection is the best thing, okay?
Sam: (seriously) So I'm a freak now?
Dean glances at him a bit worried a couple of times, before trying to lighten the mood.
Dean: You've always been a freak.
Dean slaps Sam on the thigh before smiling weakly and turning back to the road. Sam turns to look ahead.

"Tired of Crying" by Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials plays in the background.


Jo is playing a shooter arcade game.
Music:I'm tired of crying
Crying over you
An older man, Ed, watches.
She hits every target, and he groans.
Ed: Damn, little lady, that was my room money.
Music:I'm tired of crying
He pulls out the money. Jo takes it.
Jo: Well, I guess you're taking a truck nap tonight.
Music:Crying over you
Credit:Guest Starring
(Ellen Harvelle)
As she walks away, pleased with herself, Ellen walks over.
Credit:ALONA TAL (Jo Harvelle)
Ellen: Oughta check the high scores before you put your money down.
She presses a button on the game and a list of high scores scrolls across the screen - all reading "Player: Jo".
Music:I'm gonna take my honey
Ellen: You went and got yourself hustled, Ed.
Music:And here's what I'll do
Dean and Sam enter.
Credit:GABRIEL TIGERMAN (Andrew Gallagher)
Music:I'll go out on the town
They pass two men at a table cleaning weapons. They look up at the Winchesters.
Credit:ELIAS TOUFEXIS (Ansem "Webber" Weems)
Music:I'll dance with all my might
Dean glances at them, and heads into the bar.
Credit:Consulting Producer
Music:I'm gonna boogaloo with every girl in sight
Dean almost runs into Jo, who stops, smiling at him.
Music:I'm tired of crying
Jo: Just can't stay away, huh?
Credit:Supervising Producer
Dean chuckles.
Dean: Yeah, looks like. How you doin', Jo?
Credit:Co-Executive Producer
Music:Crying over you
Sam: (hurried) Where's Ash?
Jo: In his back room.
Sam: Great.
Sam brushes past her.
Jo: And I'm fine...
Music:I'm gonna take my honey
Credit:Supervising Producer
Dean: Sorry, he's, we're... kind of on a bit of a timetable.
Music:And here's what I'll do
Credit:Executive Producer
Jo nods.
Jo: Mm-hmm.
Dean moves around her to follow Sam.
Credit:Executive Producer
Music:I'll flash my brightest smile
Jo turns to watch after Dean.
Music:I'll flirt with two or three

Music is muted. Sam knocks on a rough wooden door with a sign hanging on it that reads: DR BADASS IS: IN.
Music:And when the night is done in envy you will be
Sam: Ash?
Credit:Executive Producer
Music:I'm tired of crying
Sam knocks again, impatient.
Credit:Produced by
Sam: Hey, Ash!
Music:Crying over you
Sam gives Dean a bitchface as he approaches the door.
Dean pounds on the door.

Credit:Created by
Music:I'm gonna take my honey
Dean: Hey, Dr. Badass?
Music:And here's what I'll do

Noise of background and the bluish light is pulsating from the TV, before someone walks over to unlock the door. As the door is opened, a smiling Dean sees who it is and averts his eyes quickly.

The door opened a crack to reveal Ash, who is naked.
Ash: Sam? Dean?
Sam gives another bitchface to Dean, who is studiously avoiding looking at Ash as Ash sniffs loudly.
Ash: Sam and Dean.
Ash nods to Sam. Sam makes an effort to look at Ash's face, asking for help.
Sam: Hey Ash. Um. We need your help.
Ash: Well, hell, then. Guess I need my pants.
He smiles and shuts the door.
Credit:Written by
Dean and Sam walk quickly away.

"Uncle John" by Eric Lindell starts to play.
A hand-drawn sketch of the bus logo from Sam's vision. Camera pans up to Ash's laptop to show the same logo. .Ash is sitting at a table with his laptop open. Sam sits across from him.
Music:Yeah, I try
Ash: So I got a match. See, logo for the Blue Ridge bus lines
Credit:Directed by
Music:So many times
Ash: Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Music:In my life
Sam: Okay. Do me a favor - check Guthrie for any demonic signs, or omens, or anything like that.
Music:To get it right
Ash: You think the demon's there?
Sam: Yeah, maybe.
Music:Yeah, I've been a fool
Ash: Why would you think that?
Dean is standing behind Ash.
Dean: Just check it, all right?
Music:For much too long
Ash turns around to give Dean a look; Dean and Sam exchange looks. Ash types on his computer.
Music:When will I learn?
Ash: No, sir, nothing. No demon.
Music:When will I get it right?
Sam wrestles with himself for a moment before asking.
Music:Uncle John, yeah, Uncle John
Sam: All right, try something else for me. Search Guthrie for a house fire. It would be 1983. Fire's origin would be a baby's nursery, night of the kid's six month birthday.
Ash gives him a WTF face, while Dean glances around to check for eavesdroppers. Jo, cleaning a table nearby, is watching them.
Music:What's goin' on?
Go and talk to your son
Ash: Okay, now that is just weird, man. Why the hell would I be looking for that?
Music:Uncle John
Sam pulls out a beer bottle and sets it next to the laptop.
Music:Yeah, Uncle John
Sam: 'Cause there's a PBR in it for ya.
Ash: Give me fifteen minutes.
Ash frowns at his computer as he starts searching.

