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  1. Previously
  2. Supernatural
  3. Act One
    1. Cafe
    2. Church
    3. 9 Mile Road
  4. Act Two
    1. Lori's Sorority Building
    2. Old North Cemetery
    3. Rev. Sorensen's House
  5. Act Three
    1. Hospital
    2. St. Barnabas Church
  6. Act Four
  7. Act Five
  8. Deleted Scenes
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
  9. End Credits


Dean (voiceover): Previously on Supernatural...
All scenes from 1.01 Pilot until otherwise noted.
Mary kissing baby Sam goodnight.

Mary runs up the stairs and into Sam's nursery.
Mary: Sammy!
John gives baby Sam to Dean.
John: Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Now, Dean, go!
John looks back, and sees Mary.
On Sylvania Bridge, Dean and Sam turn to face the onlookers.
In Sam's apartment, Dean speaks to Sam and Jess.

Dean: Dad's on a hunting trip.
Outside Constance's house, Dean fires through the Impala's window at Constance.
In Sam's bedroom, Sam pulls out his curved knife.
In Sam's apartment, Dean speaks to Sam and Jess.

Dean: And he hasn't been home in a few days.
In the stairwell from Sam's apartment, Sam speaks to Dean.
Sam: I swore I was done hunting.
In the Impala, Constance tries to rip Sam's heart out.
Dean: I can't do this alone.
Blood drips on Sam's forehead and he flinches, opens his eyes, and gasps in horror. Jess is pinned to the ceiling, bleeding.
Sam: No!
Jess bursts into flames, as Sam throws an arm up to protect himself.
Sam: Jess!
From 1.02 Wendigo, Dean talks to Sam.
Dean: I think Dad wants us to pick up where he left off.
From 1.01 Pilot, the weapons box.
Dean (voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo): You know,
From 1.01 Pilot, Sam pulls Dean inside the motel room.
Dean (voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo): -saving people.
From 1.03 Dead in the Water, Sam and Dean kick down a door and run into a bathroom.
Dean (voiceover from 1.02 Wendigo): Hunting things.
From 1.02 Wendigo, Sam talks to Dean.
Sam: No. I gotta find Jessica's killer.
From 1.01 Pilot, Sam throws a shotgun into the trunk.
Impala driving down a road.


Theta Sorority
Eastern Iowa University

"Higher Mathematics" by Split Habit starts playings.
Music:We got relationship
but we're not hip to hip

Music:Or maybe side to side
just how I feel inside
Two college kids are climbing the stairs, heading for a sorority house.

Music:but then we're toe to toe
Taylor is reading a magazine, laying down across her bed. Lori comes out of the closet, unsure.
Music:And then the lights will blow
Lori: Okay, what do you think?
Music:She kisses me good night
I take up half the bed
Taylor turns around to look.
Taylor: Um...
Lori: Oh God, too Martha Stewart?
Music:Merry go round, round,
go round, round,
round over town
Taylor jumps up from her bed, runs over and pulls out a red skimpy top, bringing it back over to Lori.
Music:She gotta go slow
It might be stereo
Taylor: Here, wear this.
Lori takes it, hesitantly, holding it up to a mirror.
Music:So I almost turned her down
Lori: Um, I don't know if this is really me.
Lori looks to Taylor for confirmation.
Music:Sh'es got the merry go round, round,
Merry go roooundd
Taylor: Lori, there's a hot chick buried somewhere in there-
Lori: Okay, okay.
Music:She gotta go so slow
It might be stereo
So I almost turned her down
Lori takes the red top and turns around to change, while Taylor settles back on her bed to read some more. After changing, Lori turns back around for approval.
Lori: So?
Taylor looks up from her magazine at Lori.
Taylor: Damn, girl, he's not gonna know what hit him.
Lori turns to admire herself in the mirror.
Lori: Okay.
Lori takes a deep breath.
Lori: I think he's probably downstairs.
Taylor is looking at her magazine again. Lori grabs her stuff off her bed and heads out.
Music:Cameras, make up, your glamorous
Lori: I'll see you later.
Music:And then she makes a pose
Taylor calls back to her.
Taylor: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Lori: There's nothing you wouldn't do.
She leaves.
Music:like Marilyn Monroe's
Taylor: (smiling to herself) That's true.
Music:She's got a lot of clothes
She comes to all the shows
Music ends.

Lori's boyfriend's car pulls up. Standing behind the trees, there is a tall figure with a hook.
Lori: I thought we were going to the party.
Rich: Well, we can't arrive on time.

Lori: You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you brought me here on purpose.
Rich: (feigning shock) What? I'm offended.
Lori: (sarcastically) Yeah, I'm sure.
They smile and begin to kiss. Lori's cell phone rings and they reluctantly break away. The caller ID says "Dad Calling".
Rich: You wanna get that?
Lori: Definitely not.
She shuts the ringer off. They resume kissing, and Rich put his hand under Lori's halter strap. She pulls away and moves his hand.
Lori: No.
Rich: It's ok.
Lori looks uncomfortable. Outside, the figure with the hook is moving slowly out from the trees. Back inside the car, Rich begins kissing Lori's neck and puts his hand back under her strap. She looks even more uncomfortable and pulls away.
Lori: Hey, I mean it.
They hear a loud screeching noise. Outside, the man is dragging his hook along a Dead End sign.
Lori: (looking around) What was that?
Rich: I don't know.
They hear the same sound. The man is shown dragging his hook along a sign that says 9 Mile Road.
Rich: What is that?
He opens the car door.
Lori: No! Rich, no!
Rich: No, just wait here.
He gets out of the car and shuts the door. Lori looks terrified. Outside, Rich is looking around when he hears more screeching. He turns to see a long scratch being made on the side of his car, but the Hook Man is invisible.
Rich: What the hell?
Lori: Rich, let's go!
The back tire gets punctured. She yelps. The back window spiderwebs. She screams.
Lori: Rich?
She looks around, but Rick is not outside.
Lori: Rich!
She rolls up the windows and locks them. She pants some.
Lori: Rich, where are you?
She starts to calm down, when she suddenly hears scratching and banging on the roof. She screams and jumps into the backseat on the floor. The noise stops. Lori is breathing heavily.
Lori: Okay. Okay.
She gets out of the car and starts to run away when she turns around and sees Rich. He is suspended from a tree, upside down, above the car. The noise seems to be Rich's hand on the hood of the car. Lori screams several times before the screen jumps to black.



