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    2. Rebecca's House
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    2. Sewer
    3. Street Chase
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Dean (voiceover): Previously on Supernatural...
All scenes from 1.01 Pilot until otherwise noted.
Mary kissing baby Sam goodnight.

Mary runs up the stairs and into Sam's nursery.
Mary: Sammy!
John gives baby Sam to Dean.
John: Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Now, Dean, go!
John looks back, and sees Mary.
On Sylvania Bridge, Dean and Sam turn to face the onlookers.
In Sam's apartment, Dean speaks to Sam and Jess.

Dean: Dad's on a hunting trip.
Outside Constance's house, Dean fires through the Impala's window at Constance.
In Sam's bedroom, Sam pulls out his curved knife.
In Sam's apartment, Dean speaks to Sam and Jess.

Dean: And he hasn't been home in a few days.
In the stairwell from Sam's apartment, Sam speaks to Dean.
Sam: I swore I was done hunting.
In the Impala, Constance tries to rip Sam's heart out.
Dean: I can't do this alone.
Blood drips on Sam's forehead and he flinches, opens his eyes, and gasps in horror. Jess is pinned to the ceiling, bleeding.
Sam: No!
Jess bursts into flames, as Sam throws an arm up to protect himself.
Sam: Jess!
From 1.02 Wendigo, Dean talks to Sam.
Dean: I think Dad wants us to pick up where he left off.
From 1.01 Pilot, the weapons box.
Dean (voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo): You know,
From 1.01 Pilot, Sam pulls Dean inside the motel room.
Dean (voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo): -saving people.
From 1.03 Dead in the Water, Sam and Dean kick down a door and run into a bathroom.
Dean (voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo): Hunting things.
From 1.02 Wendigo, Sam talks to Dean.
Sam: No. I gotta find Jessica's killer.
From 1.01 Pilot, Sam throws a shotgun into the trunk.
Impala driving down a road.


"In A Gadda Da Vida" by Iron Maiden starts playing.
St. Louis, MO
A woman, bloody and tied up, struggling. A knife is in an unknown assailant's hand.

Police crossing yard, voice heard over radio. Shot fired to unlock door

The assailant hears the shot, and turns from the victim. A dog barks and the police enter the house.
Music:In a gadda da vida, honey
Police see blood. Police search the house.
Music:Don't you know that I'm lovin' you
The assailant leaves the victim.
Music:In a gadda da vida, baby
A bloody phone is seen.
Music:Don't you know that I'll always be true
Police still searching with lasers and flashlights. The assailant walks across the hallway in the opposite direction. Police still searching.
Music:Oh, won't you come with me
And take my hand
Camera scans the victim and bloody tools.
Music:Oh, won't you come with me
Police Officer: Alright, found the victim.
Police shines a light on the victim. Police goes to help the victim.
Music:And walk this land
Police Officer: She's alive.
The victim pants and tries to talk.
Music:Please take my hand
Police Officer: It's ok. It's ok.
The girl muffles and points to the room across the hall.
Girl: In there! In there!
Police Officer: Charlie team, let's go.
The S.W.A.T team moves to the other room. The man is there, trying to open a pair of doors leading to a balcony.
Music:In a gadda da vida, honey
Police Officers: Freeze! Don't move! Drop the knife.
Music:Don't you know that I'm lovin' you
Police Officers: Keep your hands where I can see 'em. Drop it! Hold it right there!
Music:In a gadda da vida, baby
The man turns around. It is Dean, holding a bloody knife.
Police Officers: Come on, come on! Now! Nice and easy.
Music:Don't you know that I'll always be true
Police Officers: Do it!
The music finishes as the screen goes black.



One Week Earlier
"Poison Wihiskey" by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays.
Dean and Sam pull into the SureGas Gasoline station.
Dean: Alright, I figure we'd hit Tucumcari by lunch,
Dean: then head south, hit Bisbee by midnight.
Sam does not respond.
Dean: Sam wears women's underwear.
Sam: I've been listenin', I'm just busy.
He is checking e-mails on his PalmPilot.
Dean: Busy doin' what?
Sam: Reading e-mails.
Dean gets out of the Impala and starts to fill the tank with gas.
Dean: E-mails from who?
Sam: From my friends at Stanford.
Dean: You're kidding. You still keep in touch with your college buddies?
Sam: Why not?
Dean: Well,
Credit:Guest Starring
(Rebecca Warren)
Dean: what exactly do you tell 'em? You know, about where you've been, what you've been doin'?
Sam: I tell 'em I'm on a road trip with my big brother. I tell 'em I need some time off after Jess.
Dean: Oh, so you lie to 'em.
Sam: No.
Credit:Supervising Producer
Sam: I just don't tell 'em... everything.
Dean: Yeah, that-that-that's called lying. I mean, hey, man, I get it, tellin' the truth is far worse.
Sam: So, what am I supposed to do,
Credit:Co-Executive Producer
Sam: just cut everybody out of my life?
Dean shrugs.
Sam: You're serious?
Credit:Co-Executive Producer
Dean: Look, it sucks, but in a job like this, you can't get close to people, period.
Sam: You're kind of anti-social, you know that?
Dean: Yeah, whatever.
Credit:Executive Producer
Sam continues to read his e-mails.
Sam: God...
Dean leans down to the window to see.
Dean: What?
Sam: In this e-mail from this girl, Rebecca Warren,
Email reads:
Subject: Bad News
Date: Monday, 5 Dec 2005
To: Sam Winchester (
From: Rebbeca Warren (lilsis@st???.com)
hey sam - wanted to update you; wasn't sure if you'd heard the news. zach was arrested for killing his gf. sounds crazy, i know - but he's charged with murder. cops say they have dna, fingerprints,