The Impala is parked out front. Some mist floats lazily by.

Jo presses a few buttons on the jukebox and the opening chords to REO Speedwagon "Can't Fight This Feeling" play. Dean, sitting at the bar, looks up with a disgusted look on his face at Jo. Jo grabs a tray while Dean drinks. She carries the tray to the bar and sets it down. She looks over at him. He raises his eyebrows at her choice in music.
Music:I can't fight this feeling any
Jo: What?
Dean: REO Speedwagon?
Jo: Damn right REO.
Music:And yet I'm still afraid
Jo heads over towards Dean.
Jo: Kevin Cronin sings it from the heart.
Music:to let it flow.
Dean: He sings it from the hair. There's a difference.
Music:What started out as friendship has grown stronger
Jo glances over her shoulder, before facing Dean once more.
Jo: That profile you've got Ash looking for?
Dean: Hmm.
Jo: Your mom died the same way, didn't she?
Music:I only wish I had the strength to let it show
Dean sits straighter in surprise.
Jo: A fire in Sam's nursery?
Music:I tell myself that I can't hold out forever
Dean: Look, Jo, it's kind of a family thing.
Jo: I could help.
Dean: I'm sure you could. But we've got to handle this one ourselves.
Music:I said there is no reason for my fear
Dean: Besides, if I ran off with you, I think your mother might kill me.
Ellen, cleaning glasses behind the bar, looks at him as if to say 'What?'. He smiles nervously, nodding in her direction. Jo smiles.
Music:Cause I feel so secure when we're together
Jo: You're afraid of my mother?
Dean: I think so.
Sam stops behind Jo, addressing Dean.
Sam: We have a match. We gotta go.
Music:You give my life direction
Dean: All right, Jo. See you later.
Music:You make everything so clear...
Dean stands up and walks around Jo, following Sam out. Jo glances after Dean, then back.

Dean is driving and singing, Sam is looking through papers.
Dean: (singing with background music) And even as I wander,
Dean: (singing a capella) I'm keeping you in sight / You're a candle in the window on a cold dark winter's night / And I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might...
Sam: You're kidding, right?
Dean: I heard the song somewhere, I can't get it out of my head, I don't know, man. Whaddya got?
Sam looks at a stack of papers.
Sam: Andrew Gallagher. Born in eighty three. Like me. Lost his mother in a nursery fire exactly six months later, also like me.
Dean: You think the demon killed his mom?
Sam: Sure looks like it.
Dean: How did you even know to look for this guy?
Sam: Every premonition I've had, if they're not about the demon, they're about the other kids the demon visited. Like Max Miller, remember him?
Dean: Yeah, but Max Miller was a (chuckles) pasty little psycho.
Sam: The point is he was killing people. And I was having the same type of visions about him. And now it could be happening all over again with this Gallagher guy.
Dean: How do we find him?
Sam: Don't know. No current address, no current employment. He still owes money on all his bills - phone, credit, utilities...
Dean: Collection agency flags?
Sam: None in the system.
Dean: They just let him take a walk?
Sam: Seems like it. There's a work address from his last W-2, about a year ago. Let's start there.
They look at each other. Camera pans down to Impala's headlight. Scene fades out.


Scene fades in. Close shot on coffee being poured into a cup by Tracy. Camera pans back to show Dean and Sam, in suits, sitting at a table.
Tracy: You won't get anything out of Andy, guys. I'm sorry, but they never do.
Sam: "They"?
Tracy: You're debt collectors, right? Once in a while they come by. I don't know what Andy says to them, but they never come back.
Dean: Actually we're... lawyers. Representing his Great Aunt Leta. She passed, God rest her soul, and left Andy a sizable estate.
Sam: Yeah. So are you a friend of his?
Tracy: I used to be, yeah. I don't see much of Andy anymore.
Webber: Andy? Andy kicks ass, man.
Webber sits at their table, excited about Andy.
Dean: Is that right?
Webber: Yeah. Andy can get you into anything. Man, he even got me backstage at Aerosmith once. It was beautiful, bro.
Tracy: Um-hum. How about bussing a table or two, Webber?
He looks back and forth between Tracy and Dean.
Webber: Yeah. You bet, boss.
Webber jumps up to work.
Tracy: Look, if you want to find him, try Orchard Street. Just look for a van with a barbarian queen painted on the side.
Dean: Barbarian queen?
Tracy: She's riding a polar bear. It's kind of hard to miss.