Sam is on a payphone.
Sam: Alright, thank you for your time.
He hangs up and walks back to the table. Dean is working at the laptop.
Dean: Your, uh, half-caf, double vanilla latte is gettin' cold over here, Francis.
Credit:Guest Starring
(Reverend Simmons)
Sam: Bite me.
He sits down.
Dean: So, anything?
Credit:JANE McGREGOR (Lori Sorenson)
Sam shakes his head.
Sam: I had 'em check the FBI's Missing Persons Data Bank. No John Does fitting Dad's description. I even ran his plates for traffic violations.
Credit:BRIAN SKALA (Rich)
Dean: Sam, I'm tellin' ya, I don't think Dad wants to be found.
Sam looks disappointed.
Dean: Check this out.
Credit:ALFRED E. HUMPHREYS (Sheriff)
He shows Sam an article on the computer about Rich's death. It reads:
Mysterious Death of a Fraternity Brother By Mark Gerald CALUMET COUNTY -- THE MUTILATED BODY WAS FOUND NEAR THE VICTIM'S CAR, PARKED ON NINE-MILE ROAD. Authorities are unable to provide a realistic description of the killer.
The sole eyewitness, whose name has been withheld, is described as "distraught" by police. She is quoted as saying the attacker was "invisible".

Dean: It's a news item out of Planes Courier. Ankeny, Iowa. It's only about a hundred miles from here.
Sam: (reading) "The mutilated body was found near the victim's car, parked on 9 Mile Road."
Dean: Keep reading.
Sam: "Authorities are unable to provide
Credit: Producer
Sam: a realistic description of the killer. The sole eyewitness, whose name has been withheld,
Credit: Supervising Producer
Sam: is quoted as saying the attacker was invisible."
Credit: Co-Executive Producer
Dean: Could be something interesting.
Sam: Or it could be nothing at all. One freaked out witness who didn't see anything?
Credit: Co-Executive Producer
Sam: Doesn't mean it's the Invisible Man.
Dean: But what if it is?
Credit: Executive Producer
Dean: Dad would check it out.

"Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" by Quiet Riot starts playing
Music:Bang your head
The Impala is driving down a country road.
Credit: Produced by
Music: Metal health'll drive you mad
Credit: Created by
Music:Bang your head

Camera follows Impala as it drives through a town.
Music: Metal health'll drive you mad. All right

Credit: Written by
Sam and Dean driving.
Credit: Directed by
Music: Well I'm frustrated
Outdated I really want to
They stop at the fraternity where Rich lived. Music stops when car is turned off. Frat brother working on a car, eating a banana.
Sam and Dean get out of the car.

Sam: One more time, why are we here?
Dean: Victim lived here.
They walk up to some guys fixing a car.
Dean: Nice wheels.
They look at him strangely.
Dean: We're your fraternity brothers. From Ohio. We're new in town. Transfers. Looking for a place to stay.
He grins.

"Noise" by Low Five starts playing.
Frat Boy: Walter get back.
There is random chatter and yelling in the background. A shirtless frat boy in yellow pants is painting his face and body purple. Sam and Dean knock on his door. He turns around to see them.
Frat Boy: Who are you?
Dean: We're your new roommates.
He smiles and walks over to the boy. The boy holds the brush and paint can out to Dean.
Frat Boy: Do me a favor? Get my back. Big game today.
Dean points to Sam.
Dean: He's the artist. Things he can do with a brush.
Sam, mortified, takes the brush and can. Dean sits on a chair and picks up a magazine.
Dean: So ...
Dean looks at the name on the magazine.
Dean: Murph. Is it true?
Murph: What?
Dean: We heard one of the guys around here got killed last week.
Murph: (sadly) Yeah.
The other frat boys are yelling in the background.
Frat Boy: Against the wall!
Sam: What happened?
Murph: They're saying some psycho with a knife. Maybe a drifter passing through. Rich was a good guy.
Sam: Rich... was with somebody?
Murph: Not just somebody.
He turns to look at Sam for emphasis.
Murph: Lori Sorensen.
Dean: Who's Lori Sorensen? (to Sam) You missed a spot. Just down there on the back.
Sam looks annoyed. Dean grins.
Murph: Lori's a freshman. She's a local. Super hot. And get this: she's a reverend's daughter.
Dean: You wouldn't happen to know which church, would ya?
Music ends.


Organ playing "At Rest" by Leslie Pearson, as the pastor is preaching.
Rev. Sorensen: Our hearts go out to the family of a young man who perished. And my personal prayers of thanks go out as well because I believe he died trying to protect my daughter.
Lori looks embarrassed.
Rev. Sorensen: And now, as time heals all our wounds, we should reflect on what this tragedy means. To us, as a church,
Sam and Dean enter and the door slams behind them. The congregation goes silent and turns to look at them.
Rev. Sorensen: ... as a community, and as a family. The loss of a young person is particularly tragic. A life unlived is the saddest of passings.
Sam and Dean sit down. Lori stares at Sam, and he smiles weakly at her.
Rev. Sorensen: So, please, let us pray. For peace, for guidance, and for the power to protect our children.
Everyone bows their head in prayer, except Dean. Sam elbows him, and Dean, noticing everyone else, does the same.