Sam: one of those friends of mine.
Dean: Is she hot?
Sam glances at Dean but ignores his comment.
Sam: I went to school with her, and her brother,
Email reads:
say they have dna, fingerpringt,
all kinds of evidence...
he didn't do it!!
this all feels so unreal.
just thought you'd like to know

Sam: Zach. She says Zach's been charged with murder. He's been arrested for killing his girlfriend. Rebecca says he didn't do it,
Credit:Produced by
Sam: but it sounds like the cops have a pretty good case.
Dean: Dude, what kind of people are you hangin' out with?
Sam: No, man, I know Zach. He's no killer.
Dean: Well, maybe you know Zach as well as he knows you.
Credit:Created by
Sam: They're in St. Louis. We're goin'.
Dean chuckles.
Dean: Look, sorry 'bout your buddy, okay? But this does not sound like our kind of problem.
Sam: It is our problem. They're my friends.
Dean: St. Louis is four hundred miles behind us, Sam.
They exchange a look. Dean looks away. A minute later, they peal out of the gas station and drive away. Camera pans back to see a Drive Safe, America sign.
Credit:Directed by


She opens the door and sees Sam and Dean. Music fades.
Rebecca: (happily) Oh my God, Sam!
Sam: Well, if it isn't little Becky.
Rebecca: You know what you can do with that little Becky crap.
She smiles, chuckling, and they hug.
Sam: I got your e-mail.
Rebecca: I didn't think that you would come here.
Dean steps forward and extends his hand.
Dean: Dean. Older brother.
She shakes his hand.
Rebecca: Hi.
Dean: Hi.
Sam: We're here to help. Whatever we can do.
Rebecca: Come in.
They walk inside the house, and Dean shuts the door.
Dean: Nice place.

Rebecca: It's my parents'. I was just crashing here for the long weekend when everything happened. I decided to take the semester off. I'm gonna stay until Zach's free.
Sam: Where are your folks?
Rebecca: They live in Paris for half the year, so they're on their way home now for the trial.
They enter the kitchen.
Rebecca: Do you guys want a beer or something?
Dean: (smiling) Hey-
Sam: No, thanks. So, tell us what happened.
Rebecca: Well, um, Zach came home, and he found Emily tied to a chair. And she was beaten up and bloody, and she wasn't breathing.
She starts to cry.
Rebecca: And, so, he called 911, and the police-they showed up, and-and they arrested him. But, the thing is, the only way that Zach could've killed Emily is if he was in two places at the same time. The police-they have a video. It's from the security tape from across the street. And it shows Zach coming home at 10:30. Now, Emily was killed just after that, but I swear, he was here with me, having a few beers until at least after midnight.
Sam: You know, maybe we could see the crime scene. Zach's house.
Dean: We could.
Rebecca: Why? I mean, what could you do?
Sam: Well, me, not much. But Dean's a cop.
She looks at Dean. Dean looks from Sam to Rebecca a couple of time, then he laughs.
Dean: Detective, actually.
Rebecca: Really? Where?
Dean nods.
Dean: Bisbee, Arizona. But I'm off-duty now.
Rebecca: You guys, it's so nice to offer, but I just-I don't know.
Sam: Bec, look, I know Zach didn't do this. Now, we have to find a way to prove that he's innocent.
She looks back and forth between Dean and Sam.
Rebecca: Okay. I'm gonna go get the keys.
She walks away, down the hall. Dean whistles.
Dean: Oh, yeah, man, you're a real straight shooter with your friends.
Sam: Look, Zach and Becky need our help.
Dean: I just don't think this is our kind of problem.
Sam: Two places at once? We've looked into less.
Dean says nothing, lips thinning, tilting his head, defeated. Scene fades out.


Scene fades in. Dean, Sam, and Rebecca drive up, park the Impala and get out. A dog is heard barking.
Rebecca: (to Dean) You're sure this is okay?
Dean: Yeah.
Dean looks from Sam to Rebecca.
Dean: I am an officer of the law.
They walk to the house.