A picture of a wild barbarian queen brandishing a gleaming sword, the camera backs up to show her riding a polar bear with a second one behind her. This is painted on a van. The song "Stonehenge" from Spinal Tap plays.
Where the demons dwell
Where the banshees live and they do live well
Dean and Sam stake out Orchard Street, watching the van.
Dean: I'm sorry, I'm starting to like this dude. That van is sweet.
Where a man's a man
And the children dance
Dean looks at Sam, who is frowning.
Dean: What's wrong?
Music:to the Pipes of Pan
Sam: Nothing.
Dean: Sam, you look like you're sucking on a lemon. What's going on?
Sam: This Andrew Gallagher. He's the second guy like this we've found, Dean. Demon came to them when they were kids; now they're killing people.
Dean: We don't know what Andrew Gallagher is, okay? Could be innocent.
Sam: My visions haven't been wrong yet.
Dean: What's your point?
Sam: My point is, I'm one of them.
Dean: No, you're not.
Music:'Tis a magic place
Where the moon doth rise
Sam: Dean, the demon said he had plans for me and children like me.
Dean: Yeah?
Music:with a dragon's face
Where the demons dwell
Sam: Yeah, maybe this is his plan, maybe we're all a bunch of psychic freaks. Maybe we're all supposed to be-
Dean: What, killers?
Sam: Yeah.
Music:Where the banshees live and they do live well
Dean: So the demon wants you out there killing with your minds, is that it? Oh give me a break. You're not a murderer, Sam! You don't have it in your bones.
Where a man's a man
And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan
Sam: No?
Dean knows where this is going.
Sam: Last I checked, I kill all kinds of things.
Dean: Those things were asking for it. (a beat) There's a difference.
Sam is unconvinced. Dean looks out the window, away from Sam.
Tis a magic place
Where the moon doth rise with a dragon's face
Andy exits a building, wearing pajamas and a long satin robe embroidered with dragons.
Sam: Got him.
Dean turns to see.
Andy continues to walk. A woman in a second-story window waves to Andy.

Where the virgins lie
And the prayers of devils fill the midnight sky.
Andy blows her a kiss.
Music:And you my love
Won't you take my hand
Andy greets a man on the street, who smiles at him and hands Andy his coffee.
Music:We'll go back in time to that mystic land
Where the dew drops cry
Further along, Andy greets Dr. Jennings and shakes his hand.
Sam: That's him. That older guy, that's him, he's the shooter.
Music:(fades) and the cats meow
Dean: You keep on him, I'll stick with Andy. Go.
Sam gets out of the car and follows Dr. Jennings on foot. Andy gets in his van and drives off, Dean following in his car. Dr. Jennings smiling as he is walking down the street.

A few minutes later, with Dean following Andy, Andy stops in the road and gets out of the van, walking back to Dean, who tucks a handgun into his jacket.
Andy: Hey.
Dean: Hey hey.
Andy: That is a cherry ride.
Dean: Yeah, thanks.
Andy: Man, the '67? Impala's best year if you ask me.
Andy chuckles.
Andy: This is a serious classic.
Dean relaxes, taking his hand off the hidden gun.
Dean: Yeah. You know, I just rebuilt her, too.
Andy: Yeah?
Dean: Yeah, can't let a car like this one go.
Andy: Damn straight. Hey. (command) Can I have it?
The last sentence reverberates strangely.
Dean: Sure, man.
Dean gets out of the car, smiling, to let Andy in the driver's side.
Andy: Sweet.
Dean: Hop right in there.
Dean closes the door for Andy.
Dean: There ya go.
Both Andy and Dean are chuckling.
Andy: Nice. Take it easy.
Dean: All right.
Andy drives off in the Impala, leaving Dean standing in the street, looking confused. He glances around.
A cell phone rings.

Dr. Jennings' cell phone rings, just like in the vision, and he answers it. Sam watches Dr. Jennings from a short distance.
Dr. Jennings: Hello. Yeah.
Sam looks around frantically. He sees the Blue Ridge bus approach, and crosses in front of it towards the sporting goods store. He runs up the steps and inside, looking around. He sees the clerk and bystanders from his vision. He turns around and pulls the burglar alarm, before stepping outside.
Sam watches Dr. Jennings approaches the store, but hearing the alarm go off he stops, confused, then turns and walks away.
Sam steps down to the street, where he sees Andy driving the Impala, talking on his cell phone. He stares in shock, watching as the Impala drives by.
Dr. Jennings gets another cell phone call. He answers.

Dr. Jennings: Hello? Yeah. All right.
Dr. Jennings slowly lowers his cell phone.

Sam calls Dean. Dean is walking around Andy's van.
Sam: (on phone) Dean! Andy's got the Impala!
Dean: I know! He just sorta asked me for it and I-I let him take it.
Sam: You what?
Dean: He full-on Obi-Wanned me. It's mind control, man!
Sam turns and watches in horror as Dr. Jennings walks in front of a bus, which slams into him at full speed. Crowd gasps in horror. Sam breathes heavily, upset.
Screen goes to black.



As paramedics put a blanket over Dr. Jennings' body, Sam sits on the curb nearby. Dean crouches behind him, hand on his back. Voices are talking low through the radio. Other paramedics are around the area.
Sam: I kept him out of the gun store. I thought he was okay. I thought he was past it, at least...
Sam takes a fortifying breath.
Sam: I should have stayed with him.
The brothers watch as Dr. Jennings' body is collected.

Andy enters, upset. Webber is busing dishes.
Webber: An-dy! Whassup, dog?
He raises a hand to high-five Andy, who ignores him and heads for Tracy.
Tracy: Andy. What are you doing here?
Andy: Do-Doctor Jennings... he's dead.
Tracy gasps.
Tracy: Oh no, I'm-I'm sorry.
Andy: I don't know, I, I... I was, I was upset, and... I wanted to see you.
Tracy: Well, I'm glad you did.
Tracy puts gently places her hands on his.
Tracy: I, um... I missed you.
Tracy and Andy look at each other, having a moment. Webber is watching them from the background, as he is cleaning the bar. Tracy takes a breath.
Tracy: Oh, you know what? Some guys were here this morning looking for you.
Andy: What guys?