The Mass has ended.
Lori: I can't. It's Sunday night.
Taylor: It's just us girls. We're gonna do tequila shots and watch Reality Bites.
Lori: My dad makes dinner every Sunday night.
Taylor: Come on, Lori. I know this has been hard, but you are allowed to have fun.
Lori: I'll try.
Taylor rolls her eyes.
Taylor: Ok.
They hug and Taylor mouths "see ya" before she leaves. Sam and Dean walk up to Lori.
Sam: Are you Lori?
Lori: Yeah.
Sam: My name is Sam. This is my brother, Dean.
Dean waves.
Dean: Hi.
Sam: We just transferred here, uh, to the university?
Lori: I saw you inside.
Sam: We don't wanna bother you. We just heard about what happened and...
Dean: We wanted to say how sorry we were.
Sam: I kind of know what you're going through. I-I saw someone..get hurt once. It's something you don't forget.
Lori nods slightly. Rev. Sorensen walks up to them.
Lori: Dad, um, this is Sam and Dean. They're new students.
Dean shakes the reverend's hand.
Dean: It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. I must say, that was an inspiring sermon.
Rev. Sorensen: Thank you very much. It's so nice to find young people who are open to the Lord's message.
Dean chuckles. Sam and Dean exchange a look.
Dean: Listen, uh, we're new in town, actually.
He leads Rev. Sorensen away from Sam and Lori.
Dean: And, uh, we were looking for a, um, a church group.
They leave.
Sam: Tell me, Lori. What are the police saying?
He starts walking with her.
Lori: Well, they don't have a lot to go on. I think they blame me for that.
Sam: What do you mean?
Lori: My story. I was so scared, I guess I was "seeing things".
They stop walking.
Sam: That doesn't mean it wasn't real.
They look at each other for a few seconds. Lori gives Sam a tentative smile.

Dean: So you believe her?
Sam: I do.
Dean: Yeah, I think she's hot, too.
Sam: No, man, there's something in her eyes. And listen to this: she heard scratching on the roof. Found the bloody body suspended upside down over the car.
Dean: Wait, the body suspended? That sounds like the-
Sam: Yeah, I know, the Hook Man legend.
Dean: That's one of the most famous urban legends ever. You don't think that we're dealing with THE Hook Man.
Sam: Every urban legend has a source. A place where it all began.
Dean: Yeah, but what about the phantom scratches and the tire punctures and the invisible killer?
Sam: Well, maybe the Hook Man isn't a man at all. What if it's some kind of spirit?

Dean and Sam at a table in the library. The librarian places a few big boxes in front of them. Dean jumps back as the first box is placed down.
Librarian: Here you go. Arrest records going back to 1851.
Dean blows some dust off a box and coughs. He looks up at her and smiles.
Dean: Thanks.
Librarian: Ok.
She walks away. Sam rubs a hand across the top of a box, brushing away dust.
Dean: So, this is how you spent four good years of your life, huh?
Sam: Welcome to higher education.
They open the boxes to begin reading.

Hours later. They are still looking through stacks of folders from the boxes.
Sam: Hey, check this out. 1862. A preacher named Jacob Karns was arrested for murder. Looks like he was so angry over the red light district in town that one night he killed 13 prostitutes. Uh, right here, "some of the deceased were found in their bed, sheets soaked with blood. Others suspended upside down from the limbs of trees as a warning against sins of the flesh."
Dean: (looking at another page) Get this, the murder weapon? Looks like the preacher lost his hand in an accident. Had it replaced with a silver hook.
Sam points to another page.
Sam: Look where all this happened.
Dean reads.
Dean: 9 Mile Road.
Sam: Same place where the frat boy was killed.
Dean: (impressed) Nice job, Dr. Venkman. Let's check it out.
Sam gathers all the research and they leave.

Rev. Sorensen pulls up in the driveway, and stops the car.

Lori looks over at her dad, before looking away.
Lori: I know this is your first time really living alone since Mom died.
Rev. Sorensen: That's not it. I worry about you.
Lori faces her father again.
Lori: There are 22 girls in there and perfectly safe.
Rev. Sorensen: That's exactly what I'm worried about. You don't think I know what goes on in there?
Lori: Dad, do we have to have this argument again? I'm over 18. I can live my own life.
Rev. Sorensen: Oh, which means, drinking, partying with that roommate of yours!
Lori: I'm an adult. I can take care of myself. Good night.
She gets out of the car.
Rev. Sorensen: Lori. Lori, come-Lori!
She slams the door and walks up the steps. Rev. Sorensen watches her, upset.

Lori is walking up the stairs and stops at a girl's bedroom doorway. There is a long scratch on the wall leading up to the doorway. Inside, the girl is working at her computer. Lori ignores it and walks into her bedroom. She is about to turn on the light when she sees Taylor sleeping and stops herself. Lori whispers.
Lori: Taylor, you awake?
Taylor doesn't wake up. Lori leaves her alone and goes into her bathroom to get ready for bed.


Dean and Sam drive up and get out of the car. Dean opens the trunk and hands Sam a rifle.
Dean: Here you go.
Sam: If it is a spirit, buckshot won't do much good.
Dean: Yeah, rock salt.
He hands it to Sam.
Sam: Huh. Salt being a spirit deterrent.
Dean takes out a coil of rope and shuts the trunk.
Dean: Yeah. It won't kill 'em. But it'll slow 'em down.
They start walking towards the trees.
Sam: That's pretty good. You and Dad think of this?
Dean: I told you. You don't have to be a college graduate to be a genius.
They hear noises among the trees and stop walking. Sam raises his gun and looks around.
Dean: (whispering) Over there. Over there.
Sam aims the gun and cocks it. A figure comes out from behind the trees. It is a sheriff.
Sheriff: Put the gun down now! Now! Put your hands behind your head.
Dean: W-w-wait, okay, okay!
Sheriff: Now get down on your knees. Come on, do it! On your knees!
They get down. Sam puts the gun down. They raise their hands over their heads.
Sheriff: Now get down on your bellies. Come on, do it!
They lay down.
Dean: He had the gun!

