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So I'm living the dream of Pre-Calculus and Physics teaching. Which I'm LOVING it, but no time to work on Essence. :(

My partner has had so much crap thrown at her, poor girl barely can breathe. Also, new job. :) But again, that means no time to work on Essence.

Somewhere along the way, we looked at each other and realized we didn't want to stop this. So, here we go, trying to work again. A few things here and there (mostly behind the scenes).

Loving Season 13. Not going to say any details because my partner hasn't seen it yet. (Can you believe that?!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Until next time ~

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So... We're not dead yet!!!

There have not been any new items added or background updates to Essence since September. This is mainly due to job changes and illness (flu, pneumonia, and bronchialitis, sequentially) on my part. Hoping to get at least one new item done by New Year's, but I can't promise anything.

LJ is still going strong on getting things ready for the site, so the hold up is completely my fault.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and may next year treat you better than this one has.

Peace out, bitches!


We actually have lives, and took wonderful vacations. As such, Essence kinda fell thru the cracks. We are sorry we couldn't keep up, but looking forward to having No Exit up (hopefully!) soon.
Meantime, only 18 days until Season 13!
Carry On!

Until next time ~


So, hey! There is something new here. Check out the calculators below to see how long it would take you to watch a set of episodes. You can pick either only watching so many episodes per day or you can see just how much of a binge watcher you should be to finish by a certain deadline. This is only to help you in planning out your Supernatural (or other 45 minute show) watching. What you do beyond that is none of my business and I will take no responsibility for your actions.

Peace out, bitches!


So it has been a while since we have been here, I guess it is time for another update. I have reworked the maps of the hunts for each season and made it easier for us to update it as we finish an episode.

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that is new. I have been incredibly busy at work doing the dreaded documenting of development. I also caught both the flu and strep throat at the same time in the middle of March. If all goes well, we should have at least something for No Exit in the next couple of weeks.

Peace out, bitches!


So, we have finished a lot of the changes for the episode pages and fixed many of the character pages, especially the links. We have also been working on a season overview page for each season. It includes things like the timeline for the episode and a brief summary of what happened; all of the writers, directors, and commentators; a full listing of all the characters, supernatural beings, as well as those that were mentioned; all of the pop culture and quotes from the episodes; and the Interesting Things from each episode. We have finished everything for Season 1 and we are working working our way through season 2. We do not have the direct links set up anywhere yet, but you should see a new link for Seasons in the navigation to the left soon.

Also new is the Simon Said transcript. Still a couple of things on it to double check, but it is finally up and running.

Stay tuned for more new things!

Peace out, bitches!


So, most of the changes have happened. Now included on the episode pages are some of the "Interesting" things that we, the admins, decided would be cool to include. Things like who died and how, how many times Dean said "Son of a bitch" (and other things), when did the deer's head and starburst clock show up, what color shirts did the boys wear, and several other things as well.

Be warned, though. If you try to access the episode page from a character page, the link might be broken or it might go to the old version.

Work has me working some overtime (YAY! MONEY!!! Boo! No time!), so further updates might be slow.

Peace out, bitches!


It's official! Supernatural has been picked up for Season 13!


*Does happy dance*

Until next time ~


So, we're still not dead, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are super busy. I hear it's like that for everybody. Haven't been working on new material, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes. I got a bug in my head to rework the website structure a little so LJ and I have been working on moving all the episode pages to the new format. Also with this is adding new trivia content to the episodes.

The new format is not quite ready to roll out, so nothing has changed for our users. We'll let you know here when that happens. Also, if some of the episode links just so happen to stop working, please let us know so we can fix it. You can email us at dances_with_God@yahoo.com, subject Essence.

Peace out, bitches!


We are NOT dead yet!!!!!

Many many many apologies. Work has been overwhelmingly busy and demanding overtime since August, so Essence kind of fell by the wayside. But we have not forgotten you! With Thanksgiving coming and then Christmas not far behind, I actually have some time off that may go towards adding more content to Essence. LJ has still been working on creating and verifying content, so there are a lot of things waiting on me.

Again, many apologies for going silent for so long.

Peace out, bitches!


Hello again! It's me Annessa. Man it's been awhile. Things have been moving slow though. Back to school and all that. Anyway, Something interesting! Did you know, the song 'O Death', that showed up in the episode Two Minutes to Midnight, was actually produced and rewritten specifically for Supernatural? It apparently was. How awesome is that?

Keep on Adventuring!


Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things is up and almost completed.

We're now on hiatus - and speculating about what all might be happening for the start of Season 12. Hoping that Mary sticks around and makes a positive impact on our boys' lives.

Sorry to hear that Jensen Ackles won't be directing this year, but wish him all the best at home with his family.