Close shot through the interior of the Impala as Sam and Dean approach from across the street.
Dean: Thank God! Oh. I'm sorry, Baby. I'll never leave you again.
Dean looks over the Impala.
Dean: At least he left the keys in it.
Sam: Yeah. Real Samaritan, this guy.
Dean: It looks like he can't work his mojo just by twitching his nose. He's gotta use verbal commands.
Sam: The doctor had just gotten off his cell phone when he stepped in front of that bus.
Sam takes another fortifying breath.
Sam: Andy must have called him or something.
Dean: I don't know, maybe.
Sam: Beg your pardon?
Dean: I just don't know if he's our guy, Sam.
Sam: Dean, you had O.J. convicted before he got out of his white Bronco and you have doubts about this?
Dean: He just doesn't seem like the stone-cold killer type, that's all. You know. And O.J. was guilty.
Sam: Either way, how are we going to track this guy down?
Dean thinks, then smiles.
Dean: Not a problem.
He heads to get into the Impala, Sam looking after Dean.

Dean and Sam approach Andy's blue van from the back.
Dean: Not exactly an inconspicuous ride. Let's have a look.
Dean pulls a small crowbar out of his jacket and jimmies open the back door. Dean chuckles.
Dean: Oh.
Porn music plays as the interior is revealed: disco ball, fur rugs, a tiger painted on the wall, several thick books, and an enormous bong.
Dean: Oh, come on. This is... this is magnificent, that's what this is. Not exactly a serial killer's lair, though. There's no... clown paintings on the walls or... scissors stuck in victims' photos. Like the tiger.
Sam is looking at the books.
Sam: Hegel, Kant, Wittgenstein? That's pretty heavy reading, Dean.
Dean: Yeah, and uh,
Dean chuckles as he picks it up.
Dean: and Moby Dick's bong.
Dean smiles at Sam, who looks askance at Dean.

The camera pans from Andy's van over to a cross street to where the Impala is parked, with the boys sitting inside.

Dean is eating something in a foil wrapper as Sam studies a stack of papers. Dean wraps the foil in a ball and throws it over his shoulder.
Dean: Yugh. You know, one day I'd love to just sit down and eat somethin' I didn't have to microwave at a minimart.
Dean sniffs.
Sam: What I don't get is the motive. I mean, the doctor was squeaky clean. Why would Andy waste him?
Dean: If it is Andy.
Sam: Dude, enough.
Dean: What?
Sam: The doctor was mind-controlled in front of a bus. Andy just happens to have the power of mind control. You do the math.
Dean: I just don't think the guy's got it in him, that's all.
Sam: Well, how the hell would you know? I mean, why are you bending over backwards defending him?
Dean: 'Cause you're not right about this.
Sam: About Andy?
Andy: Hey!
Andy appears suddenly at Sam's open window, slamming his hands down and leaning in. Both Winchesters jump and look at Andy.
Andy: You think I haven't seen you two? (command) Why are you following me?
Dean looks stunned.
Sam: (calmly) Well, we're lawyers. See, a relative of yours has passed aw-
Andy: (command) Tell the truth!
Sam: That's what I'm-
Dean: We hunt demons.
Sam looks incredulously at Dean.
Andy: What?
Sam: Dean?
Dean: Demons and spirits. Things your worst nightmares wouldn't even touch. Sam here, he's my brother.
Sam: Dean, shut up!
Dean: (to Sam) I'm trying. (to Andy) He's psychic. Kind of like you. Well, not really like you, but see, he thinks you're a murderer, and he's afraid that he's going to become one himself, 'cause you're all part of something that's terrible. And, I hope to hell that he's wrong, but I'm starting to get a little scared that he might be right.
Sam is looking at Dean shocked; Dean is trying to smile. Andy is freaked out.
Andy: Okay, you know what? (command) Just leave me alone.
Dean: Okay.
Dean cringes in his seat with his hand on his head, with a small moan of pain.
Andy: All right.
Andy walks away. After looking at Dean, Sam jumps out of the car.


Sam follows Andy. Andy turns to see Sam following him.
Andy: What are you doing? Look, I, I said (command) leave me alone. (command) Get out of here, just start driving and never stop.
Sam: Doesn't seem to work on me, Andy.
Dean has climbed out of the car, standing next to it.
Andy: What?
Sam: You can make people do things, can't you? You can tell them what to think.
Sam holds up a hand, warning Dean not to come closer.
Andy: Look, tha-
Andy laughs.
Andy: that's crazy.
Sam: It all started about a year ago, didn't it? After you turned twenty-two. Little stuff at first, and then you got better at controlling it.
Andy: How do you know all this?
Sam: Because the same thing happened to me, Andy. My mom died in a fire, too. I have abilities too. You see, we're connected, you and me.
Andy: You know what? Just, just, just, (command) just get out of here, all right?!
Sam: Why did you tell the doctor to walk in front of a bus?
Andy: What?
Sam gets a vision - flash of fire, a hand pumping gas. Sam is cringing slightly as it hits it pieces. A lady, she is pouring gas all over herself, and someone on fire laying down. Sam cringes, trying to focus on Andy. Dean recognizes the signs, and starts heading for Sam.
Sam: Why did you kill him?
Andy: I didn't!
The vision hits with full force.