Lori comes out of the bathroom in her pajamas, watches Taylor shift in her sleep, and gets into bed. The camera pans over to the open closet, where the Hook Man is seen waiting.

Lori rolls over in her bed and opens her eyes. She sees a puddle of blood on the floor. The camera moves up and shows blood dripping from Taylor's bed. Taylor is shown, dead. There is blood everywhere.
Lori: Oh my God.
She screams, twice. She looks on the wall near Taylor's bed. Written in blood are the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" Underneath the words is a large cross with four smaller crosses surrounding it, also written in blood. Lori screams and the screen goes black.


Dean and Sam are leaving the building, heading for the Impala.
Dean: Saved your ass! Talked the sheriff down to a fine. Dude, I am Matlock.
Sam: But how?
Dean: I told him you were a dumbass pledge and that we were hazing you.
Dean laughs.
Sam: What about the shotgun?
Dean: I said that you were hunting ghosts and the spirits were repelled by rock salt. You know, typical Hell Week prank.
Sam: And he believed you?
Dean: Well, you look like a dumbass pledge.
Seconds later, several policemen run out of the building and speed away in police cars. Sam and Dean exchange a look.


Lori is wrapped in a blanket, sitting in the back of a parked ambulance. Sam and Dean drive by and look at her as she looks back at them.
Rev. Sorensen: I just want to take her home.
Sheriff: I understand that, Reverend. But Lori's now connected to two murders, and I can't ignore that.
Rev. Sorensen: Listen to me. Arrest her now, or let me take her home.
The sheriff thinks about it for a second.
Sheriff: Make sure she's available for questioning.
Rev. Sorensen: Thank you.
He walks over to Lori.
Rev. Sorensen: Sweetheart, you ready to go home?
She stands up and starts walking with him. Dean and Sam park their car on another street. They get out and sneak around to the back of Lori's sorority.
Sam: Why would the Hook Man come here? This is a long way from 9 Mile Road.
Dean: Maybe he's not haunting the scene of his crime. Maybe it's about something else.
Two sorority girls come out the side entrance of the building, but they don't see Sam and Dean. Sam and Dean lean against the side of the house next to some bushes to hide themselves. Dean smiles.
Dean: Dude, sorority girls! Think we'll see a naked pillow fight?
He turns around and sees Sam trying to climb onto the balcony of the house. Dean helps him up and then climbs up himself while Sam checks out the scene below. Once they are up there, they sneak in Lori's window. Dean seems to fall on top of Sam by getting in the window. They whisper to each other offscreen, as the camera stays on the open window.
Dean: Oh, sorry!
Sam: Be quiet.
Dean: You be quiet!
Sam: You be quiet!

Dean closes the open window they came through. Sam opens the door slightly from the walk in closet and sees another police officer leaving the bedroom. Sam waits until the police officer goes downstairs and then they come out. Once in Lori's bedroom, Sam and Dean see the writing on the wall.
Sam: "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" That's right out of the legend.
Dean: Yeah, that's classic Hook Man all right. It's definitely a spirit.
He taps his nose.
Sam: Yeah, I've never smelled ozone this strong before.
Dean moves over to the window.
Sam: Hey, come here.
Dean walks over to Sam. Sam points to the cross symbol beneath the writing.
Sam: Does that look familiar to you?
They study the carving, as the camera pans closer to the wall.

Dean and Sam are looking at a picture of the cross symbol that they found during their research. They are leaning against the hood of the Impala.
Sam: It's the same symbol. Seems like it is the spirit of Jacob Karns.
Dean: All right, let's find the dude's grave, salt and burn the bones, and put him down.
Sam: (reading) "After execution, Jacob Karns was laid to rest in Old North Cemetery.
Sam flicks the paper.
Sam: In an unmarked grave."
They both look annoyed.
Dean: Super.
They stand up and head to climb in the Impala.
Sam: Ok. So we know it's Jacob Karns.
Dean pulls a parking ticket from under the windshield wiper. He looks at it briefly, but ignores it.
Sam: But we still don't know where he'll manifest next. Or why.
Dean: I'll take a wild guess about why. I think your little friend Lori has something to do with this.
They get in the car.

"U Do 2 Me" by Paul Richards starts playing in the background. College kids are on the balcony, partying. Other college kids are heading to the party.

Dean half laughs, walking through the crowd, heading to Sam.
Sam: Hey.
Dean: Man, you've been holding out on me. This college thing is awesome!
He winks and smiles at a passing girl.
Sam: This wasn't really my experience.
Dean: Let me guess. Libraries, studying, straight A's?
Sam nods.
Dean: What a geek. Alright, you do your homework?
Sam: Yeah. It was bugging me, right? So how is the Hook Man tied up with Lori?
A party-goer walks close by, and Sam moves out of his way. The brothers start walking.
Sam: So I think I came up with something.
Sam unravels several pieces of paper. Dean takes it from him to read aloud.
Dean: 1932. Clergyman arrested for murder.
Dean gives at a college girl's outfit a strange look, before looking back down at the paper. He flips to the next page.
Dean: 1967. Seminarian held in hippie rampage.
Sam reaches over to tap the paper for emphasis.
Sam: There's a pattern here.
They stop walking.
Sam: In both cases, the suspect was a man of religion who openly preached against immorality. And then found himself wanted for killings he claimed were the work of an invisible force. Killings carried out-get this-with a sharp instrument.
Dean: What's the connection to Lori?
Sam: A man of religion? Who openly preaches against immorality?
Dean suddenly understands, and nods his head.
Sam: Except maybe this time, instead of saving the whole town, he's just trying to save his only daughter.
Dean: Reverend Sorensen. You think he's summoning the spirit?
Sam: Maybe. Or, you know how a poltergeist can haunt a person instead of a place?
Dean: Yeah, the spirit latches onto the reverend's repressed emotions, feeds off them, yeah, okay.
Sam: Without the reverend ever even knowing it.
Dean: Either way, you should keep an eye on Lori tonight.
Sam nods.
Sam: What about you?
Dean looks at an attractive blonde smiling at him by the pool table.
Dean: (reluctantly) I'm gonna go see if I can find that unmarked grave.
He looks at the blonde again, shakes his head in disappointment, and walks away.