Sam and Dean enter and look around. The furniture and walls of the house are smeared with blood. Blood is also on the table with fruit. Rebecca stays on the porch steps. Dean start to walk around to investigate.
Sam: Bec, you wanna wait outside?
Rebecca: No. I wanna help.
She ducks under the police tape and enters the house.
Sam: Tell us what else the police said.
Rebecca: (tearfully) Well, there's no sign of a break-in. They say that Emily let her attacker in. The lawyers-they're already talking about plea bargain.
She looks around the room, crying.
Rebecca: Oh, God...
Sam: Look, Bec, if Zach didn't do this, it means someone else did. Any idea who?
Rebecca shakes her head, then begins to remember something.
Rebecca: Um, there was something, about a week before. Somebody broke in here and stole some clothes-Zach's clothes. The police-they don't think it's anything. I mean, we're not that far from downtown. Sometimes people get robbed.
Sam walks away. Dean moves to the open front door and sees the neighbor's dog, barking loudly. Rebecca comes up behind him.
Rebecca: You know, that used to be the sweetest dog.
Dean: What happened?
Rebecca: He just changed.
Dean: Do you remember when he changed?
Rebecca: I guess around the time of the murder.
Dean realizes something, glances at her, then walks away. Sam is in the kitchen, looking at the fridge, at a framed picture of himself, Zach, and Rebecca. Dean walks over to him. The dog is still barking furiously.
Dean: So, the neighbor's dog went psycho right around the time Zach's girlfriend was killed.
Sam: Animals can have a sharp sense of the paranormal.
Dean: Yeah, maybe Fido saw somethin'.
Sam: So, you think maybe this is our kind of problem?
Dean: No. Probably not. But we should look at the security tape, you know, just to make sure.
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Yeah.
Dean gives a bitchface, then looks over as Rebecca walks over to them.
Dean: So, the tape. The security footage-you think maybe your lawyers could get their hands on it, 'cause I just don't have that kind of, uh, jurisdiction.
Rebecca: I've already got it. I didn't wanna say something in front of the cop.
Dean laughs.
Rebecca: I stole it off the lawyer's desk. I just had to see it for myself.
Dean: All right.
Rebecca and Dean move to leave. Sam looks back at the photo. Camera pans in on a close-up of the photo with Rebecca, Zach, and Sam.

Fade from photo of Zach to Zach is sitting on a bench across the street from a house. He watches an Asian man, Alex, come out of the house with his wife, Lindsay.
Lindsay: I'll miss you. Why do you always have to go?
Alex: Cause I'm the best!
Lindsay: Oh, that's why I want you to stay home.
She adjusts his tie.
Alex: It's just Kansas City. I'll be home tomorrow night. I'll make it up to you.
Lindsay: You better!
They kiss. Alex gets in his car and drives away. Lindsay blows him a kiss. Zach watches Lindsay go back in the house. He smiles wickedly, and his eyes glint silver for a moment.


Dean, Sam, and Rebecca are watching the security footage.
Rebecca: Here he comes.
The tape shows Zach entering his house. Dean notices the timestamp.
Dean: 22:04, that's just after ten. You said time of death was about 10:30.
Rebecca: Our lawyers hired some kind of video expert. He says the tape's authentic. It wasn't tampered with.
Sam seems to notice something on the tape.
Sam: Hey, Bec, can we take those beers now?
Rebecca: Oh, sure.
She gets up to go to the kitchen.
Sam: Hey, ah-.
She turns around.
Sam: Maybe some sandwiches, too?
Rebecca: What do you think this is, Hooters?
She leaves the room.
Dean: I wish.
He walks over to Sam.
Dean:: What is it?
Sam: Check this out.
He rewinds the tape, then replays it. One of the frames shows Zach looking directly at the camera. His eyes are silver. Sam pauses the tape.
Dean: Well, maybe it's just a camera flare.
Sam: That's not like any camera flare I've ever seen. You know, a lot of cultures believe that a photograph can catch a glimpse of the soul.
Dean: Right.
Sam: Remember that dog that was freakin' out? Maybe he saw this thing. Maybe this is some kind of dark double of Zach's, something that looks like him but isn't him.
Dean: Like a Doppelganger.
Sam: Yeah. It'd sure explain how he was two places at once.

Alex enters.
Alex: Honey, it's me. Client cancelled at the last minute.
He sets down his briefcase and keys and looks around.
Alex: I called. Why didn't you answer?
Lindsay doesn't respond.
Alex: Lindsay?
He looks around.
Alex: Lindsay?
He turns around and sees blood smeared on the wall.
Alex: Lindsay?!
He opens the door to a nearby room and finds Lindsay. She is tied in a chair, beaten and bloody. Alex rushes over to her and takes the gag out of her mouth.
Alex: It's ok, Lindsay, it's me.
Lindsay: Please, don't hurt me anymore! Leave me alone!
Alex looks at her, confused. He hears a noise in the other room and leaves. In the living room, Alex looks around. Suddenly, he turns and sees himself, standing there with a baseball bat. Alex is puzzled. The double's eyes glint silver, and he hits Alex over the head with the bat. The screen goes black.