A middle-aged blond woman, Holly, with leather gloves and a long black coat is pumping gas into an SUV. Her cell phone rings twice; she answers.
Holly: Hello?
Flash of fire, a man shying away from it.
Holly: Sure. (pause) I can do that.
She hangs up the phone and leans into the car, pressing in the cigarette lighter. She pulls out the gas pump and starts drenching herself in gasoline. A gas station employee, Roger, across the way sees her. She tosses the gas handle away.
Roger: Hey! Lady, what are you doing?!
Holly pulls the cigarette lighter out and steps into the open, holding her arms out.
Holly: It's gonna be okay.
She lowers the cigarette lighter to her drenched arm.
Roger: Lady, no! No! Ah!
She bursts into flames as the man watches in horror. She carefully starts to lay down on the ground. The vision ends.

Sam's head is messed up, and he turns away.
Screen goes to black.



Sam, hands on his head, starts to fall; Dean runs over to catch him and lowers him gently to the asphalt.
Dean: Sam? What is it?
Sam: Ah!
Andy: I-I didn't do anything to him.
Dean gives him a look of disgust, before focusing back on Sam. Sam's heavy breathing starts to slow.
Sam: A woman. A woman burning alive.
Dean: What else'd you get?
Sam: A gas station, a-a woman is gonna kill herself.
Andy: What does he mean, going to? What is he, what is-
Dean: (to Andy) Shut up!
Sam is giving Andy hard looks, as he is trying to stand.
Sam: She gets triggered by a call on her cell.
Dean: When?
Sam: I don't know.
Dean helps Sam stand.
Sam: But as long as we keep our eyes on this son of a bitch he can't hurt her.
Andy: I didn't hurt anybody.
Sam: Yeah, not yet.
A fire engine roars past, sirens blaring. They turn to watch it.
Sam: (to Dean) Go.
Dean gives a hard look at Andy, then runs off to follow the siren; Andy tries to step past Sam, who stops him with a hand.
Sam: No, not you. You're staying here with me.
Andy gives Sam a look of shock.

The firemen are putting out the fire; Dean calls Sam on his cell.
Dean: Hey, it's me. She's dead. Burned up, just like you said.
Sam: When?
Dean: (on phone) Like minutes before I got here! I mean the smell hasn't even cleared.
Dean: What's up with your visions, man? This wasn't even a head start.
Sam: (on phone) I don't know, all right?
Sam: I can't control them. I don't know what the hell is going on.
Dean: (on phone) Listen, you were with Andy when this whole thing went down,
Dean: so it-it can't be him,
Dean: (on phone) it's gotta be somebody else doing this.
Sam: That doesn't make any sense.
Dean: (on phone) What else is new?
Dean: Well, I'll dig around here, see what else I can find.
Dean hangs up, heads back to the scene.
Sam hangs up, looking at Andy.

Andy sits on an abandoned truck tailgate, across from Sam, who is sitting on a piece of firewood.
Andy: You get these premonitions of people about to die?
Sam nods.
Andy: That's impossible.
Andy chuckles. Sam huffs.
Sam: A lot of people would say the same thing about what you do.
Andy: Death visions.
Sam: Yeah.
Andy: Dude, that sucks.
Sam tilts his head in half agreement.
Andy: I mean, like, when I got my mind thing? It was like a gift. You know, it was, it was like I won the Lotto.
Sam: But you still live in a van. I don't get it. I mean, you could have anything you ever wanted.
Andy: I mean, I-I have everything I need.
Sam: So you're really not a killer, huh?
Andy laughs.
Andy: That's what I've been trying to tell you.
Sam: That's good. Means there's hope for both of us.
Dean pulls up in the Impala, and Sam and Andy stand. Dean gets out of the car, walking around to the front to talk with them.
Dean: Victim's name was Holly Beckett, forty-one, single.
Sam: (to Andy) Who was she?
Andy: Never heard of her.
Dean: Called Ash on the way over here; he came up with a little something. Apparently Holly Beckett gave birth when she was eighteen years old, back in 1983. Same day you were born, Andy.
Sam: Andy, were you adopted?
Andy: Well, yeah.
Dean: You were? And you neglected to mention that?
Andy: Never really came up. I mean, I-I never knew my birth parents, and, and like you said my adopted mom died when I was a baby - do you, do you think this Holly woman could actually be my-
Dean: I don't know. I tried to get a copy of the birth records, but they're hard copy only, sealed in the county office.
Andy: Screw that.

Dean pulls a box of files off the shelf, Andy walks an elderly security guard to the door.
Guard: Probably shouldn't have let you kids in here.
Andy: No, it'll all be fine. (command) Alright, just go get a cup of coffee. All right?
The guard leaves.
Andy: These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Dean grins as he overhears.
Dean: Awesome.
Dean puts his box on the table where Sam is pouring over records.
Sam: I got it.
Dean: Yeah?
Sam: Yeah.
Andy sits next to Sam, who glances over at him before looking back at the records.
Sam: Andy, it's true. Holly Beckett was your birth mother.
Andy gives a huff of surprise.
Andy: Does anyone have a Vicodin?
Sam: Dr. Jennings was her doctor, too, I-I mean, he oversaw the adoption. You have a solid connection to both of them.
Andy: Yeah, but I didn't kill 'em.
Dean: We believe you.
Sam looks up at Dean, who shares a look with his brother.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: But uh, who did?
Sam: I think I got a pretty good guess. Holly Beckett gave birth to twins.
Dean looks at Andy.