Dean is looking around with a flashlight at several graves. He finally comes across a headstone that is engraved with the cross symbol.
Dean: Here we go.
He walks over to it.

Through the window, Sam can see Lori and her father arguing inside. He looks around to where he might sit to watch and wait.

Dean has been digging at the unmarked grave for a while. He brings up another shovelful. He is almost finished.
Dean: That's it.
He breathes heavily.
Dean: Next time, I get to watch the cute girl's house.
After another shovelful, he's done. He breaks through the wooden top of the coffin and sees Jacob Karns' remains.
Dean: Hello, preacher.
He sticks his shovel in the pile of dirt.

Sam watches Rev. Sorensen leave the room and turn out the light. Lori comes outside. Sam is a bit nervous as she walks up to him.
Lori: I saw you from upstairs. What are you doing here?
Sam: I'm keeping an eye on the place.
Lori looks at him. He smiles.
Sam: I was worried.
She is surprised, and smiles a bit. Sam smiles bigger.
Lori: About me?
Sam: Yeah. Sorry.
Lori: No, it's cool.
Lori sits down next to him on a bench.
Lori: I already called the cops.
She smiles. Sam laughs.
Lori: No, seriously. I think you're sweet. Which is probably why you should run away from me as fast as you can.
Sam: Why would you say that?
Lori: It's like I'm cursed or something. People around me keep dying.
Sam gives her a sad smile.
Sam: I think I know how you feel.
Lori looks worried.

Dean takes a few items out of his bag. He pours salt and lighter fluid on the preacher's bones then lights a match.
Dean: Goodbye, preacher.
He throws the match into the grave and watches the bones burn in flames.


Lori is upset.
Lori: No one will talk to me anymore. Except you. The sheriff thinks I'm a suspect. And you know what my dad will say? Pray. Have faith. What does he know about faith?
Sam: I heard you guys fighting before.
Lori: He's seeing a woman. A married woman. I just found out. She comes to our church with her husband. I know her kids. And he talks to me about religion? About morality? It's like, on one hand, you know, just do what you want and be happy. But he taught me, raised me to believe that if you do something wrong you will get punished.
She pauses.
Lori: I just don't know what to think anymore.
Lori's upset, and wants comfort, so she slowly leans over and hugs Sam. He is slightly confused, but he hugs her back. Lori begins to finger Sam's hair, before making her move. They kiss a few times, but Sam pulls away.
Lori: Sam?
Sam: Lori, I can't.
Sam looks at Lori.
Lori: That someone you lost?
Sam looks sad.
Lori: I'm sorry.
Rev. Sorensen comes outside.
Rev. Sorensen: Lori?
Sam and Lori turn to look at Rev. Sorensen. He is frustrated.
Rev. Sorensen: Come inside, please.
Lori: (getting angry) I'll come in when I'm ready.
Suddenly, the Hook Man appears behind Rev. Sorensen, crosses his arm over Rev. Sorensen's shoulder, and puts his hook into Rev. Sorensen's chest. Both Sam and Lori jump in surprise and horror. The reverend screams and the Hook Man slams the door shut. Lori pants in fear, but doesn't know what to do. Sam reaches down in his bag, grabs his gun, and runs into the house. He looks around and hears Rev. Sorensen screaming upstairs.
Rev. Sorensen: No! No, please! Please! No!
Sam runs upstairs panting, and sees the reverend's bedroom door slamming shut. He runs down the hall, and throws open the door. Once into the bedroom Sam sees the Hook Man standing over Rev. Sorensen, raising his hook, to swing his hook down into the reverend.
Rev. Sorensen: No! No, no!
Sam shoots the Hook Man in the side. The Hook Man turns to Sam, who shoots him again. The Hook Man turns to dust and the gun blast shatters the bedroom window, glass shattering all over the reverend. Lori is running up the stairs.
Lori: Dad! Dad!
Rev. Sorensen coughs. Sam lowers his shotgun. Lori bursts through the bedroom door, bumps Sam as she run over and kneels down next to her dad.
Lori: Okay. Okay Dad, it's ok. It's ok. Oh my -
Sam watches them as the screen goes black.