Until next time ~


I can't say how much I LOVE last night's episode of Don't Call Me Shurley! (Not giving away spoilers!) So many feels! So many answers - and a lead in towards the season finale in a few weeks! Not sure I'm ready for it...

Bloodlust episode is completed, with some minor tweaks yet to finish the transcript and characters. My partner has some major stuff going on in her life, so may not get much up until things settle down. Enjoy the episode Don't Call Me Shurley a few more times ...

Until next time ~


One more week of hiatus, then The Chitters!

My insidious plan of poking my partner has finally raised it's head, and we've got Everybody Loves a Clown (Episode and Characters) now finished. (We're doing a happy dance!)

We've also asked a sister to help out. Hoping the work will go faster.

Until next time ~


Whoa! It's been over a month since the last update!

Sooo sorry about the lack of new material. I lost my job the beginning of February, so my new job became finding a job. Yesterday was the first day of my new full time job. I'm soo excited to be joining this team.

So, for new content here, we have the Commentary for In My Time of Dying and the transcript for Everybody Loves a Clown. There are also a couple of changes to the Crossovers page.

Peace out, bitches!



Digging out of the 3 ft snow around here, but according to the Groundhog we'll have an early spring.

Wanted to wish Dean a Happy Birthday, but had a problem with the uploader for the Home page. Trying it now to see if it's fixed. Also more trivia, and more small fixes on season 1 transcripts. Hoping to have the commentary up soon from In My Time of Dying.

Until next time ~


Winter hiatus is over, and Supernatural is up and running again! Not much done over the holidays - fixing some transcripts, adding some information, tracking things. Hopefully we’ll be adding more in season 2 soon.

Until next time ~


Hello peoples! This is Annessa! I get to do an update! The updates I'll do will be very sporadic, mostly when there is a small fact not worthy to be on a page. Like the fact of there is a hidden 11 in the season 11 intro. During the flashes right before it ends, on the first flash there is a silhouette of a 11 in the middle of the screen. You'll need to go frame by frame to see it clearly. I'll be looking for more random stuff.

Keep on Adventuring!


And I'm back!!!!

Devil's Trap and it's transcript are up! We've got a few more things to do before we can say we are finished with season 1, but it's getting close. I'm still working on getting some of the new things to track up to date and available for the public. Due to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's coming up, new stuff will likely be slower in coming.

Baby still remains my absolute favorite episode of the entire series. In my own humble opinion, the Amara/Darkness story arc is not the show's greatest, but the renewed relationship between the boys is wonderous and refreshing to see.

Remember! If anyone wants to join us and contribute to Essence, email Crystal at dances_with_God@yahoo.com, Re: Essence Contributions. We will try to work with you with whatever you are working on.

Peace out, bitches!


My turn!

Add Salvation to the list of episodes now finished. There is a lot of behind the scenes programming, and plotting and planning on fun new things to track. Devil's Trap is on it's way, so hoping to be finished all of Season 1 by Thanksgiving.

Baby aired last Wednesday, and it's one of my favorite shows. Some silliness, and a lot of "BM" scenes. My favorite scenes - when the boys bedded down for the night (did you see the juxtaposition?) and the head on the windshield. Glad Baby was shown as an integral part of Team Winchester, although I cringed each time she was hurt. Great episode!

Until next time ~


My turn!

We are finished with Dead Man's Blood! Hit some trouble, and hadn't been able to work on much. However, some programming behind the scenes for the navigation bar happened, so refresh the charts, crossovers, and music pages for optimized experience.

This week starts Season 11! Whoot!

Until next time ~


My turn!

Finished Something Wicked and Provenance. Getting back into fall now, so school will interfere with trying to put up new episodes, and we won't be as fast. Getting into John Winchester with the boys, and I love the interaction - some of my favs!

Got a picture or three on the Credits page. Love 'em!

Hard to believe its 6 weeks before the Darkness arrives with Season 11.

Until next time ~


My turn!

We've got Fun Things to Track, so if you haven't seen it, jump over to check it out. ;) Also, we've got a new Items, Spells, & Sigils up. Interesting stuff!

We've also finished Nightmare, The Benders, Shadow, (I terrified myself late one night working on that transcript!), Hell House, and we're almost done with Something Wicked. Unfortunately, we did not finish season 1 by DC Con. Hoping to finish it by Labor Day.

DC Con was totally awesome! Our first Con, and we enjoyed every bit of it. Pictures will definitely be coming soon!

Until next time ~


Ho-ly cow!!! It's been almost a month since we were here last!