Andy sits with both hands on his head, staring straight ahead in shock. Dean is standing by a printer nearby, Sam is pacing with a folder in his hands.
Andy: I have... an evil... twin.
Sam: Holly put you and your brother up for adoption. And you went to the Gallagher family, obviously, and your brother went to the Weems family from upstate.
Fax machine beeps.
Dean: Andy, how you doin'? Still with us?
Andy: Um. (shaky) What was my brother's name?
Sam: Here. Um, Ansem Weems?
Andy shakes his head no.
Sam: He's got a local address.
Andy: He - he lives here?
Dean: Let's get a look at him. Got his picture coming off from the DMV right now.
Dean pulls some papers out of the printer and looks at them in surprise. He walks over to Sam and Andy at the table. Sam looks down at the paper in surprise.
Dean: Hate to kick you while you're freaked.
Andy gives a huff, and a shake of his head.
Dean: Take a look at that.
He gives one of the pages to Andy, who after looking at it, glances up in shock.

Webber and Tracy are closing up the coffee shop.
Webber: Hey, Trace?
Tracy: Yeah?
Webber: You and Andy, you guys went together for a while, didn't you?
Tracy: Yeah, Webber, why?
Webber: I don't know, I was just wondering. I, I was wondering how you felt about him these days. I mean, I've seen you guys together, it seems like, there's still something there. So... just... were you guys ever, like... serious?
Tracy: Um, no.
Webber: Come on, Trace. (command) Tell the truth

The Impala drives down a dark road, pretty fast.

Dean drives with Sam next to him and Andy in the back seat.
Sam: All right, Andy. Tell us everything you know about this guy.
Andy: Well, I mean, not much. I... Webber shows up one day, eight months ago? Acting like he's my best friend in the world. Kinda weird, like, trying too hard, you know?
Sam starts cringing, rubbing his eyes.
Dean: Must have known you guys were twins. Why did he change his name? Why not just tell you the truth?
Andy: No idea.
Sam grabs his head.
Sam: Aah!
Dean: Sam?
Sam: Ah!
Flashes of another vision come, as Sam makes pained noises and grabs his head.

Tracy, wearing only satin lingerie, walks slowly to the side of a ravine. Crying, she climbs onto the ledge and looks down into the dam. She pauses, looking back over her shoulder with small catches in her crying. The camera pans up from the base up to Tracy, who stands there with her arms out from her side. She leaps, falling down the side of the dam.

Sam yells in panic, struggling with the door.
Dean: Sam?
Dean looks over in concern at Sam, who has grabbed his head against the window.
Dean: Sam! Sam!
He stops the car as Sam shoves the door open, leaning out and breathing hard. Dean gets out and runs around the car to kneel beside him, grabbing his shoulders.
Dean: Hey. Hey!
Sam is panting from the vision.
Screen goes to black.



Webber drives onto the dam and pulls to a stop; Tracy is in the passenger's seat.

He runs a hand slowly up her thigh.
Webber: I take my ladies here. They like it. Well, I mean, I like it, so-
Webber chuckles.
Webber: of course they do too.
Tracy: (crying) Please, I just wanna go home.
Webber: (command) Stop crying.
She stops.
Webber: Hey.
He puts his arm around her; she turns to face him.
Webber: I get it. I see what you see in Andy. I mean, he's a genius. Books he reads? He's gonna be a great man someday. (a pause) But he is my family, not yours. You can't have him. You're not gonna have anything, after tonight.

Near the dam, the Impala pulls to a stop. Sam and Dean get out. Sam looks over at the dam. Dean and Sam circle around to the trunk, which Dean opens.
Sam: Dean, you should stay back.
Dean: No argument here. Had my head screwed with enough for one day.
Sam pulls out two handguns; as he walks forward he is stopped by Andy, who has gotten out of the car.
Andy: I'm coming with you.
Sam looks, shakes his head no.
Sam: Andy, no.
Andy: If that's Tracy out there...
Andy takes a fortifying breath.
Andy: then I'm coming.