Rev. Sorensen is in a hospital bed and Lori is standing by his side. Sam is talking to the sheriff, while watching Lori.
Sam: We were just talking. Then Lori's dad came out. And then he appeared.
Sheriff: The big man? Carrying a weapon, some kind of a hook?
Sam: Yes, sir.
Sheriff: Ever seen him before?
Sam turns to the sheriff, shaking his head.
Sam: No, sir.
Sheriff: Son, it seems every time I turn around, I'm seeing you. I suggest you try to stay out of trouble.
Sam nods.
Sam: Yes, sir.
Dean and two policemen are down the hall.
Dean: No, it's alright, I'm with him. He's my brother. (to Sam) Hey! Brother!
Dean waves. Sam and the sheriff turn to see Dean. Dean smiles and drops his hand.
Sheriff: Let him through.
The two policemen let Dean through.
Dean: Thanks.
Dean starts walking towards Sam. Sam looks at the sheriff for permission to leave. Sheriff nods.
Sheriff: Go ahead.
Sam starts walking towards Dean. They meet in the middle of the hallway, before turning to walk away from Rev. Sorensen's room.
Dean: You ok?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: What the hell happened?
Sam: Hook Man.
Dean: You saw him?
Sam: Damn right. Why didn't you torch the bones?
They stop walking, turning to each other to whisper.
Dean: What are you talking about, I did. You sure it's the spirit of Jacob Karns?
Sam: It sure as hell looked like him. And that's not all.
Sam looks behind Dean.
Sam: I don't think the spirit is latching on to the reverend.
Dean: Well, yeah, the guy wouldn't send the Hook Man after himself.
Dean checks behind him, to where the other two policemen are located to make sure they aren't overheard, before turning back to Sam.
Sam: I think it's latching onto Lori. Last night she found out her father is having an affair with a married woman.
Dean: So what?
Sam: So she's upset about it. She's upset about the immorality of it. She told me she was raised to believe if you do something wrong, you get punished.
Dean: Ok, so she's conflicted. And the spirit of Preacher Karns is latching onto her repressed emotions and maybe he's doing the punishing for her, huh?
Sam: Right. Rich comes on too strong. Taylor tries to make her into a party girl. Dad has an affair.
Dean: Remind me not to piss this girl off.
A doctor walks by. Dean glances over and shifts out of his way. Dean whispers.
Dean: But I burned those bones, I buried them in salt, why didn't that stop him?
Sam: You must have missed something.
Dean: No. I burned everything in that coffin.
Sam: Did you get the hook?
Dean: The hook?
Sam: Well, it was the murder weapon, and in a way, it was part of him.
Dean: So, like the bones, the hook is a source of his power.
Sam: So if we find the hook...
Sam and Dean: We stop the Hook Man.
They smile at each other.

Sam and Dean are looking through more papers.
Dean: Here's something, I think. Logbook, Iowa State Penitentiary. (reading) Karns, Jacob. Personal effects: disposition thereof.
Sam: Does it mention the hook?
Dean: Yeah, maybe. (reading) Upon execution, all earthly items shall be remanded to the prisoner's house of worship, St. Barnabas Church.
Sam: Isn't that where Lori's father preaches?
Dean: Yeah.
Sam half laughs.
Sam: Where Lori lives?
Dean: Maybe that's why the Hook Man has been haunting reverends and reverends' daughters for the past 200 years.
Sam: Yeah, but if the hook were at the church or Lori's house, don't you think someone might've seen it? I mean, a-a bloodstained, silver-handled hook?
Dean: Check the church records.
Dean stands up and walks away.

Sam: (reading) St. Barnabas donations, 1862. Received: silver-handled hook from state penitentiary.
Sam taps the page.
Sam: Reforged.
Sam sighs.
Sam: They melted it down. Made it into something else.
Sam looks over at Dean, who closes the book he's been reading.


Dean and Sam park the Impala and get out. Dean grabs a bag off the seat, before they close the doors.
Dean: Alright, we can't take any chances. Anything silver goes in the fire.
Sam: I agree. So, Lori's still at the hospital. We'll have to break in.
Dean: Alright, take your pick.
Sam: I'll take the house.
Dean: Ok.
Sam begins walking towards Rev. Sorensen's house.
Dean: Hey.
Sam turns around.
Dean: Stay out of her underwear drawer.
Dean gives Sam a look before he walks towards the church.

Dean is throwing salt into the fire, before throwing everything silver into the fire. Sam comes downstairs with a bag of things from Lori's house.
Sam: I got everything that even looked silver.
Dean: Better safe than sorry.
Sam drops his bag onto the floor. Dean opens it up and starts to throw silver things into the fire. Suddenly, they hear footsteps above them, as some dust comes floating down. They look up.
Dean: Move, move.
He takes his gun and goes upstairs with Sam.

Dean and Sam see that Lori is sitting in a pew alone, crying with her hands clasped in front of her. Dean lowers his gun and goes back downstairs, closing the door behind him. Sam walks over to Lori.
Sam: Lori?
Lori turns to Sam.
Lori: What are you doing here?
Sam squats down next to her.
Sam: What is it?
Lori: I've been trying to understand what's been happening. Why? Now I know so I'm praying for forgiveness.
Sam: Forgiveness for what?
Lori: Don't you see? I'm to blame for all this. I've read in the Bible about avenging angels.
Sam: Trust me, this guy
Sam shakes his head.
Sam:-he's no angel.
Lori: I was so angry at my father. Part of me wanted him punished. And then he came and he punished him.
Sam: It's not your fault.
Lori sniffs.
Lori: Yes, it is. I don't know how, but it is.
Lori sniffs again.
Lori: I killed Rich. Taylor, too. I nearly
In the back of the church, the Hook Man appears for a moment then disappears quickly.
Lori: killed my father.
Sam: Lori...
She sighs.
Lori: I can see it now. They didn't deserve to be punished. I do.
They hear a noise come from the front of the church. Lori sniffs again. They stand up, looking around. The candles at the altar blow out and the screen fades to black.