Dean and Sam park the Impala behind the house and get out.
Dean: Alright, so what are we doin' here at 5:30 in the morning?
Sam: I realized something. The videotape shows the killer goin' in, but not comin' out.
Dean: So, he came out the back door?
He leans against the hood of the Impala. He starts sipping his coffee.
Sam: Right. So, there should be a trail to follow. A trail the police would never pursue.
Dean: 'Cause they think the killer never left. And they caught your friend Zach inside. (mutters to self) I still don't know what we're doin' here at 5:30 in the morning.
Sam looks around the outside of the building, and notices blood smeared on a nearby telephone pole.
Sam: Blood. Somebody came this way.
Dean: But the trail ends. I don't see anything over here.
An ambulance drives past them, and they exchange a look.

Dean and Sam observe the scene as the police roll out yellow tape.
Dean: (to nearby woman) What happened?
Woman: He tried to kill his wife. Tied her up and beat her.
Sam: Really?
Woman: I used to see him going to work in the morning. He'd wave, say hello. He seemed like such a nice guy.
They watch as Alex is put into a police car. They exchange a look.

Sam is on the side of the house, looking around. He looks inside two garbage cans but finds nothing. He moves to the front of the house, where Dean comes behind him.
Dean: Hey.
Sam turns around.
Dean: Remember when I said this wasn't our kind of problem?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: Definitely our kind of problem.
Sam: What'd you find out?
Dean: Well, I just talked to the patrolman who was first on the scene, heard this guy, Alex's story. Apparently the dude was driving home from a business trip when his wife was attacked.
Sam: So, he was two places at once.
Dean: Exactly. Then he sees himself in the house, police think he's a nutjob.
Sam: Two dark doubles attacking loved ones in exactly the same way.
Dean: Could be the same thing doin' it, too.
Sam thinks for a second.
Sam: Shapeshifter?
Dean shrugs.
Sam: Something that can make itself look like anyone?
Dean: Every culture in the world has a shapeshifter lore. You know, legends of creatures who can transform themselves into animals or other men.
Sam: Right, skinwalkers, werewolves.
Dean: We've got two attacks within blocks of each other. I'm guessin' we've got a shapeshifter prowlin' the neighborhood.
Sam: Let me ask you this-in all this shapeshifter lore, can any of them fly?
Dean: Not that I know of.
Sam: I picked up a trail here. Someone ran out the back of this building and headed off this way.
Dean: Just like your friend's house.
Sam: Yeah. And, just like at Zach's house, the trail suddenly ends. I mean, whatever it is just disappeared.
Dean: Well, there's another way to go-down.
They look down and notice a manhole.


Dean and Sam climb down the manhole and look around.
Sam: I bet this runs right by Zach's house, too. The shapeshifter could be using the sewer system to get around.
Dean: I think you're right. Look at this.
They bend down and examine a pile of blood and skin on the ground. They are both disgusted.
Sam: Is this from his victims?
Dean takes out a pocketknife and holds up some of the skin.
Dean: You know, I just had a sick thought. When the shapeshifter changes shape-maybe it sheds.
Dean puts the bloody pile back on the ground.
Sam: That is sick.

Dean opens the trunk and takes out some weapons.
Dean: Well, one thing I learned from Dad, is that no matter what kind of shapeshifter it is, there's one sure way to kill it.
Sam: Silver bullet to the heart.
Dean: That's right.
Sam's cell phone rings. He answers it.

Sam: This is Sam.
Rebecca: Where are you?
Sam: We're near Zach's, we're just checkin' some things out.
Rebecca: Well, look, Sam, just stop, 'cause I really don't need your help anymore.
Sam: What are you talkin' about?
Rebecca: I told the lawyers that we went to the crime scene.
Sam scoffs.
Sam: Why would you do that?
Rebecca: Well, I told them that we were with a police officer. And they checked it out, and they told me that there is no Detective Dean Winchester.
Sam: Bec-
Rebecca: No, I don't understand why you would lie to me about something like that.
Sam: We're tryin' to help.
Rebecca: Oh, trying to help? Do you realize that that was a sealed crime scene? This could have just ruined Zach's case.
Sam: Bec, I'm sorry, but-
Rebecca: No, goodbye, Sam.
She hangs up. Dean slams the Impala's trunk lid, then walks over to Sam, who looks disappointed. Sam sighs.
Dean: I hate to say it, but that's exactly what I'm talkin' about. You lie to your friends because if they knew the real you, they'd be freaked. It's just-it'd be easier if-
Sam: If I was like you.
Dean: Hey, man, like it or not, we are not like other people. But I'll tell you one thing. This whole gig-
He holds up a gun.
Dean: -it ain't without perks.
Sam smiles, huffs, and takes the proffered gun and puts it in the back of his jeans, tucking his jacket over it. They walk away.