Crying again, Tracy is unbuttoning her dress as fast as she can as Webber watches.
Webber: Okay.
Webber makes ch-ch sounds.
Webber: Slower. Tracy? I want you to listen to me very carefully, okay? (command) When we're done here... I want you to... head over to the edge of the dam. Okay?
Tracy: Okay.
Webber: (command) When you get there, you're gonna think you can fly. And you're just gonna step right off.
Webber starts to rub his hand against Tracy's face.
Webber: You - you can fly, can't you?
Tracy starts sobbing again, before slightly nodding.
Tracy: Yeah. I think so.
Webber: You might get scared, but I want you to say... that it's okay.
Tracy is sobbing.
Webber: Just tell yourself, (command) 'everything is okay'.
Webber's window shatters, and Sam shoves a handgun in his face.
Sam: Get out of the car! Now!
Webber: (command) You really don't want to do this.
Sam backhands him, hard. On the other side of the car, Andy opens the door and pulls Tracy out.
Andy: Tracy!
Tracy: Andy!
Andy: Come here, come here, come here. It's okay.
Tracy: I can't! I couldn't control myself.
Sam opens Webber's door and pulls him out of the car. He pins him facedown over the pavement with the gun aimed at his head.
Sam: Don't move. Don't move!
Andy runs over to them and shoves a strip of duct tape over Webber's mouth. He rears back and kicks Webber twice, furious. Sam pushes him back.
Sam: No! No, Andy, let me handle this, all right? No!
Andy: I'm gonna kill you!
Sam: I'll handle this, I'll handle this!
Andy: I will kill you!
Webber stares at Tracy.
Sam: Andy! Listen to me! Listen to me!
Tracy picks up a small log and hits Sam on the back of the neck with it. He goes down with a cry, unconscious. Andy turns to her as Webber starts to stand up.
Andy: Tracy, stop! I said (command) stop it!
She drops the stick and backs away, terrified and sobbing. Andy turns back to Webber, who stands and pulls the duct tape off his mouth. He groans a couple of times.
Andy: How did you do that?
Webber: Practice, bro. If you'd just practice, you would know. Sometimes, you don't need to use your words. If you have to,
Webber taps his forehead.
Webber: all you need is this. Sometimes the headache's worth it.
Andy grabs Webber.
Andy: You're a twisted son of a bitch!
Webber: Back off, Andy. Or Tracy's gonna do a little flying.
Andy turns in horror to see Tracy standing on the ledge.
Webber: Aren't you, Trace?
Webber turns Andy back to himself.
Webber: I'm stronger than you. I can do it.
Andy looks to Webber, back to Tracy, then back to Webber. He turns loose of Webber.
Andy: Okay, okay.
Andy backs away, hands up.
Andy: Okay. All right, just... please don't hurt her.
Webber: Don't be mad at me, okay? I know, it's, it's all wrong. I didn't mean for this to happen, it's just... Tracy? She's trying to come between us.
Andy: You're insane.
Webber: She's garbage! Man, they all are! We can, we can push them, we can make them do whatever we want!
Andy: Are you real-... are you really this stupid? Is it-?
Webber: Wha-
Andy: You, you learn you've got a twin...
Sam starts coming to.
Andy: ... you call him up. You-you go out for a drink. You don't start killing people!
Webber: I've wanted to tell you for so long... bro. But... he didn't let me. He said I had to wait until the time was...
Andy: Who?
Webber: Th-the man with the yellow eyes.
Sam comes around a bit more.
Andy: What are you talking about?
Webber: He came to me. In my dream. He said I was special. He told me he's got big plans for me. Wait 'till you see what's in store, Andy, for both of us. See, he's the one who told me that...
Webber grabs Andy's face in both of his hands.
Webber: I had a brother. A twin.

Within shooting distance, Dean stalks to a hiding place with a sniper rifle.

Andy: Why did you kill our mother? Why? And why Dr. Jennings?
Webber: Because they split us up! They ruined our lives, Andy! We could have been together this whole time. Instead of alone. I c-couldn't, I couldn't let 'em do that, I couldn't let them get away with that. No.

Dean crouches in the shadows and lines up the shot. He chambers a round.

Webber turns, sensing something. He peers into the distance, into Dean's hiding place.
Webber: (command) I see you.

Dean raises his head, as if he can hear Webber.

Webber: (command) Bye-bye.
Webber smiles.

Dean turns the rifle up and tucks the barrel under his chin.

Webber watches Dean and waits. Tracy turns around to look. A gunshot goes off. Close on Tracy's face. Cut to Webber, who jerks, then falls; Andy has shot him in the back. Tracy starts crying. Shaking, Andy lowers the gun.
Screen goes to black.



Looking down over the dam, the camera swings around to look at the scene. Rescue and police crews have arrived. The coroner is wheeling Webber's covered body on the stretcher. Voices are heard over the radio.
Andy is talking to three police officers, his stance confident. Sam is crouching by a wall, a paramedic tending to his shoulder. Dean stands at his side.