Lori and Sam in the church.
Sam: Come on. We gotta go.
He leads her to the back and opens the door to the basement. The Hook Man is behind it, so Sam slams the door into the Hook Man's face, as he pushes his hook through the door. Sam turns to run.
Sam: Go!
Sam and Lori run down the aisle, as Sam keeps checking behind them to make sure the Hook Man isn't following. They reach the front of the church and into a back room. Sam opens the door for them to run through, but in trying to close it the Hook Man follows them and smashes the glass of the door with his hook. He swings at Sam a few times but misses, hitting the side wall, then a statue. The Hook Man chases the two of them around the room. He appears behind Lori, and Sam reaches her to pull her out of the way, when Hook Man hooks Sam in the arm. Sam screams in pain and an invisible force drags Lori on her back across the floor down a hallway. Sam, holding his hurt left arm, runs over to her. He reaches down to help her up.
Sam: Come on. You okay?
The Hook Man appears and knocks Sam backwards into a bookcase. Sam falls, the bookcase falling on top of him. Lori is crabwalking backwards, to try to escape. Sam pulls himself out from under the bookcase to maneuver behind the Hook Man, who is standing over Lori. Dean suddenly enters, running down the hallway with his gun raised.
Dean: Sam, drop!
Sam crouches down and Dean shoots the Hook Man over Sam's head. He disappears into dust, as the blast leaves a hole in the wall behind him. Dean looks around. Sam is breathing heavily, holding his hurt arm, before looking up at Dean.
Sam: I thought we got all the silver.
Dean: So did I.
Sam: Then why is he still here?
Dean: Well, maybe we missed something!
They look around. Sam is still breathing heavy. Sam notices a cross necklace that Lori is wearing.
Sam: Lori, where did you get that chain?
Lori looks down at her necklace.
Lori: My father gave it to me.
She looks up at Sam.
Dean: Where'd your dad get it?
Lori: He said it was a church heirloom, he gave it to me when I started school.
Sam: (shouting) Is it silver?!
Lori: (shouting) Yes!
Sam rips the chain off from around her neck. In the hallway, the Hook Man, who is now invisible, is making a long scratch on the wall. Dean turns around to look at it. When it came to the end of the one section of wall in the hallway, it started on the wall in the room itself.
Dean: Sam!
Dean throws Sam the rifle and two shells of rock salt and Sam tosses Dean the necklace. Dean runs back downstairs. Sam aims the gun at the scratch that is being made and shoots. He quickly reloads the gun with rock salt.

Dean runs downstairs and throws Lori's necklace into the fire.

Sam is still loading the gun with his injured hand and arm. The Hook Man appears and knocks the rifle out of Sam's hand. Sam and Lori crabwalks back into the corner

In the fire, the cross pendant is burning.

Sam and Lori cower back and watch the Hook Man tower over them.

In the fire, the cross pendant breaks off the chain and melts. Dean, seeing it melted, glances upstairs.

The Hook Man stops with his hook in the air. The hook melts and the rest of his body burns into a skeleton, before turning into ash and dissolving into nothing. Dean runs upstairs to make sure the Hook Man is gone. Sam and Lori are breathing heavy, but are relieved. He walks over to Sam and Lori, nods, sighs, and gives them a knowing look. The screen fades to black.


A policeman is walking around and there is an ambulance parked outside.
Sheriff: And you saw him, too? The man with the hook?
Dean: (frustrated) Yes, I told you, we all saw him. We-we fought him off, and then he ran.
Sheriff: And that's all?
Dean half nods.
Dean: Yeah, that's all.
A dog barks in the distance. The sheriff thinks a second, and responds.
Sheriff: Listen. You and your brother-
Dean puts his hands on his hips, turning away from the sheriff, interrupting him.
Dean: Oh, don't worry, we're leaving town.
Dean turns and walks over to the Impala.

Lori walks over to the back of the ambulance to Sam. His arm has finished getting bandaged up, so he stands up, grabbing his hurt right shoulder.
Lori: You gonna be okay?
Sam: Yeah.
Back at the car, Dean climbs into the Impala, closing the door behind him. He is watching Sam and Lori through his side view mirror.
Lori: I still don't know what happened. But I do know you saved my life. My father's, too. Thank you.
Sam looks down, before looking up at her and smiles. He is still holding his shoulder. "Peace of Mind" by Boston starts playing. Dean watches through the mirror and notices Sam just walks away from Lori without another word.
Music:Now if you're feelin' kinda low 'bout the dues you've been paying
Sam walks to the car and gets in, closing the door. Dean looks at Sam.
Music:Future's coming much to slow
Dean: We could stay.
Music:And you wanna run and you just keep on stayin'
Sam shakes his head.
Music:Can't decide on which way to go
Dean watches Lori looking sad, through the side view mirror. Dean shakes his head in disappointment and drives down the road.
Music:Yeah yeah yeah
I understand about indecision

The Impala drives up a hill, Dean driving and Sam riding shotgun.
Music:But I don't care if I get behind
people livin' in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind
The screen fades to black and the music ends. The sound of the Impala fades.



902 Hookman - SC 4-8 - 3:55 RT

From the interior of the car, looking forward. Rich is driving along a back road, then stopping the car.