So, what's new? We finished Asylum, Scarecrow, Faith, Route 666, and most of Nightmare. We're still being frustrated by the Latin exorcism from Phantom Traveler. It's not actually the Rituale Romanum, but more of the writers' custom copy/paste stuff. The commentaries for Pilot and Phantom Traveler are also completely finished and available! We're probably not going to be finished with season 1 by the time Con rolls around, but we'll be very close.

We're also working on some other cool things to be rolled out for the public soon.

Peace out, bitches!


My turn to write! Hi - I'm Lisa, and this is just a quick update. We've completed Home, and almost finished Asylum. We've also done a ton of behind the scenes fixes so everything reads the same. (I get particular, just ask Crystal!) Anywho, this is the reason I seem to have no life now. Frustrated over the Latin exorcism from Phantom Traveler, and can't wait to hit Faith, one of my favorite episodes.

I also have been working on the commentary for Pilot, and Phantom Traveler. VERY proud of that! Hoping to have that up soon.

Until next time ~


Okay, this month has been sooo busy, it's not even funny. About the only thing I've been able to do is work on a new color scheme for Essence. Like it?

Warning: Spoilers for Dark Dynasty, The Prisoner, and Brother's Keeper! Highlight to read.

I am soo mad that they killed Charlie. She was my favorite of the extra characters. Then Dean goes completely off the rails, killing the Stynes. Halfway thought that was going to be Season 11 material right there. And now he just wants to die. Again. But he can't. Stupid lock and key. And Death offering Dean essentially space travel. I briefly thought they were going to bring in aliens, but then I remembered Kripke saying somewhere that aliens would not/never be in Supernatural. But the ending of Brother's Keeper was kind of anticlimatic. After crying for half the episode, the ending was a little bit of a let down. I'm thinking not enough fear from the boys.

Check out the Supernatural Parody by The Hillywood Show for some fun times.

Anywhozles, going to be working on finishing the new color scheme, and then back to Home, et al.

Peace out, bitches!


So, it's been a busy month, what with the end of semester projects and work projects. But! We have been able to churn out Bugs and its characters. May I just point out, again, that I hate bugs.

I had a few free minutes today and decided to see what I could do about a hunt location map. I am really pleased with the results. If anyone wants to create an map marker for an episode, email me at dances_with_God@yahoo.com for more details.

Now, finals are looming for me, so most of my weekend is going to be taken up with studying for those. We'll try to finish up Bugs and start into Home.

Peace out, bitches!


All of the characters for Hook Man are finished and published, as well as Shapeshifter and Jacob Karns/Hook Man.

Group projects are coming to a head, so continued updates and new pages might be a little slow. Bugs is next. My least favourite and the scariest episode they have ever done. *shiver*

Peace out, bitches!


Now that the Passover and Resurrection Sunday and all they entail are over with, progress has been made! Hook Man and it's transcript have been finished. Next up are the character pages for the Hook Man characters.

We now have a name! Welcome to the Supernatural Essence!


Sometimes, school sucks. Especially with group projects.

My partner in crime, the ever lovely LJ, is on Spring Break this week, so she has a lot of time for editing and such. Between the two of us, we have retrieved and edited the Skin transcript, and it is now available for your viewing and researching pleasure.

We are also continually working on Dean's and Sam's pages, mainly on the quotes. In the main works are the pages for the Skin episode, as well as all of the remaining character pages up to Skin.

And now, back to the grindstone!

Peace out, bitches!


That was quick.

This week is Spring Break for me, so I decided to revisit some of the episode pages, adding some trivia, pop culture references, and quotes. I'm also revising some of the navigation layout.

I plan to get at least the Skin episode page and transcript up this week, since I have some extra time.

I do have a big group project in one of my classes coming up. The proposal is due a week and a half after school is back in and the final project is due a week before the final, so I'm not going to have much time, if any, to work on this. I do hope to have Season 1 done by the convention in July. Check back here for more updates.

Peace out, bitches!


And I'm back with some updated pages! Work, school, and the weather prevented me from working on this site very much. Going to try to work on some new pages over Spring Break this coming week.

If you find any broken links, especially in the navigation pane, please send me an email at dances_with_God@yahoo.com, subject "SPN - broken links".

Peace out, bitches!


We're going to the Supernatural Convention in DC in July!!!!!! Many thanks to Michael for supporting this venture. Without you, this would not be possible.

I am currently working on revamping the navigation of the site to not use frames. This may take a while due to the number of current pages that will need to be redone with the new nav system. This also depends on the amount of time outside of work and classes I can devote to this. I currently have just the main characters page, the crossovers page, and the episodes page updated to the new system.

I am going to Winter Jam 2015 in Greensboro this weekend, so there probably will not be any updates before next week.

Peace out, bitches!