Andy: (command) He shot himself. And you all saw it happen.
One policeman nods his head in agreement.
Policeman: Yeah. We did.
Sam and Dean are together, observing. Paramedic just finished with Sam's head.
Sam: Look at him. He's getting better at it.
Paramedic starts packing up to leave. Andy leaves the policemen, and heads to where Tracy is sitting, a blanket around her shoulders. She avoids his eyes. Andy realizes she is too freaked out to deal with him. He looks down, before he continues walking towards Sam and Dean, who stand to talk with him.
Andy: She won't even look at me.
Sam: Yeah, she's pretty shaken up.
Andy: No, it's... this is different. This, uh... I never, I never used my mind thing on her before. Before last night.
Andy takes a breath.
Andy: She's scared of me now.
Dean gives a look to Sam, who returns it, before facing a dejected Andy again.
Sam: Hey, Andy, I hate to do this, but um... we have to get out of here.
Andy scoffs and shakes his head.
Sam: Here. I wrote down my cell.
Sam hands over a small piece of paper to Andy.
Sam: You don't have to be alone in this, all right? If anything comes up... you can call me up.
The brothers start walking away.
Andy: Wha-what? What am I supposed to do now?
The brothers pause to face him again briefly.
Dean: You be good, Andy.
Dean indicates himself and Sam.
Dean: Or we'll be back.
Dean and Sam turn and walk away.
Sam: Looks like I was right.
Dean: About what?
Sam: Andy. He's a killer after all.
Dean: No, he's a hero. He saved his girlfriend's life. He saved my life.
Sam: Bottom line, last night, he wasted somebody.
Dean: Yeah, but he's not a foaming-at-the-mouth psycho. He was just, he was pushed into that.
Sam: Webber was pushed too, in his own way. Max Miller was pushed. Hell, I was pushed by Jessica's death.
Dean: What's your point, Sam?
They pause to face each other.
Sam: Right circumstances, everyone's capable of murder. Everyone. You know, maybe that's what the demon's doing. Pushing us. Finding ways to break us.
Dean: Sam, we don't know what the demon wants, okay?
Dean smacks Sam on the shoulder.
Dean: Quit worrying about it.
Dean starts walking again, not quite followed by Sam.
Sam: You know, I heard you before, Dean, when Andy made you tell the truth. You're just as scared of this as I am.
Dean stops to confront Sam on either side of the Impala.
Dean: That was mind control! I mean, it's like, like, that's like being roofied, man, that doesn't count.
Sam: What?
Dean: No. I'm-I'm calling do-over.
Sam: What are you, seven?
Dean: Doesn't matter. Look, we've just gotta keep doing what we're doing, find that evil son of a bitch and kill it.
Dean's cell rings.
Sam: (doubtfully) Yeah, I guess.
Dean looks to see what the number is. After the second ring Dean picks it up. Sam climbs into the Impala, shutting the door.
Dean: Hello? Ellen. What's going on?
"Fell On Black Days" from Soundgarden starts playing.
Dean: Yeah, we'll be right there.
Dean climbs into the Impala. Scene fades out.


Scene fades in. Impala sits outside a closed Roadhouse.

Jo is cleaning up around the bar, Ellen behind it.
Music:Whatsoever I've feared has
Ellen: Jo?
Jo: Hmm?
Ellen: Go pull up another case of beer.
Ellen is wiping her hands on a rag.
Music:Whatsoever I've feared has
Jo: Mom...
Ellen: Now. Please.
Music:come to life
As Jo leaves, Ellen walks over to lean on the bar in front of Sam and Dean, who each have a beer.
Music:Whatsoever I've fought off became my life
Ellen: So. You uh, you want to tell me about this last hunt of yours?
The boys exchange a look.
Dean: No. Not really.
Music:Just when everyday
Dean looks over at Ellen above his beer.
Music:seemed to greet me with a smile
Dean: No offense, it's... kind of a family thing.
Ellen: Not anymore.
Music:Sunspots have faded and now
Ellen drops a stack of papers on the bar.
Music:I'm doing time
'Cause I fell on black days
Ellen: I got this stuff from Ash. Andrew Gallagher's house burnt down on his sixth month birthday, just like your house. You think it was the demon both times, don't you? You think it went after Gallagher's family?
Sam: Yeah, we think so.
Dean: Sam...
Music:I fell on black days
Ellen: Why?
Dean: None of your business.
Ellen: You mind your tongue with me, boy. This isn't just your war, this is war. Now something big and bad's coming and it's coming fast, and their side holds all the cards. Now, at best, all we got is us. Together. No secrets or half-truths here.
Sam shares a look with Dean, who is uncomfortable.
Music:Whomsoever I've cured, I've sickened now
Sam: There are people out there...
Sam indicates the papers with a nod of his head.
Music:And whomsoever I've cradled, I've put you down
I'm a search light soul they say
Sam: like Andy Gallagher... like me. And um... we all have some kind of ability.
Ellen: Ability?
Music:But I can't see it in the night
Sam: Yeah. Psychic ability.
Dean rolls his eyes, turning away, uncomfortable telling Ellen.
Sam: Me, I.... have, um... I have visions.
Music:I'm only faking when I get it right
Ellen glances at Dean, who gives her a hard look back.
Sam: Premonitions. I don't know, it's, it's different for everybody. (pause) The demon said he had plans for people like us.
Music:When I get it right
Ellen: What kind of plans?
Sam: We don't really know for sure.
Ellen: These people out there, these psychics - they dangerous?
Dean: No.
Dean leans on the bar, shooting a glance at Sam before facing Ellen again.
Dean: Not all of 'em.
Sam: But some are. Some are very dangerous.
Ellen: Okay, how many of them are we looking at?
Music:How would I know
Dean: We've been able to track a clear pattern so far. They've all had house fires on the night of the kid's six month birthday.
Music:That this could be my fate?
Sam: That's not true.
Dean looks at Sam.
Music:How would I know
Dean: What?
Music:That this could be my fate? Yeah
Sam: Webber? Or... Ansem Weems, or whatever his name is... I looked at his files, and there was no house fire.
Jo is carrying a case of beer behind Sam, around to the back of the bar, then just stands, listening.
Sam: There's nothing out of the ordinary.
Ellen: Which breaks pattern. So if there's any others like him, there'd be nothing in the system. No way to track 'em all down.
Dean: And so who knows how many of 'em are really out there?
Ellen: Jo honey?
Jo: Yeah?
Music:I fell on
Ellen: You'd better break out the whiskey instead.
Music:black days
Dean looks shell-shocked. Overhead shot of Dean and Sam sitting at the bar, Ellen on the other side. Jo heads back to their supply to break out the whiskey. Screen goes to black. Music stops.


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