Rich reaches down to turn off the ignition. Music starts. Lori is looking at him with a smile on her face. She sighs.
Lori: This is the party?
Rich sighs and shrugs.
Rich: I just thought we'd want some alone time first.
Lori smiles knowingly and nods.
Lori: Uh huh.
Rich: Hey, come on Lori. You know, you can trust me.
Rich tilts his head.
Rich: I am a doctor.
Lori looks down at her lap.
Lori: Here's the thing, doctor.
Lori looks up at him, smiling.
Lori: I have this pain.
Lori unfastens her seatbelt. Rich unfastens his seatbelt. They lean forward and start kissing. After a little bit, Rich starts kissing down her neck and shoulder, before Lori sighs shakily and pushes him away.
Lori: No.
Rich: It's okay.
They look at each other, before Rich starts smiling at her again and reaches over to start kissing down her body once more. Lori is extremely uncomfortable. Lori shoves him back roughly.
Lori: I mean it!
They look at each other awkwardly, before a sound starts and Lori reaches over to hit the radio button off. Music stops.
Lori: What was that?
Rich looks around, confused.
Rich: Nothing.
Lori is insistant.
Lori: No, I heard something.
Rich: I don't know.
Lori's eyes flicker down and up a few times, before Rich leans in to try to kiss her again. The screeching noise is heard again, as Rich pulls back. He's looking outside, confused. It's gotten dark, as he opens the car door and steps out, looking down at the front side of the car
Rich: Son of a bitch!
Rich's POV of
scratch on side
of car.
Lori climbs out of the car, closing her door. She looks at Rich, confused. He walks around the front, before walking around her to look at the side of the car she's on. There is a picture of the side of the car.
Rich's POV of a
scratch in the back
of the car.
Rich turns back to Lori, before the scratching sound starts again.
Scratch forms
down side of car.
Lori looks back at Rich. Confused, both teens start walking around the car. As they past the front left tire, it pops.
Rich: Oh, what the hell?
Rich throws his arms wide, backing up. The scratching noise is heard down the side of the car. Lori screams as the left rear tire pops. Rich jumps back. They look at each other, before Rich pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.
Rich: Hey, it's Rich. Listen, there's something funny going on with my car. No, just listen to me!
Lori is looking around, as Rich walks around the back of the car, agitated. Close up of Lori looking around, then she looks back to where Rich was. He has disappeared.
Lori: Rich?
She heads back to the back of the car to look around.
Lori: Rich?
Lori is behind the car now, looking around at the empty road and forest.
Lori: (yelling) Not funny!
After looking around once more, she speed walks back to the car and climbs in to lock the doors, breathing heavily. She looks back, behind the car.
Lori: Oh god.
Lori looks all around, before she reaches for her bag to get her cell phone to call someone. She dials, then looks out the window. Then she hears noises on top of the car. Looking up, she screams.
Lori: Stop it! Leave me alone!
The noises stop. Frantically she tries to climb out of the car, pulling on the car handle a few times with no success. She then unlocks the door, climbing out, and walking away very fast. Breathing heavily, she slowly turns around, where she sees Rich hanging upside down above the car. She screams, twice, before breathing heavily. Blood is running down Rich, trickling down his arms to pool on the top of the car. Screen goes to black.


902 Hookman - SC 9 - 2:01 RT

Dean is getting something out of the car, heading towards Sam. Sam is on the pay phone, talking, while rubbing at his hair with a card.
Sam: I don't understand. Why do you need my badge number again?
Dean continues walking around the corner, heading towards an outside cafe table. Sam sighs, switches card and receiver to his other hands, and reads off the number.
Sam: Number 0-3-0-7-0-1.
He is reading the number off of a policeman's ID badge he is holding.
Sam: Yes, Sergeant Francis Marquis, that's me.
He pauses.
Sam: Yes, Francis IS a boy's name.
Sam is agitated, hitting the top of the phone booth several times, awaiting a response.
Sam: Alright. Thank you for your time.
Sam hangs up and heads back to the table where Dean has set up the computer, reading.
Dean: Your half-caf vanilla latte
Dean taps the top of the computer, aiming the pen at the coffee in question.
Dean: is getting cold here, Francis.
Sam stops at the table, frustrated at Dean, leaning forward.
Sam: Next time get me a gender-appropriate badge.
Dean laughs, as Sam sits.
Dean: That's funny, going after the ladies.
Sam: Well more fun for you.
Sam puts his badge away in his inside jacket pocket. Dean is still looking at the computer.
Dean: So, anything?
Sam sighs.
Sam: I had them check the FBI's Missing Persons Databank -
Dean looks at Sam.
Sam: no John Does fitting that description. I even ran his plates for traffic violations.
Dean: Sam, I'm tellin' ya, I don't think Dad wants to be found.
Sam shakes his head.
Sam: But why? I mean - what's he doing? What if- what if he's in trouble? What if he needs our help?
Dean: When we find a real lead on Dad we'll chase it down. Okay?
They look at each other, before Sam looks away.
Dean: In the meantime,
Sam: (interrupts) Yeah, I know. People to save, evil to hunt.
Dean turns back to the computer.
Dean: For instance, check this out.
Dean slides the computer over for Sam to see.
Dean: News item out of Plains Courier from Ankeny, Iowa. It's only about 100 miles from here.
Computer screen reads Mysterious Death of a Fraternity Brother CALUMET COUNTY -- THE MUTILATED BODY WAS FOUND NEAR THE VICTIM'S CAR, PARKED ON NINE-MILE ROAD. Authorities are unable to provide a realistic description of the killer. (next paragraph) The sole eyewitness, whose name has been withheld, is described as "distraught" by police. She is quoted as saying the attacker was "invisible".
Sam: (reading) Mutilated body was found near the victim's car, parked on Nine Mile Road.
Sam shakes his head.
Sam: Interesting. What, for us?
Dean: Keep reading.
Sam: Authorities are unable to provide a realistic description of the killer. The sole eyewitness, whose name has been withheld, is described as "distraught" by police. She is quoted as saying the attacker was "invisible".
Dean: Could be interesting.
Sam: Or could be nothing at all. One freaked out witness who didn't see anything, doesn't mean it's the invisible man.
Dean: But what if it is?
They look at each other, before Sam looks back at the computer.
Dean: Dad would check it out.
Sam glances from the computer to Dean, then back to the computer. Screen goes blank.


902 Hookman - SC 32 - 0:27 RT

Camera pans up from behind the white picket fence to look at house.

Lori is taking a basket of laundry down the hall to the laundry room. As she is sorting laundry, she is going through pants pockets. She finds a foil packet of a condom. She is confused and upset, as she tries to figure out why it would be there.


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