Dean and Sam are looking around with their flashlights and guns.
Dean: I think we're close to its lair.
Sam: Why do you say that?
Dean: Because there's another puke-inducing pile next to your face.
Sam turns and sees another pile of blood and skin on a nearby pipe.
Sam: (disgusted) Oh, God!
They look around the area and see a pile of clothes in a corner.
Dean: Looks like it's lived here for a while.
Sam: Who knows how many murders he's gotten away with?
Sam turns and sees the shapeshifter, still in the form of Alex, standing behind Dean.
Sam: Dean!
Dean turns and gets punched by the shapeshifter. He falls to the ground hitting his left shoulder, and the shapeshifter runs away. Sam shoots after it a few times but misses. He moves over to Dean. Dean is holding his shoulder, where he hurt it.
Dean: Get the son of a bitch! Ah!
Sam and Dean run away, following the shapeshifter.


The shapeshifter comes out of the manhole and runs away. Seconds later, Sam comes out. He tucks his gun away. Dean comes out, holding his arm stiffly next to his body. Dean tucks his gun away and they both look around.
Sam: All right, let's split up.
Dean: All right, I'll meet you around the other side.
Sam: All right.
They jog away in separate directions.

Dean is looking around, with his gun drawn. Passersby turn away, frightened.

Sam is also searching, while keeping his gun inside his jacket.

Dean is still looking frantically. Scene fades out.

Scene fades in. Sam is waiting. The shapeshifter, posing as Dean, comes up behind him.
Dean: Hey.
Sam turns around.
Dean: Anything?
Sam: No. He's gone.
Dean: All right, let's get back to the car.
Sam crosses the street. A car honks. Dean stops, waiting for a passing car to drive by. As the car passes, Dean's eyes momentarily glow silver. The screen goes black.



The shapeshifter and Sam stop at the Impala.
Sam: You think he found another way underground?
Shapeshifter Dean: Yeah, probably. You got the keys?
Sam stops and thinks before turning around.
Sam: Hey, didn't Dad once face a-a shapeshifter in San Antonio?
Shapeshifter Dean: Oh, that was Austin. It turned out not to be a shapeshifter, it was a thought form. A psychic projection, remember?
Sam: Oh, right. Here ya go.
He throws the shapeshifter the keys and walks away. The shapeshifter opens the trunk and observes all the weapons. He laughs.
Sam: Don't move!
The shapeshifter turns and sees Sam pointing the gun at him.
Sam: What have you done with him?
Shapeshifter Dean: Dude, chill. It's me, all right?
Sam: No, I don't think so. Where's my brother?
Shapeshifter Dean: You're about to shoot him. Sam, calm down.
Sam: You caught those keys with your left. Your shoulder was hurt.
Shapeshifter Dean: Yeah, it's better. What do you want me to do, cry?
Sam: You're not my brother.
Shapeshifter Dean: Why don't you pull the trigger, then? Hm? 'Cause you're not sure. Dude, you know me.
Sam: Don't.
The shapeshifter pauses before hitting Sam twice with a crowbar. Sam falls to the ground.

Sam wakes up in a dingy, dusty room. His neck and hands are bound to a wooden post. He pants a bit. The shapeshifter walks over to him and backhands him. Sam winces.
Sam: Where is he?
Sam pants.
Sam: Where's Dean?
Shapeshifter Dean: I wouldn't worry about him. I'd worry about you.
Sam: Where is he?
Shapeshifter Dean: You don't really wanna know.
He chuckles.
Shapeshifter Dean: I swear, the more I learn about you and your family-I thought I came from a bad background.
Sam: What do you mean, learn?
The shapeshifter stops. He grabs his head in pain and grimaces. A quick succession of audio clips from past episodes can be heard. Sam looks at the shapeshifter, confused. The shapeshifter moans, then relaxes and looks at Sam.
Shapeshifter Dean: He's sure got issues with you. You got to go to college. He had to stay home. I mean, I had to stay home. With Dad. You don't think I had dreams of my own? But Dad needed me. Where the hell were you?
Sam: Where is my brother?
The shapeshifter leans in close to Sam.
Shapeshifter Dean: I am your brother. See, deep down, I'm just jealous. You got friends. You could have a life. Me? I know I'm a freak. And sooner or later, everybody's gonna leave me.
He backs away.
Sam: What are you talkin' about?
Shapeshifter Dean: You left. Hell, I did everything Dad asked me to, and he ditched me, too. No explanation, nothin', just ffwt. Left me with your sorry ass. But, still, this life? It's not without its perks.
He laughs.
Shapeshifter Dean: I meet the nicest people. Like little Becky. You know, Dean would bang her if he had the chance. Let's see what happens.
Sam glowers at him. He smiles and covers Sam with a sheet.


There is a knock at the door, and Rebecca comes downstairs to open it. It is the shapeshifter, still in the form of Dean.
Rebecca: Oh. Hi.
Shapeshifter Dean: I know what you're gonna say.
Rebecca: Oh, you do?
Shapeshifter Dean: Well, no, not exactly. But I can take a guess. Get off my porch?
She laughs.
Rebecca: That's about right.
Shapeshifter Dean: I admit it, we lied. Thought I'd try to explain myself. Sam told me not to come, but, you know, I thought, what the hell, I have to try.
He smiles.

Sam is trying to get out of his ropes but fails.
Sam: Damn it.
He hears movement in another area of the room, and he hears someone coughing. It is Dean.
Dean: That better be you, Sam, and not that freak of nature.
Sam laughs.
Sam: Yeah, it's me.
Dean manages to uncover himself from the sheet and starts to undo his ropes.
Sam: He went to Rebecca's, lookin' like you.
Dean: Well, he's not stupid. He picked the handsome one.
Sam gives him a confused look, then continues to work through his ropes.


Rebecca and the shapeshifter are sitting in front of the fireplace.
Rebecca: So, you're saying that there's something out there that made itself look like my brother.
Shapeshifter Dean: Mmhmm.
Rebecca: What'd you call it?
Shapeshifter Dean: A shapeshifter.
Rebecca laughs and rolls her eyes.
Shapeshifter Dean: Yeah, maybe we're crazy. But what if we're not? I mean, look, you said it yourself that Zach was in two places at once. Now, tell me how that can happen.
Rebecca: Okay, so, this thing-it-it can make itself look like anybody?
Shapeshifter Dean: That's right.
She chuckles.
Rebecca: Well, what is it, like a genetic freak?
The shapeshifter chuckles.
Shapeshifter Dean: Maybe. Evolution is about mutation, right? So, maybe this thing was born human but was different. Hideous and hated. Until he learned to become someone else.
Rebecca looks around, uncomfortable. The shapeshifter's eyes glint silver, and he smiles.

Dean and Sam are still working their way out of their ropes.
Sam: Yeah, that's the thing. He didn't just look like you, he was you. Or he was becoming you.
Dean finally works his way out of the ropes.
Dean: What do you mean?
Sam: I don't know, it was like he was downloading your thoughts and memories.
Dean: You mean, like the Vulcan mind meld?
Sam: Yeah, somethin' like that. I mean, maybe that's why he doesn't just kill us.
Dean gets up and walks over to Sam.
Dean: Maybe he needs to keep us alive. Psychic connection.
He starts untying Sam's ropes.
Sam: Hands. Yeah. Come on, we gotta go. He's probably at Rebecca's already.

Dean and Sam climb out a window and onto the street. A siren is heard in the distance.
Sam: Come on. We gotta find a phone, call the police.
Dean: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're gonna put an APB out on me.
Sam shrugs.
Sam: Sorry.
Dean: This way.
They start running down the street.

Shapeshifter Dean: It's funny. I kind of understand him. He's all alone-close to no one. All he wants is for someone to love him. He's like me.
Rebecca looks very uncomfortable.
Shapeshifter Dean: You know, everybody needs a little human touch now and then. It's so hard to be different.
He tucks Rebecca's hair behind her ear. She shrugs away.
Rebecca: You should go.
The shapeshifter leans in and whispers something in her ear. She looks horrified and stands up.
Rebecca: You are disgusting, just get the hell out of here!
Shapeshifter Dean: Rebecca, just calm down.
He stands up.
Rebecca: Calm down? What is wrong with you?
Shapeshifter Dean: What's wrong with me? (shouts) What's wrong with you?
She walks to the phone.
Rebecca: I'm calling the police.
The shapeshifter walks over to her and throws the phone to the floor. She screams and tries to run away, but he trips her and she falls to the ground. He straddles her legs and begins tying her hands with the telephone cord.
Shapeshifter Dean: Give me... Give me your hands!
She continues to scream.
Shapeshifter Dean: Shut up!


Chains fall. Rebecca is tied in a chair, beaten and bloody.
Shapeshifter Dean: You're a nice girl, Rebecca. I mean, I liked you. Believe me, that makes this harder.
He holds up a knife and examines it.
Shapeshifter Dean: But I gotta do what I gotta do.
He moves towards her. She pants with fear. Suddenly, they hear a crash come from another room of the house. Rebecca screams but the shapeshifter covers her mouth and holds the knife to her throat.
Shapeshifter Dean: Shhhhhh.

"Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter starts.
The S.W.A.T. team is searching the house. While their backs are turned, the shapeshifter crosses the hall and goes into another room.

The shapeshifter enters and closes the door, looking around frantically.
Music:I wish I would've met you
He moves to a set of doors leading out to a balcony. S.W.A.T. team comes down the hallway.
Music:Now it's a little late
Just as he opens the doors, the S.W.A.T team enters.
Police Officer: Freeze!
Music:What you could've taught me
Police Officers: Drop the knife! Drop the knife! Drop the knife!
The shapeshifter throws the knife at the police officer, and the rest of the team begins shooting. The shapeshifter kicks one of the men, then goes outside and jumps off the balcony, onto the grass below.
Police Officers: Come on! Come on! Go! Go!
Music:They think that your early ending
The shapeshifter runs away, while the team continues to shoot and miss him several times.
Music:Was all wrong

Music:For the most part they're right
But look how they all got strong
The shapeshifter stops walking, looking weak.
Music:That's why I say hey man, nice shot
He takes off his jacket and shirt.
Music:What a good shot man
Then falls to his knees.
Music:That's why I say hey man, nice shot
He groans.
Music:What a good shot man
He screams in pain as he continues to shed his skin, bones curnching, fingernails coming out.
Music:AHHHHH!!!! Man!
Teeth start falling out.
Music:Hey man! Nice shot!
The music ends and the screen goes black.



Dean and Sam are standing in front of a store window, watching a news report that is being shown on a display of televisions.
Reporter: An anonymous tip led police to a home in the Central West End, where a S.W.A.T team discovered a local woman bound and gagged. Her attacker, a white male, approximately twenty-four to thirty years of age, was discovered hiding in the home. Shots were fired...
A sketch of Dean appears on the screen.
Dean: Man! That's not even a good picture.
Sam looks around cautiously.
Sam: It's good enough.
Reporter: ...armed and considered extremely dangerous (indistinct murmuring)
Sam walks away.
Dean: Man!
He follows Sam.

Dean and Sam are walking. Dean steps into a puddle.
Dean: Come on.
He pauses.
Sam: They said attempted murder. At least we know-
Dean: I didn't kill her.
Sam: We'll check with Rebecca in the morning, see if she's all right.
Dean: All right, but first I wanna find that handsome devil and kick the holy crap out of him.
Sam: We have no weapons. No silver bullets.
They stop walking.
Dean: Sam, the guy's walkin' around with my face, okay, it's a little personal, I wanna find him.
Sam: Okay. Where do we look?
Dean: Well, we could start with the sewers.
Sam: We have no weapons. He stole our guns, we need more.
They pause to think.
Sam: The car?
Dean: I'm bettin' he drove over to Rebecca's.
Sam: The news said he fled on foot. I bet it's still parked there.
Dean: (upset) The thought of him drivin' my car.
Sam: All right, come on.
They start walking.
Dean: It's killin' me.
Sam: Let it go.

Dean and Sam jog around the side of the house and see the Impala parked. They are both winded, panting for breath.
Dean: Oh, ah-ha! There she is! Finally, something went right tonight.
A police car appears, siren on, and parks next to the Impala. Dean grabs Sam to stop him.
Dean: Oh, crap.
They turn around, and see a parked police car, lights flashing, at the end of the alley.
Dean: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Another police car pulls up a few yards away, siren blaring.
Dean: This way, this way.
Dean starts towards a fence.
Sam: You go. I'll hold 'em off.
Dean turns around.
Dean: What are you talking about? They'll catch you.
Sam: Look, they can't hold me.
Sam checks how far away the police are.
Sam: Just go, keep out of sight. Meet me at Rebecca's.
Dean starts to climb over the fence.
Sam: Dean.
Dean stops and turns around, sitting on top of the fence.
Sam: Stay out of the sewers alone!
Dean says nothing and hops down off the fence, out of sight.
Sam: I mean it!!
Dean: Yeah, yeah!
Police Officer: Don't move! Keep your hands where I can see 'em.
Sam raises his hands in the air. Scene fades out.

Scene fades in. Dean is getting weapons from the trunk.
Dean: I'm sorry, Sam. But you know me-I just can't wait.
He closes the trunk and walks away. Scene fades out.


Scene fades in. Dean is looking around with a flashlight and his gun. He comes across a chamber filled with candles and chains. Revolting piles of skin and blood are on the floor. Dean hears a noise and moves to another area of the sewer. He sees a large figure covered with a sheet. He removes it and sees Rebecca. Her hands and feet are bound together with rope.
Dean: Rebecca?

Sam is sitting, having a beer. He is talking with the shapeshifter, who is in the form of Rebecca.
Shapeshifter Rebecca: So, say this shapeshifter is real. By the way, you know you're crazy? But, um, say it is real. How do you stop it?
She replaces Sam's empty beer bottle with a new one.
Sam: Thanks.
He sighs.
Sam: Silver bullet to the heart.
She chuckles.
Shapeshifter Rebecca: You are crazy.
She hits him over the head with the empty bottle. He falls over, unconscious. The shapeshifter's eyes momentarily glow silver.

Dean is untying Rebecca's ropes.
Dean: What happened?
Rebecca: (crying) I was walking home, and everything just went white. Someone hit me over the head, and I wound up here just in time to see that thing turn into me. I don't know, how is that even possible?
Dean: Okay, okay. It's okay.
He finishes untying her.
Dean: Come on. Can you walk?
She nods.
Dean: Okay, we've gotta hurry. Sam went to see you.
Dean and Rebecca stand up to leave.

The shapeshifter has changed back into the form of Dean. He finishes tying up Sam's hands and feet, then starts walking around the kitchen, looking for items to torture, maim, and kill Sam with. Sam groans.
Sam: What are you gonna do to me?
Shapeshifter Dean: Oh, I'm not gonna do anything. Dean will, though.
Sam: They'll never catch him.
Shapeshifter Dean: Oh, doesn't matter.
The shapeshifter's eyes glow silver.
Shapeshifter Dean: Murder in the first of his own brother? He'll be hunted the rest of his life.
He picks up a sharp knife and examines it.

Shapeshifter Dean: I must say, I will be sorry to lose this skin. Your brother's got a lot of good qualities. You should appreciate him more than you do.
He pours himself a drink.
Shapeshifter Dean: Cheers.
He takes a drink, then picks up the knife from the kitchen and sticks it into the edge of the pool table. Sam looks around, before he lifts his legs, grunts, and kicks the shapeshifter, who falls to the ground. Sam quickly sits up and moves his hands up and down on the blade of the knife. The ropes break apart. The shapeshifter gets up, and Sam takes the knife and swings at him. The shapeshifter grabs Sam's arm in mid-swing and twists it. Sam somersaults to the ground, before rolling up to his feet.
Shapeshifter Dean: Oh, you son of a bitch.
He and Sam start to fight. They each take turns working on pinning the other one down. Sam tries to pin Dean down.
Shapeshifter Dean: Not bad, little brother.
Sam: You're not him.
The shifter swings to hit Sam off. They continue to fight, elbowing, hitting, punching. The shapeshifter finally kicks Sam into a bookshelf. It falls apart, and books fall on top of Sam.
Shapeshifter Dean: Even when we were kids, I always kicked your ass.
Sam manages to crawl upright. The shifter grabs a pool cue and swings at Sam but misses and hits a light fixture. After fighting for several more minutes, they jump over the couch to fall onto a coffee table. The shapeshifter pins Sam to the floor. After punching Sam twice, he starts to choke him. Dean has quietly come into the room, unseen.
Dean: Hey!
The shapeshifter sees Dean and gets off of Sam. Sam half passes out. Dean aims his gun at the shapeshifter and shoots him in the heart twice. The shapeshifter is thrown backwards against the wall, before he falls to the bench, dead. Rebecca enters and sees Sam on the floor. Dean can't take his eyes off the shapeshifter that looks so much like him.
Rebecca: Sam!
She rushes over to him. Sam is still watching the dead shapeshifter. Dean walks to the shapeshifter's body and notices him wearing Dean's necklace. Dean yanks it from around the shapeshifter's neck and nods at the dead shifter - he's dead. The screen goes black.



Dean is by the Impala, looking at a map on the hood. Rebecca and Sam come outside. Dean straightens to watch them.
Rebecca: So, this is what you do? You and your brother-you hunt down these kinds of things?
Sam: Yeah, pretty much.
Rebecca: I can't believe it. I mean, I saw it with my own eyes.
She half laughs.
Rebecca: And, I mean, does everybody at school-nobody knows that you do this?
Sam: No.
Rebecca: Did Jessica know?
Sam looks thoughtful.
Sam: No, she didn't.
Rebecca: Must be lonely.
Sam: Oh, no. No, it's not so bad. Anyway, what can I do? It's my family.
She laughs.
Rebecca: Well, you know, Zach and me, and everybody at school-we really miss you.
She hugs him, and half laughs again.
Sam: (sadly) Yeah, me too.
They pull away.
Rebecca: Well, will you call sometime?
Sam: It might not be for a little while.
Rebecca nods and waves goodbye to Dean, who is leaning against the Impala. He waves back, and she goes back inside the house. Sam walks over to the Impala and sighs.
Dean: So, what about your friend, Zach?
Sam: Cops are blamin' this Dean Winchester guy for Emily's murder. They found the murder weapon in the guy's lair, Zach's clothes stained with her blood. Now they're thinking maybe the surveillance tape was tampered with. Yeah, Becca says Zach will be released soon.
"All Right Now" by Free starts playing.
Sam smiles. Dean rolls his eyes and gets in the Impala.

Aerial view of the Impala driving down a highway, with animals in a field.

Dean is driving, and Sam is shotgun.
Dean: Sorry, man.
Sam: About what?
Music:There she stood in the street
Smilin' from her head to her feet
Dean: I really wish things could be different, you know? I wish you could just be...Joe College.
Music:I said, "Hey, what is this?"
Sam: No, that's okay. You know, the truth is, even at Stanford, deep down, I never really fit in.
Music:Now maybe, baby,
Maybe she's in need of a kiss.
Dean: Well, that's 'cause you're a freak.
Sam: Yeah, thanks.
Dean: Well, I'm a freak, too.
Music:I say, "Hey, what's your name?
Dean: I'm right there with ya, all the way.
Sam laughs.
Music:Maybe we can see things the same
Sam: Yeah, I know you are.
Dean: You know, I gotta say-I'm sorry I'm gonna miss it.
Music:Now don't you wait, or hesitate
Sam: Miss what?
Music:Let's move before the raise the parking rate
Dean: How many chances am I gonna have to see my own funeral?
He and Sam smile at each other.
Music:All right now, baby, it's a-all right now

They continue to drive down the highway as the music and the screen fade to black. The sound of the Impala's engine drives through.


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